Thursday, September 18, 2014


Scarlet is a challenge.
I'm not going to play the "my kid is harder than yours" game,
She is very very hard on an above average level.
I have a solid medical opinion behind me.
It is very discouraging.
It is very daunting.
It is very sad.

So when the tender moments show themselves,
I take advantage of them.

She let me snuggle with her.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Impromptu Swimming with Furry Friends

Saturdays are always open for interpretation, so yesterday we went for what I am hoping, is one of the summer's last swim!!
Cousins and new puppies joined us!!

 The white lab getting chewed on is Porter.
After the infamous Porter Rockwell.
He belongs to my dad.

 The biting golden retriever is Ruby.
She belongs to my sister. 

We had fun getting wet one more time and fighting the puppies for the pool!!
Everyone has a new puppy...but ME!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The People in our Path

I truly believe that the Lord puts people in our path whom we need, and who may need us in return. I've been pondering on this subject and decided to document some of the people who have crossed my path that have made an impact. Not the obvious individuals, like family or friends, the ones who came in quietly and changed the course of my life for the better.

*When I worked in mesquite doing hair, I often did the missionaries for free. I got to know their faces and names and had a nice little bond with a few of them. When Brent and I were trying to decide if we want to get married, Brent had a certain amount of….reluctance….and we decided to ‘take a break’. I was devastated, confused and that Wednesday when I dragged myself to work, it showed on my face. I ignored my co workers, whom I loathed anyway. I was quiet with my clients. No one asked and that was perfectly ok with me. Late afternoon the missionaries came. There were 4 of them that day. I had seen them all before. I hurried through them, they were the last people I had that day and I just wanted to go home!! The last missionary sat down in my chair. He had red hair and was from Canada. He regarded me for a moment and asked simply, “What’s wrong? You’re sad.”
I met his gaze in the mirror and my eyes filled with tears. I quietly told him my plight and how I had no idea where to go from here. He smiled smugly. “I’ll tell you exactly what to do. Go out with someone else. The second he finds out you've been out with someone else, he’ll come running back.”

My laugh was hollow. “He’s too stubborn. He’ll just write me off.”
The elder shook his head. “Trust me.”

So I did. I “went out” with a friend. It wasn't really a date. I just called my friend who happened to be male and we watched my brother's high school basketball game.

The elder’s advice worked. Two weeks later I was engaged. He was transferred by that time and I never got to say thank you. I owe him a wonderful husband, two beautiful daughters and a happy life. Wherever he is I wish him well.

*Brent and I had been married about a year and I started getting ferocious headaches. Nothing I took made them go away. I had one when I woke up. I had them all day. I couldn't sleep. I took more Tylenol than is probably healthy. I had an ice pack perpetually on my forehead. I felt like I had a head band cinched around my head, squeezing my brain!!

It was affecting my vision!! And being the hypochondriac that I am, I was terrified it was a brain tumor. I went to the doctor and he assumed I had an old sinus infection that needed to be treated. Nope. I was starting to feel desperate!!

I was holding my head in my hands when my client walked in the shop. His name was Dave and he was an X ray tech at the Mesquite hospital. I greeted him with a smile. He asked as he sat down, if I had a head ache. I openly told him that I had lasting head aches I couldn't shake, and was starting to fear the cause.

He asked a few questions, “Does it go away when you exercise?”
Actually, yes, it did.
Have you tried a heating pad rolled up at the BASE of your head?
No. I just use an ice pack.
Did I clench my teeth when I slept.
Yes, I do.
You are having tension headaches. Go get a mouth guard to sleep with, use heat not ice, and take Tylenol PM before bed.

After work I stopped by Walgreen's and made the necessary purchases. Head aches went away!! I will be forever grateful to that man for listening to me, sharing such good information, and being so helpful with the medical information he had.

*I had a sweet old lady who came in all winter to have her hair set. Her name was Lou. She was a mild mannered, kind, wise woman. She also happened to be in the shop the fateful day I opened my heart to the missionaries. I had tearfully told her my situation. I am not usually so open with everyone, but I trusted Lou. With wisdom and loving kindness, she comforted me. She did not offer a solution, she simply listened and provided compassion and empathy. She taught me that sometimes it isn't required to offer a solution, just and open heart and a few kind words.

*This year has been a hard year in the Bowler household. I have suffered from crippling anxiety, panic attacks and even a little depression. I didn't know what to step to take first, or even which direction to go, to help my situation. I had gone to the doctor and had a bag full of pills, but something was missing.

My new visiting teacher text me and ask me if she could come by for a visit. I accepted and she and her companion came a few days later. This woman who I will call *L* (because I’m not sure she would be comfortable with her name in cyber space) is one of the few people who intimidate me. Actually there are TWO. Her and one of my brother in laws. I knew she was a good, kind lady, but I was a little afraid of her!! It seemed like every time I talked to her, I came away looking like a complete idiot some how.

She came with her partner *T* and we had a lovely chat. I quietly and with little description mentioned I had been struggling with some anxiety. (understatement of the YEAR) She promptly told me that she had been as well, and had been going to the 12 step program to become closure to her Savior and learn to cope with her feelings.

I was so inspired!! If this strong woman that I respected very much could attend a class to make herself even better, then so could I!! I have been going for 17 weeks and it has been a healing balm to my soul. I have since come to know this sister better and I consider her to be my dear friend. No, we don’t hang out, or text or anything. But I truly feel love and support from her and I feel like we are kindred spirits. I am so blessed to have the Lord place her in my path.

*I went to the chiropractor a few months ago for my stubborn ribs and neck. As I was leaving, I noticed a brochure for the message therapist who works out of his office. I casually took one and thought, “Maybe she could help my tension.”

It took a few weeks, but I made an appointment. It has been amazing!! Now I don’t say amazing because it is soothing and relaxing. I say it because the pure torture she puts me through is working!! She has given me some vital tips to help my tension and is just a pleasure to be around!! The first time I saw her I told I felt like I needed all my neck muscles ironed out. She took that and ran with it!! A few weeks later I casual mentioned I wish she could do the same to my face!! Haha. I have got to stop challenging that woman!! She indeed ironed my face and it so excruciatingly painful, if I had government secrets, I would have talked!! But it’s WORKING!! I am so grateful for her.

These are just a few people. SO many others have been there when I have needed them. And I know there will be many others. I am so grateful for them and I pray that one day I can be guided to be in another’s path so I may help them.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pine cones

Ella shares my love of animals.
We love to sit on the back porch and watch all the wild life that  is busy about.
Rabbit, quail. every bird species we have to offer, and lizards.
And among all those, my obese cat thinking she is creeping up on any of them!!

Her favorite are what we call 'hoppy birds'.
Those tiny brown birds that hop around and look curious. 

 We decided to make a bird feeder to lure them in.
We're sure they'll be safe from Molly.
We hung the feeder in the tree and she's way too fat to climb it.
We spread peanut butter on a pine cone-

 Rolled it in bird seed-

And tuh duh!!!
Bird feeder!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

2014 Flood

I am writing this post in journal form, so my family and I can remember it.

When I was 5 it flooded so bad we had to evacuate our house. My dad drove us out with a couple of bags of clothes and a few of our favorite toys on the 4 wheeler because our vehicles were under too much water. 
We went in pairs. First my sister and I ,and then he went back for my mom and brother.We sought refuge just down the street at my Grandma and Grandpa's house. They had escaped the brunt of the water because they had just built a berm of dirt for the field that bordered our property, and they had just dug a hole for their new septic tank!! 
My dad had to rescue our dog from his kennel. He was on top of his dog house but the waters were licking at his toes. 
We were safe and there was minimal damage to our property and possessions.
Just a lot of water had passed through our place!!

We didn't have washes and flood channels then.
This town was VERY rural!!
They have since created such things and we don't get very much water now. Sometimes it comes across the railroad tracks and the driveways get that orange, soupy mud. But for the most part, we are safe.

I went to go see the Muddy River Monday night about 8:30 and I was astounded.
I have never seen it as high as it was. 
 The dirty, stinking water was swollen to the underside of the Gublar bridge and had breached its banks at the Yamashita. It was an incredible sight to behold.

Flood water tore apart the I-15 freeway and it has been shut down for days.
It's projected to be shut down for weeks. 
We lost power for over 7 hours but mercifully it came back on about 10:45 at night.
The muggy night was lit by an incredibly bright moon.
It was so bright, that when the clouds finally moved from in front of it, it looked like dawn.

 When I picked Ella up from school on the day of the flood (9-8-2014) I was soaked to the skin in a matter of minutes. As I first crossed the street to get to the school, the water was only a few inches deep and clear. In the few minutes it took to snatch her and rush back to the car, the water had risen 5 inches and was that ominous red-brown.
About 30 minutes later the waters flooded out the whole neighborhood and the roads were impassible.
I'm thankful they were held back in time for all the children to be safe.

Uncle Jed has been in charge of building the Cooper bridge.
It has sustained heavy losses.
Good news, if they hadn't carved out that bank so far to build up the bridge and flood channels, the people who live in that area would have been totally devastated.
And if there is anything I know about Uncle Jed, he will not let something as simple as a century flood get him down!! He will build his bridge!!

I am so thankful we were safe and water didn't come our way.
As I sat on the porch and watched electricity come back on in clumps around the valley, I raised my hands to the Heavens and pleaded loudly for the power to be restored.
The next instant the roar of my parents AC unit kicking to life and the flash of the porch light showed me my prayers, however mild sarcastic at the time, were answered. 

 Here are a few pictures of the Cooper Street area.
The Muddy River in its subdued fury.

 Uncle Jed's bridge.
Still standing.

Mud and debris.
I'm glad everyone is safe.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Horse Lessons

In the spring time we decided to graduate from pony lessons to horse lessons!!
I was worried a full grown animal would be too much for Ella but she handled it really well!!
Her teacher is the sweetest girl.
She's only just graduated from high school but she KNOWS her stuff!!
I think she was born on a horse!!

 I believe the name of this horse is Misty.
She's a sweet gal who is patient with little girls.

I'm so proud of Ella and her desire to try new things.
Sadly, our darling teacher is off to college.
But when she comes back, we will be ready for her!!