Sunday, October 28, 2012

What a Weekend!!

This weekend has been BUSY!! My niece and nephew had their big birthday bash and Brent's parents came home from their mission in Denmark!! Lots of food, family and over stimulation!!
 Ella at the costume party. Daddy was horrified at how well she swung around that swing set pole!!
 Scarlet the peacock. Can you tell how excited she is?
 Back of Ella's costume. Those little feathers were not hard, just tedious. Especially if you have to obsessively try to make them exactly the same!!
 Finally willing to smile a little. Why? Because someone is carrying her around. That is all she wants to do lately!!
 Me with my flock. My brother, the animal biologist, informed me that because my daughters were female, they were actually peaHENS. That by dressing them in blue with vibrant feathers I was having them cross dress. Only BOY peacocks have bright feathers......
On to the Homecoming!!!
 Scarlet is "helping" make signs. It mostly consisted of chewing on the marker.
 Brent waiting with his brothers.
Jeff, Jody, Nate, Brent, Grant
The plane was really late and we were early, so we waited a LONG time!!
 But they finally came!!
 I was teary eyed as I took this picture. Amy had to go through her whole pregnancy, the birth of her first child and a whole year of her baby's life with out her mom!!
Seeing Elsie finally get to meet her was really sweet.
 Jeff and Bonnie
Nick with a horde of grandchildren.
Welcome home Elder and Sister Bowler!! Everyone is excited to see you again!! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cat Prayers

As Ella is observing Molly sleeping at the foot of my bed.

Ella: "Mommy? Why are Molly's paws all folded like that?"
Me: "I don't know, sweetie. She's just sleeping."
Ella: "Is she praying?"
Me: "Sure!! She can pray if she wants to."
Ella: "She probably should. She's a naughty kitty." Strokes Molly's head. "Molly, say your cat prayers!!"

A little while later:
Ella: "Mommy? If Molly says cat prayers, what does she ask for?"
Me: "Whatever she needs."
Ella: "I bet she asked for Daddy to clean her box. You asked him 3 times today and he hasn't."
Me: "At this point, I think that's what it's going to take!!"
Ella: "Maybe I should pray for it too!!"
Me: "Good idea sweetie."

4 year olds are fun!!