Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to MEEEE!!!!

 I woke up to this!! Ella was first and the other 2 followed. Brent is the red lump on the right.
 Elise and Scarlet playing. Future best friends!
 Current best friends!! Ella skirt is a little big but I wanted one that matched Scarlet's. So yeah, her bum is falling out!!
28 years old. I have grey hair, varicose veins and (more) wrinkles to look forward too!! It's all down hill from here!! I no likee birthdays so much since I turned 25!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Is It Ok...?

To think my baby is cute? I'm rational enough to realize she isn't the CUTEST baby ever, because I don't think there ever could be a CUTEST baby. What one person thinks is cute another may not agree. But I still think she is cute. Very cute. :)

Cuz how could nomming a foamy seahorse not be cute?!
Oh Scarlet, I love you.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Today was lame...and I loved it!!

Some days, I don't want to busy. I just want to watch a movie, or read, or play quietly. Anyone with children of any age knows these days are few and far between!! And today was one!! YAY!!
*I went to pilates and out instructor sadistically tortured us taught a really good class.
*I went to the grocery store BY MYSELF. Mothers every where know this is a zen experience.
*Ella and I went to the pool. I think we will be there often this summer. Girlfriend is a little fish!!
*We came home and baked cookies. I was so helicopter mom about letting her pour in all the ingredients, and then when it came time for the flour, she carefully and cautiously poured. I turned on the kitchen aid with a little too much vigor and sent a cloud of flour dust every where. Nice.

 Scarlet has to have 2 ounces of water with her medicine every night. She doesn't like plain water in a bottle, so I have to fill a medicine dropper and spray it down her throat. Today I decided it was time to try a sippy cup. I haven't tried, because honestly? I don't care!! She snatched it out of my hand, held it herself and drank from it like she had been for years!! Scarlet NEVER does anything with out a dedicated effort on my part, so I was thrilled!!
 As you probably noticed above, we spent the day in our swimming suits, or our pajamas!! Another favorite part of a lazy day!! For the record, I had on really cute, matchy Victoria Secret ones and Scarlet chose to projectile vomit on me. She never does that!! She laughed so wickedly afterward. I took it personal.
 I broke out my old barbies for Ella. They are such a mess I only pull them out once in a while. She was entertained ALL AFTERNOON!!! Please disregard naked Barbie. Ella really was in the process of clothing her!
 Ella wandered in during bath time and asked if she could get in with Scarlet. I've never done this before. Not because I'm concerned about it, their schedules are just different, so I've never needed to.
 They had so much fun!! Scarlet's favorite thing in the world is Ella!! She laughs at everything she does. They enjoyed a long soaked together.
AND FINALLY!! I am very easily pleased. Very simple things make me happy. My hall bathroom needed a new mat. The bathroom is done in pink and I couldn't find one I was willing to look at every day. But I found this at Target. It's big, and soft, and all loopy!! Every time I walked into that bathroom now I catch myself smiling at it!! I also bought new nail polish.

I'm glad we had a good day. A satisfying, relaxing, simple day!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

I DECLARE this the summer of.....

Being Denim Free!!!
As I have mentioned before, I suffer from reoccurring female infections. They are MOST uncomfortable, so to combat that problem, I went out and bought a summer wardrobe that is FREE of denim. Or pants for that matter!! I may have got a little excited at the sales and went a little overboard. I've been wearing all these new treats for almost 2 months now and I haven't gotten sick of it!! With so many months of heat left, I am convinced I will have plenty of time to enjoy them!!

 Maxi dresses


This summer is also the summer of SWIMMING!!
I usually run every morning but I always give out by the end of July because it is just too hot. I decided to start water aerobics &/or lap swim every morning instead. It doesn't start until 7:30am, so that would be sleeping in for me. I usually have to be up at 6 to run, and it is STILL hot!!

It is also the summer of DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENTS. 
Scarlet starts her first physical therapy appointment on Friday. I am nervous about it and dreading it, but hopefully it will help her with her large motor skills.
She will also be going to a new urologist in August. I was very dissatisfied with her old urologist and his ghetto office in the 'hood in North Las Vegas. We found new doctors and moved all her records to St. George. I don't consider myself racist or prejudice in anyway, but I will be happy to among 'english as a first language/white/mormon' people again!! I'm sorry if that is offensive, but there is a huge difference in bedside manner when Las Vegas and St. George are compared.

I will also have some appointments of my own. I am going to see a specialist who is a leader in his field concerning reproductive malformation. We are going to discuss surgically correcting my uterine septation. It is actually a simple procedure and I'm excited to start seeing him!!

I intend on blogging more often, as it is freaking hot and there is nothing else to do!! So get excited about updates on all subjects mentioned!! Yay!!