Sunday, March 27, 2016


First look at the egg dotted yard.
Our yard isn't small,
but neither is it large.
So there was an egg every few feet!!

 Eyes to the ground!!
The green ones were sneaky and blended in!!

 Basket discovery!!
This year the girls were brought Easter bags.
Maybe our baskets were too small for the things they got!!

 Ella complained, "I'm getting too tall!! I'm too far away from the ground!!"
Ummmm....sweetie, you're in the 15% for height.
But I appreciate your confidence!!

Ella was so excited to see cheeze its.
Even if we have a Costco size box in the pantry.
She doesn't like sweets.
She like some chocolate and baked stuff.
But she'd rather die than eat a jelly bean!!

 We had a lovely morning together.
Brent was able to be home and we all got to go to church together.
We didn't get an Easter Sunday clothes picture,
so we might have to next week!!

Alderete Easter

 Immediately after leaving the Bowler House,
we headed over to my parent's house.
More cousins and food and eggs!! 

Scarlet was serious at this point and very focus in her egg finding goals!!

 She is at such a wonderful, fun age.
She gets what is going on with out being too spoiled or crazy!!

 Ella is seasoned by now,
and the egg hider turned egg hunting into an egg investigation!!

 It took her a little bit longer, 
but she was determined!!
She never gave up and with a little help from Hiss and Daddy,
she found her 12 eggs!!

I'm in an unhealthy amount of denial about how quickly my girls are growing up.
I wish I could freeze them right at this age forever.
It's so much fun and they are so sweet.
Granted, they can also be terrible and whiny and down right obstinate.
But they are also just precious.
And it is hard for me to watch them grow so fast.
It all goes so fast!!

Bowler Easter

There are a lot of pictures ahead.
All of my little girls.
I am not sorry.

We had Easter Family fun with the Bowler clan Saturday morning.
We hunted treasures and toys and ate too much food.
Which seems to be a reoccurring problem at family get togethers!!
My little chickens frolicked and played and laughed,
and it was wonderful!!

 Ella following her list.

 Scarlet in hot pursuit!!

 Bubble ray guns!!

 Rabbit fishing poles!!

One of the treasures that they hunted for were kites.
There was a nice wind going and both girls delightfully ran around 'flying' their kite.

 Ella was a little more proper about it. 

 But if this little girl thinks she is flying her kite,
I will stop anyone who tries to tell her she isn't!!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Break: Day 5 Eggs!!!

We went out under our wonderful tree to dye eggs.
No cement to accidentally stain.
No heat cooking under the porch.
Just fresh air and flowers and grass!!

My chickens gleefully colored, and re colored eggs for over an hour.
They were then covered in a layer of stickers and tucked away in the fridge for Sunday.
We have a had a great week and I'm sad to see it ending.
Why do good days speed by, and bad days never end?

Spring Break: Day 4

We had a delightful day on Thursday.
We did nothing.
We played outside all day long, enjoying the cool air and our shade tree and my blessed flowers.

 My glorious Irises are blooming again.
They bring me such joy!!

After my pitiful display of disappointment about not getting rose bushes,
my husband went and got me one.
It's robustly healthy and a bright, cheery yellow.
I love flowers so much.
Hopefully I will have a rose bed and flower beds of my own someday!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Break: Day 3

We went to St. George today to shop!!
I haven't been shopping in so long, I can't remember.
And the only thing I bought for myself was soap and hair care!!

We went to 4 different stores looking for last minute Easter dresses.
I didn't like anything or it wasn't in my size.
And I wasn't going to pay $50 for a dress for the girls that I could get off Amazon for half the price!!
Which is finally what I did.
Two dresses and 1 day shipping still saved me $50!!
And they're cuter than anything we found anyway!!

The high light of the day for the girl were the coin rides at the mall!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Break: Day 2

We decided to take the girls to "Zootopia".
It was so cute!!
I loved having a little chicken snoodled up to me on each side. 

After, we had to have lunch at Del Taco.
Of course!!
Tacos and a play place?!
Um, yes!!

It was a great day!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Break: Day 1

I have been eagerly awaiting Spring Break.
he reason is right in the title!!
We all needed a BREAK!!
A break from homework, schedules, dance practice, work,
Brent's schedule has been crazy, his days of are awful, and we needed time together as a family.
He took some time off and we are going to spend the whole week playing.

 While I cleaned up the house and did my work out,
Brent played board games with the girls.

 We went to the library for new books.

 Scarlet loves to pick out her own, but she only chooses by the cover.
So I helped her pick out some cute stories.

We went to the hardware store and picked out a few new flowers.
I love stocks.
They remind me of my granny.
I drooled over some breath taking rose bushes,
but I don't want to plan bushes and move.
Which may be in the foreseeable future.
So I sadly left them behind.
But I'm looking forward to a wonderful week of playing and fun!!