Saturday, November 29, 2014

Some Other Fun Pictures I Like!!

These are just some fun ones we took with cell phones. I was going to post them before the main pictures so those could be seen first.
BUT, I forgot!! So here they are now!!

One of our beautiful nieces.
She is an amazing girl who plays with my children and is sweet and kind.
I keep trying to take her home but her parents won't get on board!!

 We took sister pictures.
I was excited when Brent and I got married almost 9 years ago, because I always wished I came from a big family. Now I have 3 more sisters, and hopefully a few more someday!!

 I think my boobs might have been rubbing on Lezlee too much!!
Sorry. They have a mind of their own!!

 Ashley, Lezlee, Amy, Shellie
And all our eyes are open!!

 So glad to have these women in my life.
I'm so freaking short.

 Lezlee and her amazing, beautiful daughters.
Becca obviously is photogenic, where as me and my daughters are NOT.

Make me sigh a little with jealousy when I see her big, happy, healthy family.
But happy jealousy.

I'm grateful for family.

Family Pictures: The WHOLE Family Clan!!!

Brent's family is big and is only growing larger!!
Only a couple of us are finished with our families and some haven't even started!!
10 years from now there is going to be a giant pack of people!!

 Nick and Bonnie

 Nate and Lezlee
and their amazing children

 Ethan, Rebecca, Abbigal, Maddison
Such wonderful and good children!!
Almost not children anymore!!

 Nathan and Shellie Tingey Family.
With Charlotte, Elizabeth, and Davis

 Jody and Amy Marshall Family
With Miller and Elsie

My super cute, sweet, fun, mellow, SINGLE brother in law, Jeff.
If anyone has a niece, sister or granddaughter contact me!!
He's such a sweetheart!!

 All the Bowler grandchildren.

With Grandma and Grandpa

 The whole Bowler clan!!

It took 217 pictures to get maybe 5 with out anyone crying or closing their eyes!!

 Brent and his siblings

 Grant, Nate, Jeff, Brent
Amy, Shellie

Mom and Dad
with their children.

Family Pictures

It was my intentions to have family pictures this year.
My MIL had another plan.
It required a lot of courage for me to post these for the world to see.

 Almost 10 years.
I love this amazing man.

 My beautiful little girls.

 Our little Eternal family.

 Ella age 6
Scarlet age 3

A big thank you to our wonderful photographer. ;)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I always start out my Thanksgiving morning with an early, brisk walk. 
It sets the mood for a day of Thanks.
I breathe in all the fresh air and  think of my blessings.
It also helps with the over consumption that comes later.

 The girls always come along.
For 6 years now I have had a jog stroller with a bundled up chicken or two.

 This year was Bowler year.
The house is full and LOUD!!

 11 children and 15 adults!!

 Scarlet passed her time while waiting for food in the dirt.
Her favorite place.

 Ella ran wild with numerous cousins.

 I love to see men doing chores!!
The boys cleaning up the aftermath.

 Brent and Elsie playing legos.
She is so sweet!!

Scarlet attacking and thoroughly mauling her cousin Maddy.
I keep trying to convince her mother that I need to adopt her!!
They won't give her up!!

We had a great year and now I am very excited to go shopping!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


This year we decided not to do family pictures.
I am suffering from a seriously lack of self confidence from excessive weight gain, and I don't want all of my fatness to be forever emblazoned on the Christmas cards!!
I decided to just do the girls' pictures!!
It was very impromptu this year.
We were sitting at my mom's house, admiring her mums, and I was suddenly inspired to just hurry and take the pictures!!
I ran home for outfits and hair products and we were off!!
It was probably the smoothest year ever!!
My mom has a gorgeous yard.

Keep scrolling for 2 more posts of individual pics!!

Scarlet's Pictures

My beautiful second born.

 This one had a lot of shadow and I don't really like the editing.
But I loved her face!!

 She was really excited to be in the tree!!

This is unedited.
I love this little girl!!