Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why He's Awesome

I have to praise my dear spouse today. I deep clean my home twice a year. In January and in September. Obviously I clean it on a regular basis. But twice a year I pull out appliances, scrub base boards, organize closets, and all those other icky things we don't look forward to....well most of us. :)
Let me tell you, a good man doesn't mind laying on the counter, so he can hang upside down to sweep all the disgusting refuge from behind the stove!! The cord is short, so unless we unplug it, this is as far as it comes out!!
So today I praise Brent. Thank you, my love, for helping me with all the nasty jobs!! You are awesome. I think I'll keep you!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

One year ago today, Molly the cat joined our family. She has been a great furry friend and we love her very much.
Molly enjoys,
*Playing with mice, but not eating them.
*Sleeping on my dirty clothes. (See above picture)
*Spends her day avoiding Ella and trying to escape her clutches. She is not always successful.
*Doesn't bother Scarlet at all. LOVE this.
We are so happy to have this raggedy cat. She is obese and mostly worthless, but we love her!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Child Updates!!

I took both girls for check ups today. It was Scarlet's 4 month (3 weeks late) and Ella hadn't been to the doctor in a year, so I though it was prudent to check her growth.
Ella was 63% for height and 52% for weight. When I heard this I nearly cheered out loud!! She has never been higher than the 25% and we even had to start her on Pediasure at 15 months because she dropped into the negative percentile.
Ella also:
*Is too smart for her own good
*Knows her ABC's but I can never get her to perform!
*Can count to 20
*Knows all her shapes and colors. She even corrects me when I am not entirely accurate. Like when I called a hexagon an octagon. What was I thinking!?
*Loves to draw, mostly kitty cats
*Will NOT eat sweets. She does love chocolate, just not any sugary stuff.
*Her favorite food is salad with carrots or MEAT!
*She loves Sunbeams and will start preschool in February
*Loves the water and is heartbroken it isn't summer.
*Loves outside
*Loves her Uncles. We smell boy trouble!!
*We did the height projection and she is estimated to be 5'4.
Scarlet is between the 5%-10% in both height and weight. This is awesome because she was a preemie and I worried I would be buying Pediasure in bulk again. For those of you who don't know, that shiz is expensive!
Scarlet also:
*Still wears 0-3 months clothes. But regardless I am putting her in 3-6 at 5 months because I am bored with her clothes!! I'm just saving a few of the really cute ones and moving on!!
*Wears a size 2 diaper that is roomy. But size 1 wasn't cutting it!
*Is behind developmentally. While her peers are learning to sit up and laugh she is still is the area an almost 3 month old would be instead of an almost 5 month. It makes her young for soooooo long. Great if you like the newborn stage. Not so great if it is hard for you. I.E. ME!!
*Smiles wonderfully!!
*Has been sleeping great for me. Way (way, way, way) better than Ella ever did. She gets up once and a few weeks ago she even slept through the night for 2 weeks in a row. Not sure what made her decide to stop doing that. Hopefully she decides it's a good idea again!! Not complaining though, getting up once is a triumphant blessing for me!!
*Likes to nibble the edge of her blanket to fall asleep. Not suck on it, nibble.
*Doesn't like pacifiers. I'm getting ready to stop trying to get her to take it. Why? One less thing to worry about!!
*Like to clutch a blanket in her hand when she's playing.
*She doesn't do much else. Like I said, she behind developmentally so it will take some time to get to where she should be. We're not really worried about it!! She'll get there on her own time!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

And yet, more conversations....

Conversation #1
Ella: Mommy can we have a brother?
Me: What? A brother? (obviously some alarm)
Ella: Scarlet is just so loud! Maybe a brother will be quiet.
Conversation #2
Ella: Molly scratched me!!
Me: Were you bothering her?
Ella: Yes. I was rubbing her fur the wrong way.
Me: She doesn't like that. If you stop doing it she won't scratch you.
Ella: But I like to bug her.
Conversation #3
Me: What would you like for breakfast this morning?
Ella: Cheeze its!!
Me: Oh, I don't think that's breakfast food.
Ella: Meat!!
Me: How about pancakes?
Ella: Sigh. Ok.
Conversation #4
Ella: I don't want to play with "child X"* anymore.
Me: Why not sweetie, she's your friend?
Ella: She's mean.
Me: Now Ella, it's not nice to say people are mean.
Ella: It's not mean if it's true.
Me: It still is something you only tell mommy.
Ella: But she should know!!
Conversation #5
Ella: Molly, you're fat. You need to go on a diet.
Molly: Indignant glare
Ella: But you still have pretty fur, and you're my friend and I love you!!
Ella is VERY honest!! I'm worried what she is going to reveal about our family one of these days!!
*Name with held to protect the not so innocent!!