Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Ashley

I have officially turned 24 on Saturday. I still don't realize that I am that old. Not that 24 is old, but people will ask what my age is and I have to think about it. In my head I still think I am 20 and just barely got out of high school. My little cheeries and daily trips to the high school keep me feeling young! My Mom got me this beautiful bedspread that I have coveted for a year now! Brent got me the best present EVER! It is a Dyson vacuum. It is so powerful it even keeps my pet hair problem at bay! I vacuumed twice in one day just to play with it.


I have to be honest, I love getting presents! I now have everything I need for the baby. My Aunt Katie sent me a gift card so I could go pick out a baby monitor. That will be the final purchase. Also, this will be the ONE AND ONLY picture of my huge belly anyone will ever see. :)

Baby Shower

We had so much fun! Every one was very generous and it was really nice to see some of my long lost Aunties!! Now if Ella Ruth would just get here....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ode to my Family

My hormones are at a near toxic level at this point and having made the decision to name my baby after my Granny, has caused me to pause and reflect on my whole family. My mother is the youngest daughter of 9 children. (Also know, I had suspicion my Granny was stark raving mad. Nine kids, holy smokes.) All of my Aunties may look the exact same, but they are all totally different. I have learned so much from them and my Granny. Most of all I have learned so much from my mom. She puts up with a great deal of crap from all of us and I am glad she hasn't moved to her mountain cave like she has been threatening to do for years!! My Daddy always does stuff for me. (Yes I still call him Daddy. Its a habit that I don't care to break. My sister calls him pescado, so I am allowed.) He is really good at coming to my rescue every time something is broken. (Including me, example: hospital day when he had to hunt down my sister at the school) My brother and sister provide me with entertainment and companionship. I am so glad I was born to my family and that it isn't very big. I feel like I have a special relationship with each member and that I know them personally. Okay, now that I have got over that disgustingly mushy diatribe... I am sorry for every one that they had to read it! Gross! But I do love every one and I hope they know!!

Ella's Room!!

I got a little carried away with the ladybug theme. But I personally feel like it is so cute I can't stand it! My mom helped me hang everything with the aid of her handy power tools. Brent put the crib together and it was easy. Not even one explosive curse word flying from the nursery! I may or may not have got a little click crazy when I ordered her bedding off the Internet. That is WAY too convenient!

Our New Furniture

Brent and I used our stimulus check to beautify our house. Gone is the pathetic Aunt Pat couch that died a slow painful death from my cats shredding it to bits! Best money I ever spent having them declawed! I even use my evil laugh when they try to climb something and fall! We got a lovely sofa / love seat ensemble. Then if we spent only 200 more dollars we got 300 dollars off. SO of course we couldn't pass that up! Thus was the purchase of the red chair that is going in Ella's room.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

3 things I HATE

1. BATS. I HATE BATS!! Noxious sky rats that not only click in a most menacing fashion, but they unpredictably SWOOP out of the night sky, entirely unprovoked!
2. High school girls. I realize I was a high school girl and that once there was someone out there who loathed me, so I have very little guilt about this dislike. They try to hard and annoy me with there incessant laughter.
3. Direct TV. If I pay one more month for HD channels I am not getting... some one is going to pay!

My 3 favorite things

1. Sunrise. I love the early morning and the birth of a brand new day. The air is still a little cool and the sky turns pink. I love it.
2. Cats. I love cats because everybody else hates them. I think I favor them just to bother every one else.
3. Food. I love food. All food. I take great joy in eating and savor every bite.

The light at the end of the Tunnel

I don't have any new pictures, so you all will have to just read some stuff this month! I am 32 weeks pregnant AND COUNTING!! I know that I am almost finished but it still seems like a very long time before I can sleep on my stomach again. I have the top three signs I know I am getting to the end of the road:
1. Everyone annoys me. I am so tired of hearing, "Oh just wait" in reference to any and all complaints I have. Can't all the old women who have had children before me just let me bitch a little? Also, I am VERY tired of the phrase, "How are you feeling?" I know that some people are genuinely curious about how I feel and it is usually girls who have had a child in the last 2-3 years. Anyone else makes it sound like I have a horrible life threatening disease!
2. All of my thoughts, dreams and desires are consumed by my due date! Every thought is focused on pregnancy and baby. Some of my friends who have already had kids, amused me by how obsessed they seemed. For those who I teased, my deepest apologies!
3. If I pee one more time I'm going to scream..... excuse me while I go tot he bathroom.