Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

My very cute little lady bug.
Count Dracula, Davy Crockett, Little red riding hood, princess Jara, The Devil (I'm not really dressed up. I just didn't file and trim this morning) , Ladybug and Pirate Brent

Pictures suck. Just ask 'the very grouchy lady bug' , Satan, and Captain Bowler!!

Yeah, Ella is pumped.

At the end of the day Ella's true nature was revealed. She really is a little devil!!
We celebrated my niece and nephews birthdays today. Happy birthday Jackie and Jara!!! We had lots of fun, lots of cake, and everyone was very cute! Ella went trick or treating for the first time, and there has never been a cuter little girl!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Pictures

She is very good at the contemplating face.
Ella is the WORST picture taker ever, therefore I rarely get her pictures taken. But about every year or so I start to feel guilty and have someone come snap a few shots. She won't let me put her down. She wont hold still, or smile on command. It's a night mare!! But these turned out really well! I love her bright blue eyes!!

This would be cuter if my hand wasn't in my face.... or if the wind wouldn't have been blowing like a hurricane.

Finally a smile!

I love her smile! I don't know why she won't use it more!

My pretty girl!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lots of Ella!

Goldie Locks getting ready for church. I love her beautiful hair. It's not very long, but so curly. I'm sure one day I will curse it as I'm trying to control it, but for now, I love it!

I got out my giant barbie box the other day and gave Ella all of my old barbies. Out of all 50 plus dolls, she chose this one as her favorite. That's right, Ken. Brent is scared.

This wonderful little kitty showed one morning. She was very hungry and very, very sweet. She ran into my house and when I tried to throw her out, she clung to me crying. I'm such a bleeding heart for animals, especially cats, that I let her spend the day with us. She loved Ella, and Ella loved her!! Kitty CHOSE to curl up on her lap and take a nap. It was so cute. I threw her out at dark to do her business and she never came back.She was obviously someone lost pet and think she continued her journey home.

This is the new love of Ella's life. Boots the monkey! She even has to take him to the store, or shopping and he has to wear a seat belt. This is a hideous picture of me, but Ella looked pretty, so I posted it anyway.

More Boots love. Not sure why it's crooked. Sorry!

So proud of her silly monkey. Thanks Gramma for getting him for her!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Latest Developments

First: We are so proud of Ella for kicking the 'kitty face'(aka pacifier) habit!! Her reflux was so bad when she was little, and they helped sooth it, so I constantly gave it to her. I have been afraid to start the removal process! But recently she developed a need to GNAW on them like a dog on a bone!! I kept replacing them, but finally I just threw them out. When she ask for one later I told her, "I'm sorry, they're broken. We had to throw them away. They're gone." She looked at me like she was trying to see if I was lying and that was it!! I was so happy. She DOES NOT transition well, so I felt I had scored a small victory Second: I decided to play butcher!! My dad had some left over deer meat and I LOVE deer jerky. So I butchered it up and dehydrated it!! It took 2 days and I think the dehydrator ran for 48 straight hours!!

Please excuse my immodesty. And the fact that I have no make up on. I had just finished running and I like to be completely dried out before I shower. I also thought it would be fruitless to shower BEFORE I hacked away at very bloody animal meat!

Last: YAY!! I decorated for Halloween! I like Halloween but it isn't my favorite holiday. BUT, it is a prelude to the Christmas holiday and that I LOVE!!!

These are my favorite little nick knacks. Two cute little owls! I think owls are so cute!