Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Owl

My plans for posting more often were right on course until THIS happened.
I dropped my phone on the tile.
Face down.
I committed involuntary phone slaughter.

Scarlet found this LARGE plastic owl in my parent's back yard.
Its SUPPOSED to scare away unwanted fowl.

 Scarlet thought it was a new friend!!
She is neurotic!!

 Ella was not interested in the owl. She was busy decorating grandpa with flour!!

 Isn't he awesome!!

 I had to PRY this thing out of her hands for bed time!!
She loved it so much!!

 This is how Molly felt about the owl.
She was not enthusiastic about our visitor.

She was frozen in this position for 15 minutes until I set the owl outside!!
Then she prowled the house for another hour making sure it was indeed gone!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fun Time!!

As per my goal to post more often, here is my first effort!!!

 We layed around all summer and didn't do anything!! It made us all whiny and miserable!! So we are trying to make sure we make time every day for involved fun!! We played dress up!!
Scarlet wasn't interested in the dresses, but she loved the gloves and giraffe visor!!

 Ella is queen of the zebras!! She was also 'catching' something.

 That something eventually became Scarlet!!

 Scarlet loves head pieces. No hat is safe and she will yell at her Daddy until he surrenders his.
This day she is sporting some lovely panda bear ear muffs!!

 I found these randomly on Pintrest and decided my daughters needed turkey hair bows!! They'll wear them maybe twice, but they were fun to make and Ella had a lot of fun helping!! 

 The 2 Boots. Ella was given her Boots by my mom when she was a few months over 2. She has faithfully loved him all this time, as you can tell by his stains and discoloration!!
He's made of beans so I can't wash him!! I scrub him with a rag and freeze him while she's at school on a regular basis!! It just doesn't do much for all the evidence of love!!....or smell....
Brent brought Scarlet home her Boots when she was a few months past 2 as well!! He's getting just as nasty, but is equally loved!!

 Ella likes to make 'witch potions'. 
I save old spices and boxes of baking soda and old baking sprinkles and she mixes up her stews!!
Hours of entertainment!!

She mixed a little too much pepper today and was sneezing up a storm!! Her eyes were all watery but she wasn't upset, she was laughing!! She was convinced she made a sneezing potion!! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Roos N More

I haven't blogged in 3 weeks!! It's because nothing is going on and I never take pictures anymore!!
I have made a goal to blog every week until the new year and take 3 pictures a day. Even if it's of my back yard slowly growing its freshly planted grass!! (YAY!!!)

On Saturday we went up to Roos N More in Moapa. I love that place!! And so do the girls!! They love the interaction with the animals!!

 I would LOOOOOOVE to be a Lynx or bobcat rescue!!! I love cats and these Lynx were so beautiful. They speak to my wild spirit.

 Now you know why I do not take pictures. Because we suck at them!!

 Ella's favorite animal was the ostrich. She was too afraid to feed it from her hand since the emu bit her last time, so she just threw apple chunks at him. His serpentine neck freaked me out a little!!

This little monkey was so curious and quiet. I don't find primates cute so I stuck to the otters and other mammals.

 So excited to get inside!!

 Scarlet had to take her own monkey. She now has her own Boots just like Ella does!!
I plan on posting about the Bootses later!!

 The armadillo. Kind of an ugly little guy!!

 This animal is in the raccoon family. I can tell you his name but I do NOT know how to spell it!! It's pronounce coo-duh mun-dee. He was really interested in Scarlet's apple as she sat in her stroller. When he peaked his head over the tray and sniffled her with his long snout, she about LOST HER MIND WITH FEAR!! You would have thought a grizzly bear popped out of no where!! 

 This is where Scarlet preferred to be. She still does not enjoy loud places or people.

"Mommy!! Another picture?!"
I seriously only took a few but they carried on like that's all I did!!

The next few weeks I plan to post at least once a week. I want to document the holidays and all the other fun events coming up!! Including the arrival of my new nephew soon!!