Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day

We went to the cemetery early this year.
I like to have plenty of time to wander amongst the dead and feel their peaceful spirits.
I also like to go a day or so early, so I'm alone.
The hallowed ground holds its own special spirit and I love to feel it.
 We visited my cousin, who died suddenly in February of 2014
I decided last year to start taking yard stakes instead of flowers.
They last longer and in a few years, there will be quite a group of them!!
Ella insisted that this cousin she never met needed a pink flamingo.
I think he would have appreciated it!!
 My dear Auntie.
 My granny and grandpa.
These are Brent's grandparents.
I admit, I forgot a yard stake for them.
But in my defense, a dozen people will remember them and leave something for them on this day of memory.
Sometimes what I leave for my family is all that is left.
Oh I miss them!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Freshen Up

I get urges for change every so often, and if those urges are not met, I tend to get broody and sullen.
Last year we painted the house, the kitchen, the cabinets, and both bathrooms.
This year I thought a little less painting was in order!!
Last year might have put Brent over the edge a bit!!
I have both of my granny's old dressers.
They are 50 years old and made by Bassett.
They are pieces from the good old days when things were made to LAST.
These things could quite possibly survive a nuclear blast!!
They started out a pearly 1965 white.
My dad painted them both white for me and my sister after we inherited them.
The paint was starting to look dingy and faded.
 I painted this dresser PINK.
I might have to find a way to glaze or texture it.
That's a lot of pink!!
But it's fresh and perfect for 2 cute little girls!!
I painted this one red and then glazed it with a dark stain.
And when I say I, I mean my mom!!
I did the base red paint but my mom did the hard work!!
She put the stain on and worked it and finished it for me.
She excels at those things, where I do NOT.
She insists it's not hard, but I do not believe her.
I have been mollified in my need to change something.
For now.

Friday, May 15, 2015

My Little Chicken

Scarlet started her class in January and I am SO SO glad we decided to look into it.
She is doing better.
Is she perfect?
Does she have bad days?
Is she ready to be exited out?
But she is BETTER!!
I can see all the sweetness I knew she had inside starting to blossom.
She hugs and kisses me and tells me "I love you".
She's learning and has little friends.
I am so excited for her and I am filled with relief!!
 My children are always welcome to come to my room at night.
I actually leave a blanket and extra pillow on the floor, and sometimes I wake up in the morning to a little girl snuggled into a nest.
They don't wake me up, they know the drill, it is peaceful!!
Maybe no.
But I have never been traditional when it comes to raising my little chickens.
They are a unique and exotic breed!!
Scarlet's new favorite thing is to come in after she hears her daddy leave for work.
She quietly sneaks to his side of the bed, slithers beneath the blankets, and promptly goes back to sleep.
We are still working on understanding emotions.
She is doing better!!
But she still needs prompting and redirection.
In her defense, sometimes so do I!!!
Today her solution to finding somewhere else to throw a fit, besides near me:
 the shell of solitude.
I started laughing so hard when I discovered it, that her fit promptly dissolved.
I love my little girls.
They are challenging but they are also very sweet.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Mother's Day

Mother's Day is next weekend, but Brent couldn't get that day off.
So we celebrated this Sunday!!
On Friday, Brent took me shopping.
Because one of my New Year Resolution was to not buy any clothing for 2015,
I tricked him, and bought HIM clothes!!
Brent hasn't bought new clothes in around 10 years, so it was exhilarating!!
He now does not look like a homeless person.
I did buy myself a purse.
I thought it was a good one for summer.

 Brent ordered me these stackable rings from The Vintage Pearl.
I LOVE that site.
It has the most unique and beautiful customized jewelry.
He took the girls down to the store and had them pick something out for me.
Ella chose red roses, because red is my favorite color.
Scarlet chose the sunflowers because we grew some in our back yard.
I stuffed them all in one vase and it turned out pretty!!
They picked out the biggest balloon I've ever seen!!
The sweet, excited looks on their little faces are worth every moment this giant balloon shrilly sings to me!!
They made me little cards and Ella composed me a little song.
They so sweet.
I felt very loved and appreciated this weekend, and that is all I ever really want from them anyway.
I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a mother.
Some days I want to crawl in a whole and hide and cry.
But the little moments add up and I am so happy to have my little family and my wonderful husband.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

May Day

The long standing Moapa Valley tradition of May Day was upon us yesterday.
My father in law said 89 years. (?)
While I love long standing valley traditions, and I do love May Day,
am I the only parent who is just ready to cry until it their own child's turn!?
 Scarlet got to dance a Hawaiian themed danced to the Lilo and Stitch song.
She was so adorable and I wanted to burst into tears!!
My baby!!

 Ella got to do the Move it Move it dance.
She's been practicing it since Jara did it two years ago!!

 It was fun and all the little darlings did their very best.
And I was excited Brent got to be there!!
I'm so excited school is almost over!!