Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ella is learning to sit up. She tries to reach for her rings in front of her and nose dives over! Then she is stranded bent in half and it causes great distress.

PS I would like to publicly rescind my previous comment on Homecoming. My cheerleaders were awesome and I was so proud of them!!

Ella's New Love

Ella has recently discovered that her hand is a easy, accessible treat! It makes her drool like an old dog but what ever keeps her happy is perfectly okay with me!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ella Update

Ella is getting big. I took her to the doctor for her shots a few weeks ago and she has almost doubled in size. She weighed 11 lbs 6 oz. 50% for weight. She was 24 inches long. 90% for length. She was so tiny and now I feel like she's huge!! She has learned to smile and laughs out loud and even discovered her voice recently. She likes to randomly squeal and then laughs. She lays in her bouncy chair and kicks her legs like crazy. Brent says she looks like she's having a spazz attack. She is getting so strong. Bad news is that we found out that she didn't have colic ( good news you would think) she has GER. Better known as reflux. It's like really terrible heartburn for adults. I have to squirt medicine down her throat every night, and most of the time she fights it. It makes her have choking episodes that are terrifying. She turns bright red and when she finally catches her breath she screams the most terrible blood curdling scream of fear. But we at least know what it is and she has been much happier ever since we discovered the reason behind her misery. She does really well at cheerleading. Loud noise and chaos are no problem. I took her to the Homecoming pep assembly and the band was so loud and she just sat there. I was holding her and she actually fell asleep. The girls are very cute with her and she just stares at them. She likes the games and as soon as it is cool enough I will take her to the JV ones too. She is very sensitive to everything. Especially wind and heat. Anyways, we love her!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Homecoming 2008

I hate homecoming. Too much stress for 5 minutes of performance that no one remembers or appreciates. My poor little JV girls are running the gauntlet and I hope they don't just scream at me and quit before the next week is over. I don't remember it being this hard when I cheered. I wonder if Mary wanted to pull her hair out as badly as I do. I accidentally have picked up one of the habits she used to have. Does anyone remember when she used to say "one more time" but we would do it 10 more times and still every time she would say "one more time" ? I do that all the time and my girls have picked up on it. They make fun of me. Anyways, Homecoming is October 10th come and see them perform. If they look good, I take full responsibility for their talent and I knew they had it in them.... if they look terrible, that's Denise's squad and I don't know what happened. :) hehe