Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE!!!

As tradition, I do not just have a birthday.
I have a week of birthday glory!!
It started clear back when we went on our anniversary trip together.
I got a few fun things while we shopped.
Including a new tote bag!!
I already have several tote bags.
But one can never have enough!!
I am sorry, but I don't really care for the chevron stripe.
I know.
A horrible sin.
But when everything on sale has a chevron stripe, I adjust!!
And I love peach!!
It channels my inner 1993!!
We went to the temple with Brent's parents on Thursday.
Oh I love the temple.
And being able to do some family work is such a different experience than doing anonymous names.
Not that that work isn't important too!!
But when the person who's work you are doing is related to you, it is so personal and filled with joy!!
My goal for 2015 was to go to the temple quarterly. 
4 times.
Easy right?......
uncomfortable silence
When June came and I realized I had the potential to get in 2 trips, I took them!!
Now I'm on schedule and have plans to get back maybe even an extra time!!
 We haven't been swimming a lot yet.
Shocking, I know!!
Ella has developed a recent and freakish paranoia of wasps!!
So trying to get her into the water has been ridiculous!!
 But Grandpa Bowler went to the trouble to put up the pool, and dang it!!
We were going to swim!!
I love swimming and the water.
But oh I do not like the heat!!
 We did good for over an hour.....
until Ella spotted a very small wasp nest nestled in the eves of Grandpa's shed.
We had to go in.
 But we did have fun!!
When I lowered myself into the water I swear I heard a mild sizzling.
It went from pretty decent and tolerable to "holy freaking crap it's hot" very quickly.
It didn't give me time to adjust!!
But I am grateful May was so lovely.
 I sent out a group text to my sisters that I REALLY wanted this!!
My sister delivered!!
When I opened it, my niece declared, "We got you the banana hammock you wanted!!!"
It was hilarious!!
My friend Laena brought me a huge bag of these beautiful home grown apples from her trees.
They make it perfect!!
My sweet little nephew went right for them with big, gleaming eyes!!
It was like I set out a candy bowl!!

 Brent and my mom got me some Amazon cards.
Which I have promptly used.
I ordered this awesome soup ladle.
It's the Loch Ness Monster.
I got a bunch of home d├ęcor stuff too.
I've felt the need to actually put something on my walls and freshen things up a bit.
You know, have a clock somewhere!!
And last,
I bought a waist trainer!!
I NEVER thought I would own, what I feel, it a pretentious item.
But I bought a cheap knock off at TJ Maxx on a whim.
It was seriously less than $10, and thought I would just try it.
It helps support my core and back SO SO much!!
I felt like my range of motion could go farther and I didn't have to worry about my back.
And it reminds me to hold in my core, but doesn't restrict my breathing.
I know. I succumbed to an item that is promoted by a Kardashian.
Don't make feel worse!!
But it really does have great benefits!!
It has been an awesome week.
I spent the week eating crappy food, skipping exercise, staying up late, sleeping in, and taking naps!!
Now tomorrow I have to go back to reality.....and get on the scales!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Our First Get Away!!!

Brent and I have never left our children over night.
With the exception of hospital stays.
We decided since we celebrated our 10th anniversary in May, we were going to have some time foe ourselves!!
We went big and really crazy and stayed 3 nights in Mesquite!!
And I don't care if that sounds lame!!
We had an amazing time!!
We woke up at 6 am every morning to this little family of Mallards.
We ran 3 miles and then worked out at the Mesquite Rec Center.
Yes, we like our fitness.
And it was very refreshing to be able to do it together and not try to juggle around kids!!
We chatted while we ran.
Brent helped me remember how to use free weights again!!
And I'll tell you what!!
I haven't lifted weights in years, and the endorphins I had rushing threw me for hours after our work out were AMAZING!!
 We made it to the Temple!!
It was a peaceful, beautiful session and we were able to do some family work for Brent's mom's family.
 We were able to swing into random places to just see what they were!!
We are not spontaneous people.
IIIII am not a spontaneous person.
But it was so fun to just try it!!
In true Alderete fashion, I saw a wild life museum and couldn't resist!!
 My hilarious, spunky little niece's favorite animal is a warthog.
A warthog.
I sent this picture to my sister and she text back saying that my little Elisey kept laughing her cackle laugh and saying
"A waaaarthog!!"
I swear it is smiling just for her!!

I have a deep and terrible fear of alligators.
I am convinced they live in the lake and are just biding their time for the water to dry up just a little more before they come out in the open in their true reign
of terror.
Do not for one moment think I am kidding.
 We spent a few hours every evening relaxing by the pool.
Funny enough, clouds rolled in and it stormed all three evenings!!
It was beautiful and I would never complain about a day with clouds in this desert.
But alas, we did not come home with suntans!!
It was wonderful to spend time together.
To TALK without interruption.
About everything.
About nothing.
"Vacation" Brent and Ashley are funny, fun people!!
We knew they were inside somewhere!!
I think my little chickens are plotting to slowly steal our souls!!

My Taste in Art

I am a reserved person.
Many of my habits and personality traits reflects that, which in turn, my taste also reflects it as well.
Several years ago, I wanted a picture for my home that represented the gospel.
But I wanted something understated.
Something simple and powerful.
I was browsing Seagull book one day and saw this painting. It was on the lowest part of the wall, nearly hidden.
 At first I didn't know what it was a painting OF.
I had to kneel to see it fully and still wasn't sure.
But the quiet stillness of the image touched me.
Then I read the small brass title:
" He Is Not Here"
I may have audibly gasped and the gently draped rags instantly showed the depth of their meaning.
Tears welled up in my eyes and I knew this was what I wanted.
It hangs in my living room and I still love it.
I feel like it reflects my testimony.
Subtle, but powerful.

This week I was wandering Deseret Book and found myself once again in the art section.
I have been considering a new painting, but again, I wanted something subtle, but full of meaning and significance.
I saw this dark eyed woman with her equally dark hair, and something in her gaze and face called to me.
I loved the color and I felt like she resembled me in a slight way.
I felt connected to it and my eyes trailed down to the title.
Of course the artist is speaking of Ruth of the Bible.
But once again I found tears in my eyes and it felt as if a tiny wisp of spirit slipped from that painting and into my soul.
My granny.
My daughter.
Two strong, loving women.
I have already put a few dollars into my "stuff I need to save for envelope" and hope the rest will trickle in quickly!!

New Addition

I had a terrible bought of needing something in infant form, and since I do not desire that something to be human, I brought this guy home!!
 Oh I just love cats!!
If Brent would let me, I'd be crazy cat lady!!
This is Chase.
He's a tiny little ball of fur, and all bristly tail and big ol' ears.
Perfect signs of a good barn kitty.
No more of these shelter cats that can't kill anything!!
I got this feisty little bugger from my cousin.
He has already exceeded expectations!!
He plays endlessly.
He uses his box.
He cuddles.
He purrs!!
I'm not sure Molly even knows how to purr anymore.
She is thoroughly indignant with his presence and stays outside all day until we all go to bed at night.
Chase goes to the hall bathroom until he is big enough to defend himself.
Scarlet loves to play and cuddle with Chase.
She does NOT like it when that play is not instigated by HER.
If he leaps out in a pounce attack from under the couch or from behind a wall,
there are hard feelings!!
But we love him and I'm excited to have a new fur baby.

First Day of Summer

The first day of no school, we headed to the Mesquite rec center to SWIM!!
My daughters do not care for the pitiful excuse that is the Moapa Valley winter.
They love summer.
They love the heat.
They LOVE to swim.
 The out door pool wasn't open yet, but I was ok with that.
I need baby steps to except summer!!!
 Ella lost one of her top teeth.
Soon her big teeth will come in and she will officially stop being my little girl.
She'll just keep growing up.
We had a deal!!!
 Bretn has lost 28 pounds and I am so very proud of his hard work.
Here is his stunning farmers tan!!!
We forgot life jackets.
Noodles worked perfect!!
This was merely day one of many, many swim days!!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Last Day of School!!!

 I am so excited for summer!!
No more lunches, or homework, or hair do's.
No more schedule or bedtimes or having to wake children up!!
Nothing goes against all things I believe in like having to roust a sleeping child!!
First day of school.
Last day of school.
I don't think she grew.

I am so proud of Ella.
She has received excellent grades, she does well in reading and math, and she scored 100% on every spelling test this year.
She's smart and she works hard.
She's a whirling dervish of energy at home!!
But she's good in school, and I wouldn't change that for a moment!!
I love her and her sister so much.
Even if some days I would sacrifice them for some peace!!

 So I have to take a second to praise my handsome husband.
He started to diet with me in March and lost 28 pounds.
 He quit soda and if anyone knows him, they know that's a miracle!!
He worked really hard and he looks great!!
 Back to my babies!!
Scarlet's last day of school was yesterday.
She is so sad.
She has already prayed that Miss Makayla and Miss Ysella won't miss her.
It was so hard to let her go, but it has been the best thing for her!!
I'm excited for summer.
I think this will be the first healthy summer I've had in a long time.
No laying around bored because I couldn't run because it's too hot.
I signed up with Beachbody and now have access to all their work outs.
Plus I have a stationary bike and an elliptical, AND I'll be teaching Pilates twice a week.
I'm so excited to have a plan.
To have a little bit of calm in my grasp!!
I'm so humbly grateful to have a drop of confidence to go to the pool, wear a swimming suit, and not be afraid.
Not because I am anything special.
Because I am most definitely not!!
But because I am not afraid!!
Here is to an awesome summer!!