Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter!!! and some tramatic other stuff...

We colored Easter eggs on Saturday. Ella loved it so much, she colored most of the eggs more than once! This resulted in some very unique shades!
Friday night I discovered a lump under Molly's chin. I know her pretty well and pet her a lot, so I knew it had just appeared out of know where! Sunday morning when we went to see what Easter bunny brought, Molly scratched and ruptured this huge puss and blood filled...THING! I had to give her a shower, hose her off with saline and hydrogen peroxide, and then attempted a band aid. She ripped it off, but the hole is healing nicely!! I think it was a festered up fox tail. She was tired and not playful while she had it, but now she's back to her crazy self!
Ella hunted eggs. She's seriously a pro egg hunter. She was cute finding them!! But......
Monday morning she woke fine. Happy. Excited to go to the Dr with mommy. Well, 14 vomiting episodes later, she refused to move, eat or do anything besides sip water and watch cartoons. And you better betcha I let her watch them all day! Now when I say 14 episodes, I don't mean she threw up 14 times but only spent maybe 4 actual trips to the bathroom. I mean 14 SEPARATE episodes that consisted of 3-5 blllaaahhhhhs a piece. Then I decided I was jealous and threw MY guts up for the first time in a decade. I forgot how truly horrible it is! Poor baby is wiped out.

This is Brent, so proud of his egg! She was not smiling, however when he was hosing off 2 blankets and 3 stuffed animals at 2am this morning. How so much come out of someone so small!? He has really been awesome. He's helped clean up A LOT of barf, waited on me hand and foot. He deserves and award, or at least a present!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fair Time & Farewell

Ella LOVED pony rides!! She cried when I had to pry her off this tiny little horse. Isn't the worker in the back ground cute with his big smile!!
She loved goats!
She also LOVED the whale ride!! She laughed this crazy laugh of joy the whole time!! And kept yelling, "This is so fun!!"
I was worried Ella wouldn't want to go on the rides all by herself but I was wrong!!
On this one she kept yelling "I'm flying!!"
The Bowler Clan got together for one last hurrah before Nick and Bonnie leave on their mission. They go the 16th! Becca, Ella, Auntie Amy and Ethan.
Ella is in love with Uncle Grant, and I want to adopt Abby!! Ella loved her!! She was like an awesome big sister who wanted to play with her!
Elder and Sister Bowler. And Brent's big brother Nate. We're going to miss them!! But we're very excited for them to serve in Denmark. They are going to be wonderful!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ashley VS Ashley: An Epic Battle

Regular Ashley(RA) vs Pregnant Ashley(PA)

  • RA- Up before 6am PA- Lucky to be up by 9am

  • RA- needed 6 hours of sleep PA- needs 12 hours of sleep

  • RA- ran 3-5 miles a day and enjoyed it PA- can't walk from one end of the house to the other

  • RA- NEVER drank soda or juice. Only water PA- can't get enough Squirt

  • RA- kept a really clean house and enjoyed cleaning PA- HATES cleaning and has slacked in a bad way

  • RA- was a slightly ornery, short patient, type A PA- is as mean as a snake

  • RA- cried when she was sad PA- cries all the time. Even when watching Tangled

  • RA- was really excited to get pregnant PA- IS really excited to be pregnant!! Although I complain about it!! :)