Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pheonix Laments

It has been almost three years since my Granny passed away. She died in November of 2007, 3 days after Thanksgiving. I grew up next door to her. My whole life she was just right around the corner. She was always good for a free meal, cookies, or cuddles. She was also a very attentive listener. I really miss that. Well, she did wear hearing aids, that she routinely turned down when things got too loud. Maybe she just turned me down, who knows. She also would turn them off in church when the speaker got too boring......But that's a different story!!!
I miss having someone to go to, and have them listen to all my sad, sorry worries. I miss her letting me feel sorry for myself. Brent never lets me do that!! He is so positive it's sickening!!! No,no, no.... that's a good thing. Just every now and then I would like to just cry and feel bad and carry on about how hard and miserable life is and have someone say, "Oh poor lady bug. Life is so hard. Here, eat a cookie."
I miss her so much. I miss my Granny and it will be so long before I see her again.

*If anyone knows where the title to my blog came from, I'll give you a prize!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Great TV Debate

All mothers, doctors, parents and friends have long had the concerns that TV will rot your brain or make you eyes square. I have heard opinions and read articles that TV viewing will make you fat, lazy and stupid. Well, here is my opinion: I don't care if my daughter watches TV. A lot of TV, or movies or whatever.
I feel it doesn't count if she is JUMPING on the bed while watching Dora the Explorer. She is exercising!
I don't feel like it is going to effect her if she doesn't really watch it, it's just on in the back ground. Every now and then she will stop and pay attention to an interesting part and then scurry back to her play.
Ella DOES. NOT. SLEEP. And yes, I have tried to implement a sleep regiment since birth, but she DOES NOT conform to any plans or dictates. She is like me, and just doesn't sleep. So if she has only slept for 6 hours at night and then only took a 1 hour nap ( or heaven forbid, no nap at all) she IS going to watch Frog Princess!!
How is tossing my kid into her room, to sit in there for an hour or more before she actually falls asleep, better than letting her watch Sesame Street (learning about something) while cuddling with me and one of her dolls?
I have come to the conclusion, that schedules ARE NOT for Ella and I. We play each day by the moment. She is smart and healthy and happy. If watching Go Diego Go gives us an hour or so of peaceful co-existence, then I guess that is just what we are going to do!!

Lable me a bad mother if you would like, but Ella is very smart, so I don't really care.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Dark Side

This is the image of a pair of 'Skinny Jeans"

Ladies: Unless you are
#1 Under weight
#2 Long legged
#3Have a non existent butt or a nearly non existent butt
These jeans are NOT for you!!

You know you're getting old when fashion styles from your life time are starting to repeat themselves. But when I was younger these were called 'taper legged' jeans. Now they have been christened skinny jeans. I see these fashion nightmares and it just makes me sad!! Poor women of all shapes and sizes are stuffed into these pants that are targeted for a very rare, slender, tall body type. And many of them are made from spandex... SPANDEX! What heinous, diabolical person said, "Let's bring back the tapered leg jean, and while we are at it, let's make it out of spandex."
From behind, the bums of the general public, look like two pit bulls fighting in a gunny sack. Wear clothes that are flattering girls!! Worse, I see ladies jamming themselves in spandex skinny jeans that ride too low on the waist and cut their stomach in two, creating the dreaded MUFFIN TOP. Some one please go to the high school and let them know that the muffin top is something to be AVOIDED not flaunted!! We must stick together as friends against the fashion "experts" of today and say NO to this travesty!

So please, be a friend.................

Friends don't let friends wear skinny jeans!!

*Note: If you are fortunate enough to have the ability to wear the skinny jean, this article is not for you. Please do not be offended!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What Do You Think?

The great debate has been waging ever since Ella was born.... WHO DOES SHE LOOK LIKE??
(We finally taught her to say cheese. Not overly attractive.)
I personally think: Ella has my body type, bone structure, especially in her face, and expressions as ME, but has Brent's coloring. Her eyes are definitely her Daddy's!! A beautiful, clear blue. She also has my small feet, but Brent's big, scary toes!!
So I ask you all.... WHO DO YOU THINK SHE LOOKS LIKE??