Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

My mom had left over fabric that she gave me so I turned it into a fun Christmas quilt for Ella. She loves it. She calls it her Christmas Blanky.
I decided I wanted a Christmas quilt too. So I made one. Slightly more difficult to make than Ella's! I may or may not have verbally abuse this quilt on numerous accounts. I also may or may not have cursed at my sewing machine. (Not shown is the back. It is poinsettia fleece.)

Ella's dessert. Her first whip cream beater. My dad said that barely letting your child eat her first beater at 2 plus years old has got to be some form of child neglect!!
There was only 4 people at our Thanksgiving feast this year. My brother, my self, my mom and my dad. That's it! It was pretty casual and low key. We ate until the pain set in and then we slept. My two favorite activities!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Brent left for work on Tuesday and hasn't been back since. No I did not throw him out, or did he leave me. A deadly combination of court, training and stupid criminals have joined together to prevent him from seeing us. And this has happened 3 weeks in a row!! While he was gone I realized a list of things:

1. I could never be a military wife!! Good job ladies for sending your husbands away to serve, I would die of loneliness!!
2. I have started talking to myself. Entire conversations, including asking myself questions and then answering them.
3. Everything is a lot cleaner when he isn't around! Dishes, laundry, bathroom.
4. I have a hard time finding the need to get dressed for nothing! I don't wander around in my pajamas, but do I really need make up to play doll house with Ella?
5. Ella automatically assumes if Daddy isn't home it is time to "go gramma's house!"
6. I don't cook.

Ella has started talking up a storm. Including repeating things I really would rather her not!!
1. "Shut up, stupid dog!"
2. "Oh crap!"
3. The s....h....i....t.... word (blame Brent) :)

I also thinks she watches too much Dora, as I have heard:
1. Delicioso!
2. Tortuga
3. Lasso

The other day I asked her where he pajamas were when I came back from running and she was naked. She replied, "Somewhere! I find 'em." She's getting so big.
So anyways, that is my long post of how BORING this week has been. Sigh.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Last Guess

My Father and Mother in law have received their mission call to Iceland!! We all had guesses where they might go. Mine was Guam. My mother in law was insistent they would stay state side, so I figured she would be thrown for a loop. But Iceland!? They are very excited. As they should be!! I have never heard of a mission call to Iceland!! So: congratulations Nick and Bonnie!! I hope you have a wonderful time and don't get blown up by a volcano!! :) hehe

Sunday, November 7, 2010


First my yard looked like this. Actually it looked worse. We have already leveled the DIRT BIKE jumps that were there.
Then all the beautiful rain came ALL winter long, and my yard looked like this. BTW:those weeds are 5 feet high. I am standing in them and you can't see me.

Then this nice Eide boy came and did this.

Then my WONDERFUL DADDY came and did this. He loves his tractor! :)

And now we are patiently waiting for grass to grow. Oh please grass, grow!!