Saturday, February 28, 2009

State 2009

Left-right:Makayla, Chelsea O. Ashley, Jessie (standing)
Dani, Sydney, Chelsea L. Analiese, Meagan, Elli (crouching)
McKenzie, Jordan, Katie, Ariel, Laura, Heather, Taryn (kneeling)

Brent, Ella and I all went to Cheer Spirit Competition. That's right, Brent went to cheer competition. He had his head hung and was muttering under his breath at first. But then he got into it with one of the cheer dads and started pointing out flaws and mistakes. It was so fun!! Our team was VERY good. They have worked so hard and it paid off! We took 1st place in Show Routine, 1st place in Pom Routine. We did well in Stunt Routine, but it wasn't quite enough to take the State Champ Trophy. I feel like we were definitely the best team there, I may be a little biased but I feel like I am a generally honest person!
Dancers did AWESOME!!! They took 1st in Jazz, 1st in Hip Hop and the State Trophy. They deserve it! They were definitely the best team. I was sitting 2 rows in front of the judges and they were SO impressed with their Jazz Routine. They kept talking about how incredible it looked. Then these 2 ladies came and sat in front of me and when Moapa Cheer took the mat they asked me who it was. I told them Moapa and they (not knowing that is where I was from) said, "Oh, they are so good! They always look incredible!" Congratulations to both teams!!
I love my cheerleaders. They are all my little sisters. I loved cheering in high school. I miss it sometimes. I worked hard and my team was good. We worked together so well and supported each other. I watch these girls and they are talented, smart and are just good girls. I am so proud of them!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Brent gave me the best present he has ever got me (for Valentine's) this year. There has been some good ones too! This is a HUGE ruby. It is gorgeous! I'm so excited to wear it. I'm double excited because this is Ella's birthstone.
Brent was generous and spoiled me this year. A dozen gold roses. I HATE (HATE, HATE, HATE) red roses. So he always gets different colors.

This is the scary game I got for Brent. Not sure why it got published upside down. It is very scary! Think along the lines of 'I am legend'.... but worse!

This is Lady! She's really soft and Ella likes to maul her antenna. She was so happy to meet her and proceeded to smash her and hug her.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

7 Months Old

Seven Months Old
Ella is officially 7 months old today! After GER I am just glad she and I both made it this far. I thought for sure we would die out of sheer exhaustion first. She is doing really well and I get a decent amount of sleep now! Here are some things she can do:
1. Feed herself a cracker (or a soy burger… you don’t want to know)
2. Razz
3. Coo
4. Smiles a lot (and laughs and screeches)
5. Stands really well!
6. Object when you take her toys (was really cute the FIRST time)
7. Works to get a toy out of reach
8. Looks for a dropped object (and then lunges toward said object)
9. Rake
10. Turns toward my voice and I think she knows her name
11. Kind of plays peek a boo
12. Pass an object from hand to hand
13. She can pull herself to a standing position (but can’t sit… go figure)
14. Holds her own bottle and has since Christmas. I think it’s really cute
15. Attacks her mat and rolls herself up(think Ella burrito.) Changing her is starting to be an alligator wrestling match. Attacks all paper objects, anything that comes too close to her face. Watch out she bites. We caught her with Brent’s badge in her mouth. Oops. I guess I should pay closer attention to what is in front of us on the counter. His badge is heavy!! I don’t know how she got it!
Things she hasn’t quite accomplished:
1. She can not sit well! She can stand forever but not sit. If I try to pull her to a sitting position she stands up!
2. She doesn’t babble, she screeches like a bird.
I love my daughter very much. I’m not one to fawn and gush so I will spare you the mushiness! She is wonderful and terrible at the same time! She is precious and has her Daddy’s beautiful eyes. I am blessed to have her as my child.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Quest for Mr. Squid

She started out on her play mat. Mr. Squid was just barely out of reach. After completely circling the mat she managed to get on her belly and scoot towards him.

Successful! She grabbed his hand and rolled to her back.
This was the journey she made! Mr. Squid was a Christmas gift from Uncle Grant. She LOVES him! She likes to have him in her car seat along with Poodle. She puts her arm around each of them and falls to sleep. Good job Uncle Grant! She loves him! (note: we are not sure if Mr. Squid is an actual squid. He may or may not be a frog, an alien or some other creature.)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Jara + Baby + juice box= very happy girl.
Very cute picture of Jacky! Not sure what color his eyes are yet!

Jordan, Jed and my Daddy watching 3D commercials.

Football is great but The Super Bowl is mostly for the commercials and food! We had it at our house for the first time! Everyone wanted to see the game on Brent's big screen in HD. Not that important to me but very important for boys!! Everyone brought something to munch on and we had a lot to choose from. We had lots of fun!