Friday, September 10, 2010

In Memorium

Nine years ago tomorrow was the day our country was attacked. I hadn't thought about the date until I turned on the TV and special after special was on, commemorating the event. It made me stop and think about that day. I think everyone with functioning memory will be able to say where they were the minute they heard. I thought I would share my memories, because I agree with former President Bush when he said, "We must never forget."

I didn't have a first period my senior year, and was snuggled comfortably in my bed, when my mom woke me up. "Someone just flew a plane into the World Trade Center."

I roused from sleep and asked. "On purpose?" She shrugged her shoulders and told me they were not sure what even had happened. I joined her in the living room. We watched the 2nd plane crash into the second tower, completely stunned. Both of us were shouting at the TV. "There's another one!! What is it doing?!" Thinking back, it makes me think of a sporting event, where you yell at the TV in hopes the player will hear you and do what you are saying.
We sat side by side on the sofa, riveted on the breaking news coverage. We flipped from station to station trying to find the best angles.

And then the first tower fell. I will always remember the sickening dread in my stomach. I looked at my mom with tears on my cheeks and said, "So many people have died today." Her eyes got wet and she pressed a hand to her mouth. I think I have only see her cry once or twice in my life time. She's tough. She touched my knee and we sat quiet. As that huge structure came thundering to the ground the news caster screamed. His composure gone.

I asked my mom if we could pray. We bowed our heads and I quickly prayed for the poor, terrified people and for the people sent to rescue them.

3497 people died in the September 11th attacks. 23 of them were police officers. That hits close to my home. I am grateful that there are men and women brave enough to put their lives in danger to serve others. I can't imagine walking into the face of danger with courage, strength and love. Only love for humanity and the desire to protect the weak could make a person so brave. I am grateful to police officers and military personal for all they do. I am grateful for my country. I am grateful that someone keeps me safe. I'm grateful for my husband. He is one of those people and I am so proud of him. I am so proud that he is brave enough to help those who need it, and protect the innocent.

Where were you on this day?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Kitty Fun

We kitty sat this weekend for my sister while she was out of town. I think Ella had too much fun with those crazy mews!! Can you hear the hysterical laughing? Dr. Jeckle loved chasing this piece of string, but Mr. Hyde kept his distance. I think Mr. Hyde is probably the more intelligent one!