Saturday, September 26, 2015

I Fill My Voids With Fur

On Thursday I headed up to Moapa to pick up this little boy.
His name is Kato!!
He's a 4 year old chiweenie.
Half dachshund, half Chihuahua.
I swore I would never have such a girly dog.
I have what I like to call "little girls syndrome".
I want a big truck, a large husband and a big junk yard dog!!
But my little girls need someone to snuggle with, so a chiweenie it is!!

 Look at those ears!!
 He's a tiny, sweet little thing that has fit in with our family immediately.
Scarlet has been wanting a 'tiny brown puppy" for a while now and is so excited for him to be here.
 I have a strict 'no animals in my bed' policy.
Sometimes the cats sneak onto the bottom, clear down against the foot board.
But if they even get to my ankles they get swatted with a pillow!!
Yeah. This is where he has slept.
curled up right next to my hip, or under my arm.
He's so spoiled.
And I am breaking all sorts of rules!!
A dog in my bed?!?
Who is this person?!?
Even Brent loves him.
And Kato loves everyone!!
The only thing he needs in life is an available lap!!
This is Brent saying "Put it away!" to the camera.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Miss Scarlet

Scarlet looks forward to school ALL day!!
It is so much more convenient for me to have her in afternoon, but the wait is hard for her!!
 We sit on the porch to wait for the bus that come right to our door.
Oh it is so nice.
 She has a TV addiction.
And I don't mean that lightly.
She has a problem!!
She didn't feel good last week.
She had a fever but no other symptoms.
Just a little bug.
So she found a cozy spot to relax while I showered!!

Star of the Week Lunch

For Star of the Week I was able to go eat lunch with Ella.
She and I don't spend time alone very often, so it was nice to sit and hear her talk to her little friends and help some of the kids get packages open.
I miss my girls so much!!
But at the same time, a little free time is nice!!

Yes she has a mouth full of jerky.

Star of the Week

Ella got to be star of the week for her class.
We sat down and answered the questions together.
It was so fun!!
I'm excited for her teacher this year and I'm happy she has little friends in her class.

Favorite color: Light Blue
Favorite food: Ravioli
Favorite thing to do: swim

I'm special because:
I have VERY curly hair!!

I want to be an artist when I grow up.
Fall back career choices: drive a steam roller or teach Zumba.....she quite well rounded!!

 Favorite movie: How to train your dragon

 Favorite sport: Dance

 Pets: Molly
She big and fat and mostly mean, but she snuggles at night.

He's fun to play with and chases a string. He also attacks feet!!

My Special Things.
My stuffed toothless that growls.

My family history.
I descend from royalty and I am even related to Christopher Columbus!!

 My name.
I'm named after my great Granny.

 I only have one sister.
Her name is Scarlet.

 My favorite book is 'Bad Kitty'.

I love dragons!!