Monday, July 17, 2017

Happy Birthday to Ella!!!

The little girl who made me a mother turned 9 on July 12th.
How did that happen!?
I swear she was just 2 months old
and I was ready to sell my soul at the nearest crossroad
to get her to stop crying.
Somehow she has grown long, curly blonde hair,
developed a fierce, tender personality,
has blossomed with intelligence,
and managed to not get ruined by my inept parenting.
We had a great day celebrating her!!
we kept it small and just had local family over for lunch and desert.

Ella is unique in her taste is sweets.
As in, she doesn't like it.
She doesn't like candy or cake or pie.
She does NOT get this from ME!!
The exception to this is:
Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, and 'tiger butter'.
Tiger butter is a peanut butter flavored treat I make that she loves.

I put together a few treats that I thought everyone would like!!

I asked her which present was her favorite and she very politely replied,
"I liked all of them!!"
My home has had a significate rise in Legos....
So. many. legos.

Friday, July 7, 2017

4th of July Lake Day

 I haven't been to the lake in 4 years.
The lake scares me.
I have a phobia of natural bodies of water.
I can't see the bottom, and creatures live in natural bodies of water.
Like alligators.
I have an all consuming fear that somewhere in the lake is an alligator,
waiting to eat my children.
So if you ever feel really crazy and delusional,
just remember I am convinced alligators live in Lake Mead,
and you will feel better about yourself!!
This year I was brave!!
I wanted to do something fun with my girls,
and they LOVE the lake.
Their generous Auntie and Uncle have routinely taken them with out me.
But I wanted to be included in fun and memories,
so I summoned my courage and off we went!!
does not like the lake.
He rode in the boat and happily occupied a camp chair.
I made him get in a few times to make sure he was cool,
but otherwise.
Kato does not like swimming!!
Brent does not like the lake.
Brent is white.
White people sear like an Ahi Tuna at the lake!!
I slathered him in 50 SPF sunscreen and made him keep his rash guard on.
And we made it out sunburn free!!
Despite the trepidation from all of us,
we had a wonderful time!!
 My girls love their cousins and happily played.
 They searched for shells and pretty rocks.
 And built magnificent structures!!
 We enjoyed the water.
The girls were in a constant state of swimming.
Because why walk anywhere when swimming is an option!!
 They tubed.
 And tubed some more!!
 They loved the prow of the boat.
I watch each of them sit with their face turned toward the air,
the spray of the water against their face,
and contentment wash over them.
Brent, who has not wake boarded in over 5 years,
decided to see if he could.
Popped right up.
Looked great......
I didn't even try!!
I'm too old and rusty and didn't want to embarrass myself!!
We walked to the elementary school to watch the fireworks from there.
I love them.
I always have to wipe my eyes with nostalgia and the spirit of the National Anthem.
However, chiweenies are really low to the ground.
In the summer that means the very hot pavement.
And their little toes are not meant for walking on hot sidewalks.
So when I saw Kato darting from grass patch to grass patch and trying to walk in my shadow from the street lights,
I made a sheet sling.
Oh mercy pray for me.