Thursday, August 27, 2015

I Got 99 Problems.........

are two of them.

 Molly is a cat who doesn't know how to cat.
She doesn't play.
Not even a laser light!!
She doesn't cuddle.
She doesn't do ANY kind of pest control.
Doesn't. Even. Try.
 Chase is a cat who is TOO much of cat!!
He attacks EVERYTHING.
Feet too close to the edge of the bed,
little girl hair slightly moving from the fan,
treasured stuffed animals.
He tries to lay on the counters!!
Then I have to spray him with the squirt bottle,
and Lysol the counter.
But he doesn't seem to learn!!

Exhibit A.
I left paper towels on the counter.
And dared to leave the house.
They were Viva!!!
And I could handle their cat drama
Chase chases Molly wanting to play,
and she turns around and reacts aggressively.
Molly hides outside all day, and when I force her in the house at night
my entire evening is a constant barrage of hissing, spitting, and growling.
 It wakes me up in the middle of night!!
2437 hisses and 3 months later.
Still not friends.
Get a kitten I said.
It'll be fun I said.
Molly will get used to him I said.

Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of School 2015

I'm always excited for the first day of school.
I'm always excited for the last day of school!!
After a summer of being incredibly busy or so lazy we were nearly catatonic,
the new school year was quickly upon us.
We're all sick of each other and ready for structure!!
Come June, we'll miss each other and want some freedom!!
 My big girl started 2nd grade today!!
 She popped out of bed happily and we both took a nice deep breath of satisfaction.
 She's still so tiny!!
Her back pack is as big as she is!!
 As soon as we got to the busy, crowded play ground, her nerves started to flutter.
Her tummy got butterflies and she shyly reached out for my hand.
She is in Mrs. Mills class this year and I am VERY excited about that!!
Se has a great class and her teacher is awesome!!
 I walked her right to her classroom, guided her right to her desk, and then kissed her and told her to have a great day.
She'll warm up fast, she just starts out so nervous!!
 She felt a lot better when this girlie showed up, her little best friend.
 Sweetie Paisley was at the back of the line, looking a little stressed, so we invited her up to stand by us.
That made everyone feel better!!
She chatted happily about her nervousness and I saw Ella relax a little bit.
She's going to have a great day!!
 I got a few hours alone with this good helper!!
She was not patient waiting for it to be her turn and ask at least 5 thousand times if
Miss Mary (the bus driver) was coming yet.
 She happily jumped onto her bus and skipped onto the play ground.
She is familiar with this routine.
Hopefully she has a good day!!
And her new teacher survives!!
 She was so excited for her new outfit and her new back pack!!
Unlike Ella, she is not short!! She's actually very tall!!
She blended in with all the kindergarteners that are on the play ground
at the same time as her class.
I never get used to dropping my little girls off at school.
I carpooled last year and 2 times a week I would drive away with tears in my eyes.
This year our transportation is a little different.
We'll see how it goes!!
I love these two little chickens so much!!
I'm going to miss them!!
I'm going to be lonely for the afternoons!!
I'm sure I'll be ok!! 

Twas the evening before school started....

A couple of my friends posted on Instagram that they did little spa days the day before school.
I shamelessly stole their ideas!!
We stayed home from church because Scarlet and I were sick, so I wanted to do something fun the last night of summer.
 We did facials.
And hair treatments.
And mani/pedis.
The girls loved it and I think we'll make it a yearly tradition!!
So glad I have awesome mom friends who give me good ideas!!
Im so excited for the girls to start a fresh new year, but I'm going to miss them so much!!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Scarlet!!!

We celebrated Scarlet's birthday a day early so Brent could be there.
We decided to make it a little special.
So we picked a theme!!
Scarlet loves puppies!!
 I made an attempt to make a paw print cake.
It turned out ok.
Not Pinterest worthy, but you can kind of tell what it is!!
 I can't believe Scarlet is 4.
When did this day come!?
I didn't plan on her being the last one, and she's growing up so fast!!
 Cousins are the best friends!!

 She was so excited opening presents.
It makes me so happy to see her have excitement and interest in something.
We had a fun day filled with excitement and surprises!!
Even Chase was worn out after being smothered by several children.
Happy birthday to my beautiful baby girl!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Brent Doesn't Want Me To Post This

Brent was in an "Officer Involved Incident"
I can not give out any more information than that!!

 He was scraped and bruised.

 He was accidentally tasered.
This is where the prong got stuck.

He got to bring it home!!
Caked in his own blood.....

My husband is a brave man and works hard at his job.
I love him and I'm grateful for every day he comes home safe.

Cheer Camp

Jr Cheer Camp 2015

 I sent Scarlet!!
It was scary for me!!
But the coaches are also my friends.
I checked with them before I even told her about it, and they were very sweet and welcomed her up.

 Ella had fun, but I don't think she knew anyone!!

 Scarlet and Elsie.

 Ella. Is short.

 They had a great time!!
Good job Pirate Cheer!!

A Furry Visitor

My friend went out of town and needed someone to goggie sit.
I offered because she's tiny and sweet and thought it would be fun.
And it was!!
 Meet Ginger.
We're not sure her breed.
From the look of her, she may be many breeds!!

 Chase finally had a friend!!
They chased each other around the house and then would cuddle up and take a nap together!!
Why can't Molly just accept the damn kitten!?
A dog can!!

 When Ginger went home, Chase wandered the house crying for her.
He's depressed now.

She was fun to have for a week!! 
I finally got something to cuddle with me!!