Thursday, July 28, 2011


Conversation #1
Ella: Mommy I want a carrot.
Me: Ok (I get her a carrot from the fridge)
Ella: No. (Hands carrot back) A blue carrot!
Me: Oh honey, they don't make blue carrots. They only come in orange.
Ella: No, they are blue and red. And have feathers and a beak.
She wanted a PARROT, not a carrot. The answer was NO!! I don't think a parrot would be a good friend for Molly.
Conversation #2
Ella: Daddy, can we go get Mommy a movie?
Daddy: Not today sweetie, we watched a movie yesterday.
Ella: No a movie!
Me: Ella, Daddy said no to a movie. Not today.
Ella: (sigh of exasperation) No!! I get a juice box, YOU get a smoothie!!!
She totally dimed me out for my little obsession with McDonald's mango pineapple smoothies. She doesn't like them, or ice cream cones, so I get her an apple juice box.
Conversation #3
Ella: Mommy, can Scarlet come out and play tea party with me?
Me: She's not ready to come out yet honey. She still has a few months.
Ella: But your belly is really, really big!!
Me: Thanks love, glad your so observant!!
*All of these conversations were a result from Brent and I not making the effort to interpret her, not because she actually calls things by the wrong name!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How Yesterday Went Down

5:00 - Turned on the oven to bake cookies
5:10 - Realized Brent did NOT clean all the grease and cheese out of the oven like he promised he would after the pizza he cooked 2 days before. See billowing smoke. Open door and turn on fans to help clear the air.
5:30 - Oven finally cools off. I have to kneel down and reach across my huge belly to scrub away the residue.
6:00 - Oven clean, cookies baking
6:15 - Ella has a #2 bathroom accident. She decides to take care of it her self.
6:16 - I discover said accident and try to help.
6:17 - In a fit of upset Ella tries to run, stepping in the panties on the floor, covering her foot in fecal matter. Tracks said matter down the hallway.
6:19 - I throw Ella in the shower, clean up the MESS.
6:30 - Ella refuses to get out of the shower. I start dinner.
6:32 - Ella decides she will get out now, I leave the meat I was tenderizing on the counter.
6:38 - Ella dressed. Back to the kitchen. Molly is on the counter GNAWING on my meat!!!
6:45 - Meat is disposed of. Molly is not dead because I am now too big to catch her. She is hiding under the dresser.
7:15 - Discover ants marching from back door to kitchen sink. Vacuum. Spray. Repeat.
9:00 - Ella decides she doesn't need to sleep.
9:30 - Ella is forced to sleep with being swaddled for the first time in her life and being sang to. Protests for at least 15 minutes.
9:31 - Brent arrives at home early, asking how my day was.
10:00 - Ashley goes to sleep, wondering why there is no mercy in this world!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This Is How I Feel

This is how Molly and I feel about the summer heat. Doesn't she kind of blend in to the couch?
As I near the beginning of my 3rd trimester, I have been getting more and more excited! It has been awhile since I had a newborn!! Ella and Scarlet will be 3 years and 3 months apart, and by Mormon standard time, that's practically 2 seperate families!! I've been thinking about how fun (and daunting) having a new born will be again. I've bee thinking about changing diapers, feeding, rocking, and sleeplessness. (Not that I don't already have that.)
I've also been wondering what she will look like. When we were getting ready to have Ella, we assumed she would be dark. I thought dark genes were dominant, so I figured I'd have a dark haired, dark eyed baby. Well was I wrong!! Blond hair! Blue eyes!! And I never even considered curls!! So now I've been wondering what Scarlet will look like!
Between the two families we have:
Eyes: brown, blue, green and hazel
Hair: dark brown, light brown, blond, red
We kind of have the lottery going! It also makes me wonder, will she be a big baby? Or little like Ella? Long? Short? All in all, I don't really care what she looks like! I just want her to be healthy.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Ella!!

Check SpellingMy little girl is three!! I can't believe it!! It seems like just yesterday we brought her home and didn't know what to do with her. This is the wagon Grandma and Grandpa got her. She loved it and I foresee a lot of walks down the street in it.
Blowing out candles on her blue dinosaur cake. She picked it out herself!
Roller skates! She's been asking for these for awhile. She needs a hand a hold, but before long see will be crazy, I just know it!!!
Happy Birthday to my beautiful, smart, sweet, crazy little girl!! We are so glad we have you, and hopefully we survive you!! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

Ella was really excited for the fireworks. The sound from the neighbor's lawn mower makes her nervous, but gun powder explosions are no problems! She kept saying, "How pretty!!" and "Sparkly!"
We had an impromptu BYOM party. (Bring your own meat) All the kids ran around crazy and invented new games. It was so fun!! It's good for them to be evil together!! Ella and Jara were princesses or fairies...or something!!
We went to the pool twice this weekend. Ella can't get enough of the water!!
We also made a quick Wal-Mart trip. Ella found this bath scrubbie. She named it Squishy and I have not been able to pry it out of her hands!!
You may notice an absence of me and Brent in these pictures. Brent is just really good at staying out of pictures. And I will not be seen for a couple more months. Regular Ashley is NOT photogenic. Pregnant Ashley is a nightmare!!