Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I thought a few more pictures of my cats wouldn't hurt, because soon they will be replaced! Then they will just be these shadow creatures that lurk in my basement. It's getting hot, so they stay down stairs where it's colder. Sometimes I have to go down and flush them out so they will get a little bit of sunshine.

MVHS Cheer 2008-2009

We started practice for the new season and it has been a challenge! It is amazing how wonderful and natural girls can be... and how awful and awkward the others are! I am very excited that we have started and I have high hopes that they are going to be awesome. They all have great attitudes and that is what matters! I haven't wanted to kill a single one... yet

Ella Ruth Bowler

We have finally decided on a name for our baby girl, and it is Ella Ruth Bowler. Her middle name is after my dearest Granny who has already left us in this world. I was very close to her my whole life and miss her every day. I thought it would be nice little tribute to her memory! I have been working on making her room perfect for her arrival. We painted it green and it has lady bugs! I love lady bugs and coincidently, that is the nick name my granny used to have for me.