Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Love The.....


I've always wanted a swimming pool in the back yard.

Welcome to my swamp.
Everyone else is getting burned out on the rain, and the mud...but NOT me!! I have a garage, a cement driveway and I don't go out much. Let it pour!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

At The End Of A Long Day....

Of torturing Daddy while he sleeps...
Climbing into places she has no business being.... (props to the stroller for holding her though!)

Someone needed some Dora the Explorer down time!!.....

With the ever faithful black kitty. She loves him. She had her arms wrapped around him and her cheek against his. She was worn out after a long day of reigning down terror on my house hold....

Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Decade

I thought I would recap the last 10 years. It was kind of interesting thinking of all these things!

2000: Made varsity cheer. Broke my leg. Finally started dating Brent after months of worship. Football team takes state. Watched Jed Wheeler graduate!
2001: Brent graduates. Cheer some more. My sister goes to Cedar. Become active in the church again.
2002: Brent goes on a mission. I graduate. Start beauty school. Aunt Pat dies.
2003: Take out my endowments. Sealed to my family. Make the biggest mistake of my life. Grandpa dies. Graduate beauty school.
2004: Get divorced from biggest mistake!! Move home. Get Nevada cosmetology license. Get fired from my job for being "too fashionable" (not joking) Fall in love with Brent again after much denial. Start work at Valley Curls.
2005: Brent and I get married. Move to Vegas. Move back to Logandale. Go back to Valley Curls!
2006: My niece is born. Move again. Get two kitty cats. Brent decides to become a police officer.
2007: Brent is offered a job with city of Henderson PD. Start coaching cheer. Get pregnant. Granny dies.
2008: Pregnancy and all its insanity. The birth of my daughter. Move again. Buy my beautiful Tahoe.
2009: Quit cheer. Buy a house.
2010: The beginning of another year!!

If anyone shares any of these memories with me or has any others. Please remind me!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A day in the life of Ella!

The climber. ER should have a bed reserved for us, I just know it.
Helping mommy do laundry. I swear to you she climbs in there herself!

The master chef. Nothing like a good pot of froggy!

The organizer. All her toys assembled tallest to smallest. Another victim of OCD in our midst.

And a little bit of naked tent time to round the day off.
Note: If there are any perverts out there looking inappropriately at the tent picture, just know: my husband is a cop and knows how to kill you and make it look like you were robbing the joint. AND he also has an arsenal of weapons..... ask santa.