Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MVHS Cheer 2007-2008

These are my cute little B team cheerleaders. I have 4 returning from last year. The other four are going to be on the Varsity Dance team. I am very proud of ALL of them! This year I will be over the JV team. I am very excited for the year to start so I have someone to yell at besides Brent. Amber retired from our ranks this year and I am going to miss her. Her absence means a lot more responsibility on my part!

Our new car

This is our new Chevy Tahoe. It has all these fun gadgets that I could care less about! Because all I care about is that it is very shiny. Brent likes the gadgets.

Officer Bowler

After 22 weeks in the Police academy, and 18 grueling weeks in field training, Brent is finally a full fledge City of Henderson Police Officer! He work VERY hard! He was peppered sprayed, tazered and ran hundreds of miles at 3 o' clock in the afternoon in mid summer. We are very glad he is alive, let alone finished! We are not allowed to put pictures of him on the internet in his uniform so here are some pics of his hat and boots. Note: I polished those boots so many times I don't think my fingers will ever be the same.

Baby girl Bowler

We are expecting our first child on August 3rd. (This however is a rough estimate) We are excited and too be frankly honest, terrified. She doesn't have a name yet, so we refer to her as Ashley jr. Everytime we think we have it narrowed down, one of us comes home with a new name we heard that day. Brent thinks we should just let her name herself when she turns 5. I think this is a bad plan. If I would have been given that option, you would now know me as Ariel the little Mermaid.

Lettuce and Tomato

No, I am not about to tell you about my favorite sandwhich or what I am growing in my garden. Lettuce and Tomato are my two extremely lazy, spoiled kitty cats. We "rescued" them from the Mesquite animal shelter 2 years ago and they are thriving. By thriving I mean obese. Everyone tells me they are huge and fat but I defend them by making excuses. They have slow metabolisms, are big boned or just full figured. Who wants a skinny cat anyways? Tomato is very affectionate and loves to make friends. Unfortunately, Lettuce does not. She is catogorized at the vet's office as a "red zone feline". She hisses and growls at anyone who tries to touch her and if they don't back off she bites. She used to scratch and we declawed her, so she uses the only tool left to her, her teeth. It almost makes me miss her claws. My sofa however does not! She loves us, but watch out if you ever visit us.

Lessons learned from Granny

I was reading my sister's reminice about my Granny's eternal ham and thought I should share some of the many gems of wisdom that my Granny taught me.

Lesson #1 Any house hold item can be used as a weapon! Examples: Woodenspoons, frying pans, brooms (as my unfortunate uncle Russell can atest to), wallets, shoes, books, and the occassional pillow.

Lesson#2 Wasp killer can be used to depose of birds who nest in awnings.

Lesson#3 Granny claimed to be partially blind in one of her eyes... until you are spotted wearing a halter top in Lin's from 100 yards away, then she was like and eagle! Lesson learned? Beware of your surroundings.

Lesson#4 Sacrement meating is enjoyable as long as it DOES NOT exceed the allotted time limit.

Lesson#5 No one should curse or swear because it is filthy and vulgar. Unless of coarse it is Granny herself, then it is perfectly acceptable.