Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas was crazy this year!! Ella really got opening present this time!! She wanted to help everyone! She played so hard, this is how she ended up. Notice she is still clutching her Big Polly Pocket-like dolly from Auntie Joshlyn. She loved her. I'm pretty sure this was her favorite.
This was one of MY favorite presents. My other favorite was my new Canon camera. It is extremely nice. Probably too nice for someone who isn't a professional!! But I'm glad Santa thought I'd have fun with it. :)

Unfortunately I had a kidney infection for the last few days. It was the worst on Christmas Eve. I spent a lot of quality time lying on my mom's bathroom floor. Ella joined me for a few minutes while I was resting. We were watching A Christmas Story.

She loved her castle until Polly came along!!

And crazy Santa brought Ella a mini tramp!! I think he thought it was a good idea at the time but we're not sure where we are going to put it!! She catches air on this thing!! And those pink boots on her feet are also new.
Obviously we went way over board this year! I don't know what Santa and Mrs. Clause were thinking this year but they just kept buying stuff!! I told Brent... I mean Santa.... that we were not buying any toys or clothes or anything else until next year!!
It was a wonderful year! Brent got to actually be home for the first time in 3 years. I love his job but sometimes it would be nice if he got holidays off like everyone else. BUT if it weren't for his awesome holiday pay, we wouldn't have had such a big Christmas!! So thank you HPD!!
I hope everyone had a great day too!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bridal Shower

My little brother is getting married!! He chose a beautiful, wonderful girl named Chelsey and we are very excited to have her in our family! My sister, mom and I threw her a bridal shower. We took a test on how well we knew Chelsey. I got 15 out of 20!!
We also gave her sound and lasting advice. I told her
"Be humble, be patient, be loving, be forgiving, be MEAN AS HELL". Hey it works in my house hold!

We also opened presents.... I didn't include those pictures for modesty's sake.... :)
By the way, Chelsey is the blond one on the right. Aren't her shoes cute?
I love parties and I'm very happy I got to have one to welcome such a nice girl to my family. She makes my brother very happy and we are all excited for them to be married!
PS I'm not just saying this either, I really do like her!! Anyone who knows me should know I am only sincere!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Intruder... Part 2

First: My Auntie Katie told me about a movie she watched as a girl that scared her to pieces. It was about a disembodied hand that strangled people. The scariest scene in the movie was when a lady is driving down the road and the hand springs up from behind the seat, grabs her by the throat and strangles her. Okay, keep this in mind as I tell this story.

I inadvertently left a bottle of milk in my truck that Ella had drank, and unfortunately forgot about it. It rolled beneath the seat and the only reason I found it is because I FOLLOWED THE STENCH. Not good. So I have been trying to keep the windows rolled down a smidge so I could air things out a bit. I went to my Tuesday night Zumba class, and thought the cool night air would help alleviate the odor of rancid milk permeating from my truck. There was middle school basketball this evening and all the mommies picking up their children had taken up all the good parking spots, so I parked next to the dumpster at the middle school. No big deal....or so it seemed!!!

Zumba ended and I am hobbled out to my truck. Usually I am very vigilant about checking my Tahoe for serial killers and ax murders before I get in. I have a big back seat, and a large cargo area that any psycho path could comfortably curl up in. Alas, I did not check. Anything.

So I am driving down the street and I keep thinking I can hear rustling of some sort. I glance over my shoulder and check my review mirror. Nothing. I routinely leave packs of water bottles and grocery bags in the cargo area. And I have the stroller back there. I'm listening to music, still kind of pump from my work out. I get about a mile away from the gym and SOME UNKNOWN CREATURE LEAPS ONTO THE HEAD REST OF MY PASSENGER SEAT!! (Now think back to the story I started with) I scream like a chick in a slasher film and swerve erratically all over the road. I then seriously attempt to bail out of the vehicle. I open the door and try to jump. My seat belt saves my foolish life. I screech to a halt, probably doing lasting damage to my brake pads and fall out of my door. I succeed in fleeing my truck, scrambling across the asphalt, all the while screaming at the top of my lungs, because I am CONVINCED that either a disembodied hand or the DEVIL is in my truck!! My heart feels like it is about two beats away from exploding and I have never felt adrenaline surge through me like I have at this moment. I probably broke the sound barrier with the speed in which I raced down the street. I turn mid stride to see if the hand or devil is after me and see a dark colored CAT SPRING FROM MY CAR.

It is puffed out, its tail held in the air. And hauling... you know what.... down the street because it probably thinks I am the devil or some other form of screeching banshee.

As my heart returns to normal pace. I walk back to my running car, the radio blaring, the door wide open. I check for any other freaking felines lurking in the bowels of my Tahoe. I get behind the wheel and drive home. I am glad I didn't run over someone on an evening walk or plow into another car. Or a house for that matter!! I also called that cat all the bad names I could think of and then I made some up.

Moral of the story? DO NOT leave your windows down with out checking if someone or something is hiding in your car. Because it will scare the $#@& out of you and you may never be the same. As I am sure I will never be the same!!!

In hind site, this story is humorous. At the time it WAS NOT.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Christmas Card

These may look cute but it took about 20 of them to get Ella to cooperate.
We tried to do a natural, squeeze the baby picture. Not so good at pictures.

Ella says Cheese!!
She also went to the doctor this week. She was in the 25% for both height and weight. Yay!! She has never been that high!! We are happy she isn't a little runt anymore, just petite. She is very smart and learning so much. Too much!! She got in trouble the other day, turned and glared at me and shouted, "I'm mad!!" And we have now banned Nie Hoa, Ki Lan from our home.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

My mom had left over fabric that she gave me so I turned it into a fun Christmas quilt for Ella. She loves it. She calls it her Christmas Blanky.
I decided I wanted a Christmas quilt too. So I made one. Slightly more difficult to make than Ella's! I may or may not have verbally abuse this quilt on numerous accounts. I also may or may not have cursed at my sewing machine. (Not shown is the back. It is poinsettia fleece.)

Ella's dessert. Her first whip cream beater. My dad said that barely letting your child eat her first beater at 2 plus years old has got to be some form of child neglect!!
There was only 4 people at our Thanksgiving feast this year. My brother, my self, my mom and my dad. That's it! It was pretty casual and low key. We ate until the pain set in and then we slept. My two favorite activities!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Brent left for work on Tuesday and hasn't been back since. No I did not throw him out, or did he leave me. A deadly combination of court, training and stupid criminals have joined together to prevent him from seeing us. And this has happened 3 weeks in a row!! While he was gone I realized a list of things:

1. I could never be a military wife!! Good job ladies for sending your husbands away to serve, I would die of loneliness!!
2. I have started talking to myself. Entire conversations, including asking myself questions and then answering them.
3. Everything is a lot cleaner when he isn't around! Dishes, laundry, bathroom.
4. I have a hard time finding the need to get dressed for nothing! I don't wander around in my pajamas, but do I really need make up to play doll house with Ella?
5. Ella automatically assumes if Daddy isn't home it is time to "go gramma's house!"
6. I don't cook.

Ella has started talking up a storm. Including repeating things I really would rather her not!!
1. "Shut up, stupid dog!"
2. "Oh crap!"
3. The s....h....i....t.... word (blame Brent) :)

I also thinks she watches too much Dora, as I have heard:
1. Delicioso!
2. Tortuga
3. Lasso

The other day I asked her where he pajamas were when I came back from running and she was naked. She replied, "Somewhere! I find 'em." She's getting so big.
So anyways, that is my long post of how BORING this week has been. Sigh.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Last Guess

My Father and Mother in law have received their mission call to Iceland!! We all had guesses where they might go. Mine was Guam. My mother in law was insistent they would stay state side, so I figured she would be thrown for a loop. But Iceland!? They are very excited. As they should be!! I have never heard of a mission call to Iceland!! So: congratulations Nick and Bonnie!! I hope you have a wonderful time and don't get blown up by a volcano!! :) hehe

Sunday, November 7, 2010


First my yard looked like this. Actually it looked worse. We have already leveled the DIRT BIKE jumps that were there.
Then all the beautiful rain came ALL winter long, and my yard looked like this. BTW:those weeds are 5 feet high. I am standing in them and you can't see me.

Then this nice Eide boy came and did this.

Then my WONDERFUL DADDY came and did this. He loves his tractor! :)

And now we are patiently waiting for grass to grow. Oh please grass, grow!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

My very cute little lady bug.
Count Dracula, Davy Crockett, Little red riding hood, princess Jara, The Devil (I'm not really dressed up. I just didn't file and trim this morning) , Ladybug and Pirate Brent

Pictures suck. Just ask 'the very grouchy lady bug' , Satan, and Captain Bowler!!

Yeah, Ella is pumped.

At the end of the day Ella's true nature was revealed. She really is a little devil!!
We celebrated my niece and nephews birthdays today. Happy birthday Jackie and Jara!!! We had lots of fun, lots of cake, and everyone was very cute! Ella went trick or treating for the first time, and there has never been a cuter little girl!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Pictures

She is very good at the contemplating face.
Ella is the WORST picture taker ever, therefore I rarely get her pictures taken. But about every year or so I start to feel guilty and have someone come snap a few shots. She won't let me put her down. She wont hold still, or smile on command. It's a night mare!! But these turned out really well! I love her bright blue eyes!!

This would be cuter if my hand wasn't in my face.... or if the wind wouldn't have been blowing like a hurricane.

Finally a smile!

I love her smile! I don't know why she won't use it more!

My pretty girl!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lots of Ella!

Goldie Locks getting ready for church. I love her beautiful hair. It's not very long, but so curly. I'm sure one day I will curse it as I'm trying to control it, but for now, I love it!

I got out my giant barbie box the other day and gave Ella all of my old barbies. Out of all 50 plus dolls, she chose this one as her favorite. That's right, Ken. Brent is scared.

This wonderful little kitty showed one morning. She was very hungry and very, very sweet. She ran into my house and when I tried to throw her out, she clung to me crying. I'm such a bleeding heart for animals, especially cats, that I let her spend the day with us. She loved Ella, and Ella loved her!! Kitty CHOSE to curl up on her lap and take a nap. It was so cute. I threw her out at dark to do her business and she never came back.She was obviously someone lost pet and think she continued her journey home.

This is the new love of Ella's life. Boots the monkey! She even has to take him to the store, or shopping and he has to wear a seat belt. This is a hideous picture of me, but Ella looked pretty, so I posted it anyway.

More Boots love. Not sure why it's crooked. Sorry!

So proud of her silly monkey. Thanks Gramma for getting him for her!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Latest Developments

First: We are so proud of Ella for kicking the 'kitty face'(aka pacifier) habit!! Her reflux was so bad when she was little, and they helped sooth it, so I constantly gave it to her. I have been afraid to start the removal process! But recently she developed a need to GNAW on them like a dog on a bone!! I kept replacing them, but finally I just threw them out. When she ask for one later I told her, "I'm sorry, they're broken. We had to throw them away. They're gone." She looked at me like she was trying to see if I was lying and that was it!! I was so happy. She DOES NOT transition well, so I felt I had scored a small victory Second: I decided to play butcher!! My dad had some left over deer meat and I LOVE deer jerky. So I butchered it up and dehydrated it!! It took 2 days and I think the dehydrator ran for 48 straight hours!!

Please excuse my immodesty. And the fact that I have no make up on. I had just finished running and I like to be completely dried out before I shower. I also thought it would be fruitless to shower BEFORE I hacked away at very bloody animal meat!

Last: YAY!! I decorated for Halloween! I like Halloween but it isn't my favorite holiday. BUT, it is a prelude to the Christmas holiday and that I LOVE!!!

These are my favorite little nick knacks. Two cute little owls! I think owls are so cute!

Friday, September 10, 2010

In Memorium

Nine years ago tomorrow was the day our country was attacked. I hadn't thought about the date until I turned on the TV and special after special was on, commemorating the event. It made me stop and think about that day. I think everyone with functioning memory will be able to say where they were the minute they heard. I thought I would share my memories, because I agree with former President Bush when he said, "We must never forget."

I didn't have a first period my senior year, and was snuggled comfortably in my bed, when my mom woke me up. "Someone just flew a plane into the World Trade Center."

I roused from sleep and asked. "On purpose?" She shrugged her shoulders and told me they were not sure what even had happened. I joined her in the living room. We watched the 2nd plane crash into the second tower, completely stunned. Both of us were shouting at the TV. "There's another one!! What is it doing?!" Thinking back, it makes me think of a sporting event, where you yell at the TV in hopes the player will hear you and do what you are saying.
We sat side by side on the sofa, riveted on the breaking news coverage. We flipped from station to station trying to find the best angles.

And then the first tower fell. I will always remember the sickening dread in my stomach. I looked at my mom with tears on my cheeks and said, "So many people have died today." Her eyes got wet and she pressed a hand to her mouth. I think I have only see her cry once or twice in my life time. She's tough. She touched my knee and we sat quiet. As that huge structure came thundering to the ground the news caster screamed. His composure gone.

I asked my mom if we could pray. We bowed our heads and I quickly prayed for the poor, terrified people and for the people sent to rescue them.

3497 people died in the September 11th attacks. 23 of them were police officers. That hits close to my home. I am grateful that there are men and women brave enough to put their lives in danger to serve others. I can't imagine walking into the face of danger with courage, strength and love. Only love for humanity and the desire to protect the weak could make a person so brave. I am grateful to police officers and military personal for all they do. I am grateful for my country. I am grateful that someone keeps me safe. I'm grateful for my husband. He is one of those people and I am so proud of him. I am so proud that he is brave enough to help those who need it, and protect the innocent.

Where were you on this day?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Kitty Fun

We kitty sat this weekend for my sister while she was out of town. I think Ella had too much fun with those crazy mews!! Can you hear the hysterical laughing? Dr. Jeckle loved chasing this piece of string, but Mr. Hyde kept his distance. I think Mr. Hyde is probably the more intelligent one!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pheonix Laments

It has been almost three years since my Granny passed away. She died in November of 2007, 3 days after Thanksgiving. I grew up next door to her. My whole life she was just right around the corner. She was always good for a free meal, cookies, or cuddles. She was also a very attentive listener. I really miss that. Well, she did wear hearing aids, that she routinely turned down when things got too loud. Maybe she just turned me down, who knows. She also would turn them off in church when the speaker got too boring......But that's a different story!!!
I miss having someone to go to, and have them listen to all my sad, sorry worries. I miss her letting me feel sorry for myself. Brent never lets me do that!! He is so positive it's sickening!!! No,no, no.... that's a good thing. Just every now and then I would like to just cry and feel bad and carry on about how hard and miserable life is and have someone say, "Oh poor lady bug. Life is so hard. Here, eat a cookie."
I miss her so much. I miss my Granny and it will be so long before I see her again.

*If anyone knows where the title to my blog came from, I'll give you a prize!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Great TV Debate

All mothers, doctors, parents and friends have long had the concerns that TV will rot your brain or make you eyes square. I have heard opinions and read articles that TV viewing will make you fat, lazy and stupid. Well, here is my opinion: I don't care if my daughter watches TV. A lot of TV, or movies or whatever.
I feel it doesn't count if she is JUMPING on the bed while watching Dora the Explorer. She is exercising!
I don't feel like it is going to effect her if she doesn't really watch it, it's just on in the back ground. Every now and then she will stop and pay attention to an interesting part and then scurry back to her play.
Ella DOES. NOT. SLEEP. And yes, I have tried to implement a sleep regiment since birth, but she DOES NOT conform to any plans or dictates. She is like me, and just doesn't sleep. So if she has only slept for 6 hours at night and then only took a 1 hour nap ( or heaven forbid, no nap at all) she IS going to watch Frog Princess!!
How is tossing my kid into her room, to sit in there for an hour or more before she actually falls asleep, better than letting her watch Sesame Street (learning about something) while cuddling with me and one of her dolls?
I have come to the conclusion, that schedules ARE NOT for Ella and I. We play each day by the moment. She is smart and healthy and happy. If watching Go Diego Go gives us an hour or so of peaceful co-existence, then I guess that is just what we are going to do!!

Lable me a bad mother if you would like, but Ella is very smart, so I don't really care.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Dark Side

This is the image of a pair of 'Skinny Jeans"

Ladies: Unless you are
#1 Under weight
#2 Long legged
#3Have a non existent butt or a nearly non existent butt
These jeans are NOT for you!!

You know you're getting old when fashion styles from your life time are starting to repeat themselves. But when I was younger these were called 'taper legged' jeans. Now they have been christened skinny jeans. I see these fashion nightmares and it just makes me sad!! Poor women of all shapes and sizes are stuffed into these pants that are targeted for a very rare, slender, tall body type. And many of them are made from spandex... SPANDEX! What heinous, diabolical person said, "Let's bring back the tapered leg jean, and while we are at it, let's make it out of spandex."
From behind, the bums of the general public, look like two pit bulls fighting in a gunny sack. Wear clothes that are flattering girls!! Worse, I see ladies jamming themselves in spandex skinny jeans that ride too low on the waist and cut their stomach in two, creating the dreaded MUFFIN TOP. Some one please go to the high school and let them know that the muffin top is something to be AVOIDED not flaunted!! We must stick together as friends against the fashion "experts" of today and say NO to this travesty!

So please, be a friend.................

Friends don't let friends wear skinny jeans!!

*Note: If you are fortunate enough to have the ability to wear the skinny jean, this article is not for you. Please do not be offended!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What Do You Think?

The great debate has been waging ever since Ella was born.... WHO DOES SHE LOOK LIKE??
(We finally taught her to say cheese. Not overly attractive.)
I personally think: Ella has my body type, bone structure, especially in her face, and expressions as ME, but has Brent's coloring. Her eyes are definitely her Daddy's!! A beautiful, clear blue. She also has my small feet, but Brent's big, scary toes!!
So I ask you all.... WHO DO YOU THINK SHE LOOKS LIKE??

Saturday, July 31, 2010


I had enough of the heat and decided to journey to my Aunt Katie's house in SLC. We got up unnaturally early and hit the road!! This is Ella at 5ish AM. Not super thrilled to be awake!! She was SOOOOO GOOD the whole trip!! No whining in the car. No fit throwing at my Auntie's house. No melt downs while we shopped... and shopped.... and shopped!!
This is Ella at breakfast. She decided to eat her toast that morning all natural!! I don't know what inspired this nakedness. But my Aunt had 5 sons. 3 of which still live at home!! I'm glad they were sleeping in, because I think they would have been scarred for life!!

This is Mac, the coolest dog ever!! He is a pug. I think while we were there, he slept 22 hours out of every day!! My kind of dog! He was so friendly and so mellow!! Ella chased and petted and basically tortured him for 4 days and he didn't even care!! As you can tell, he loves to cuddle!

We went to Gardeners Village in South Jordan, just a few miles from my Auntie's house. I shopped in their AWESOME home stores. It's an outside mall and was put in an old sugar mill. It's themed to be old world and so cute. They have a petting zoo on the lot. Ella wasn't interested in this goat.

But she LOVED the pony rides!!! She wanted to go over and over and I think we could have spent a whole day there. However, I was in sandals, tromping through the pony corral. Yeah, nothin' like a little manure between your toes!! :)

After her love for the ponies, and her love of Mac, I told Brent we are getting a pet!! He can give into a pony or a puppy!!! He is currently thinking!! :)
We had so much fun!!! My mom came with us and was my co pilot for the drive!! My truck is big so I needed help knowing when to move over in busy SLC traffic. I thought squashing a Honda during our journey might put a damper on things.
We missed Brent but it was hard to leave!! My Aunt's house is GORGEOUS and she has a picture perfect yard. We all spent hours out there, playing and laying on a blanket. Clouds came up and it rained a little and the weather was so nice!! We were a little depressed when we came into the valley and the temperature gage read 105. I know that's cool for this time of year but it was 85 in SLC.
We had so much fun and we have a standing date for next July!!! I'm so grateful my Auntie Katie let us invade her house for 4 days!! Yay for vacation.....booooo for all the laundry I have to do!!