Saturday, July 30, 2016

Swimming Lessons

Last year Ella had a little event where she almost drown in a pool.
It wasn't as serious as it sounds,
but still alarming.
I was watching her and saw her try to swim across in the deep end,
I knew she wouldn't be able to make it and was already in motion when she started crying tome for help.
I dove into the pool, maxi dress and all to pull her out.
She was ok, and never in danger,
but she was scared to death and so was I.
If I hadn't been watching, no one would have noticed with all the noise and other children.
This summer was approaching and I arranged for Ella to have swim lesson sometime in April!!
I wanted her to at least be able to get across a pool with out being hurt.
I had the sweetest young man from our ward give her lessons for 2 weeks.
He was so sweet and patient.
He helped her so much and she learned A LOT in the short time she was there.
She was afraid,
but I'm very proud of how hard she tried and that she was willing to try.

July Was Busy!!

We have spent A LOT of time in the sun.
The weather was hot, but bearable.
It quickly made it's way to searing, breath taking, choking heat.
We seek water!!

 My little chickens are getting brown!!
They get a kick out of seeing their tan lines!!
After enduring our loan process for over a year,
we finally bought a home.
We're so excited to make it our own.
 Molly has had the hardest time adjusting!!
She hides in the closet all day until she can't stand hunger anymore.
Kato is just happy to be here.
He happily follows me between the 2 houses for packing.
We are very excited!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Ella!!

I can't Ella turned 8 today.
I was looking through all her pictures from her other birthdays, and I can't believe how much she's grown and how big she is getting.

 She got her very own scriptures.
She has been wanting her own since Scarlet left nursery last January and her teachers gave her a little generic Book of Mormon.
Now she has her very own with her name on them and everything!!

 I had a lovely and talented girl do some professional pictures of her.
We have NEVER done professional pics of the girls.
I'm a little cheap, but mostly because I can't find a photographer who has the style I like.
Not that they aren't talented!!
I just like a certain style!!
We used mousse, spray, wax and who knows what else on her hair.
I forgot how truly amazing it is when we froof it up properly!!
I love those gold curls.

 Her scriptures, of coarse, needed a case!!
She saw this one at The Front Porch a few weeks ago and has NOT forgot it!!

 This is a great picture.
But I posted it, because I can't believe how OLD Ella looks.
Please stop.

 We had a little party with a couple friends.
It was fun!!
Water bouncy house was a hit!!

 The trampoline was for warming up!!

 Fun little group!!
All these little girls are getting brown!!

 I set out a little spread.
Ella wanted a kitty adoption party.
So we had fishy shaped meat this year!!
(Last year Scarlet had an adopt a puppy party)

 Candle blow!!

 Ella doesn't like sweets.
Definitely not my child!!
She doesn't like cake or cupcakes or candy.
But she likes chocolate chip cookies, and a treat I make called Tiger butter.
So we had a Tiger butte topped cookie!!

 We adopted our kitties.
Ella chose a black jaguar.

And then we opened presents!!
She had a lovely day and I'm thankful for everyone who thought of her!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Independence Day

 We spent the 4th swimming, eating, and playing!!
All things American!!

We went up to the elementary school early to watch the fireworks.
We took my sister's big kiddies since their parents were in town for the evening.
They happily romped and played.
I hid under a sheet from bats.
I do not like bats.
See the glow sticks? And the fluffy pony tail?
That is Scarlet hiding.

 Scarlet is HIGH SENSITIVE to sound.
The main fire works were ok.
But the ones family were setting off in pre celebrations around the school were very hard for her.

 Brent brought home glow necklaces and they were a hit!!
My mom got all the kids patriotic shirts,
so we all matched!!

 They did really good waiting,
the last 5 minutes they started to ask how much longer,
I call that a win!!

They had way too much fun with the glow sticks!!

 A picture of my dog.
Just because he looks so funny.
He was awesome.
Fireworks exploding everywhere and he was happily sniffing about the grass.

 It was a little bit warm.
But not too bad.
I mean, we do live in Nevada. 
I'm a big dork and every firework is so beautiful to me!!
I ooo and awww for everyone!!

All Kato wanted was a lap.
He settled for a bum.

We had a wonderful time.
I love holidays and family and any reason to celebrate.
It brings memories, and love to my heart!!