Saturday, February 25, 2017

1st Semester Awards

I am very proud of my little girls.
They work very hard in school and do their best.
I firmly believe reading breeds intelligence,
and we read together often.
All I ask of my daughters is; to do their best.

Scarlet has passed off all her sight words!!
And Ella had straight A's for her first semester!!
I am very proud of them.
They are basically good little girls who really try.
I love them so much.


My little chickens are VERY energetic and sometimes I have to get creative to wear them out for the day. Ella saw a video of a mother and 2 young children doing some acrobatic person building, and decided we needed to rise tot he challenge!!
So after a few minutes of practice, we were able to build our own pyramid!!

Don't let looks deceive you!!
This is though!!
A lot of strength, balance, and body control is involved for everyone involved!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day with children is so fun!!
Especially girls!!
 We made love bugs as our Saturday craft.
We take our bugs seriously as Grandpa is the 'bug slayer'.
 I got the girls pretty little piggy banks from The Front Porch.
I love that place.
It is so cute and quaint and smells so good.
I saw them there one day and have had them stashed in the closet.
 Here is my daughters.
Scarlet in all her glorious beauty.
oh my......
 I love having girls.
They're not vain about hair and clothes,
but we have FUN with hair and clothes!!
 They both had heart hair!!!
Grandma Bowler brought silly string....
We kept it outside!!
Scarlet was serious about shooting her silly string.
I saw a light in her eye that maybe worried me a bit!!

Kindergarten class parties are FUN!!
Especially if the Schouttens are in charge!!

 Grandma brought over 2 very cute puppies!!
They're soft and squishy and have the cutest little faces!!
I love these 2 little beauties.
I love their souls, and their laughter, and their love.

School Days

Kindergarten is the most fun grade!!
Because they do all the cute stuff and every little holiday is a reason to do something fun!!
For Ground Hog's day they went out to see if they could see their shadows and then traced them.
 Punxsutawney Phil said we had 6 more weeks of winter this year,
but he obviously does not consider Southern Nevada when he makes his choices.
Skirts and shorts are just weeks away....
Scarlet's teacher asked for each student to bring 100 of something for the 100th day of school.
This was perfect because they are also working on counting to 100.
So we pulled out the fancy Christmas buttons and she took 100 buttons!!
I love this age.
They are a little more mature and every thing is exciting and fun!!