Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas!!! We all must have been pretty good this year, Santa was generous!!
 Our stuffed stockings.
 Scarlet, Daddy and Molly waiting for me to wake Ella up.
 Our tree!!
 Scarlet's opinion of Christmas morning.
 Ella is REALLY into Jake and the Neverland Pirates right now. REALLY into it!! She got A LOT of Jake stuff!! Including talking Jake from Hiss and Aunt Chelsey.
 Brent got adjustable dumb bells from Bowflex!! I'm excited about these too!! :)
 Ella got a clock puzzle so we can start practicing telling time in our home preschool lessons. I try to work with her once a week on things she needs to learn before kindergarten.
 Scarlet at her activity table.
 Brent with some electronic device he doesn't need!!
The cozy coup was a big hit!! For everyone!!
 But Santa left it for Scarlet!!
 Last week we went to Logandale 1st wards Christmas party. Ella got to sit on Santa's lap and almost DIED with excitement!!
 Brent only takes crappy pictures of me.
Here I am helping prepare Christmas Eve dinner.
The kids did the Nativity. It was so sweet. Jack was Joseph, Ella was Mary, and Jara was an angel.
We had a wonderful day!! Hope everyone else did too!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Out Takes From Family Pictures

When we took pictures, my sister took 325 different photos. After editing and getting rid of the truly terrible ones, she was only able to salvage 35 pictures!! THAT is how UN PHOTOGENIC we are!!
So I thought I would share some of the awful ones, just for a good laugh!!
 I looked at Brent and told him, "Why don't you look at me. Like, you know, you actually like me or something."
He grimaced. "Isn't that kind of cheesy?"
 I glared at him.
Ella is shrieking because someone is touching her hair, which really bothers her.
Scarlet is glaring, because that is just what she does.
Brent smirked, "So do you want me to look deep into your eyes."
 "Yes!! Look deep into my eyes!!"
Then I began to sing the song "Truuuusssttt in meeeeee."
 Ella threatening to gouge her eyes out if we take anymore pictures.
Scarlet's true feelings about the experience.
I look like a Clydesdale, because my pants are too long and covering my feet.
Brent has his, "Seriously? Is this crap over yet?" face.
Ella's bouncing around with energy that has been controlled to long.
Scarlet is fussing (don't mistake that for a smile) and gearing up to scream her head off.
This is why family pictures only come once a year!!
Merry Christmas!! Where's the Tylenol!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Family Christmas Party!!

Bowler Family Christmas Fun!!!
 Elsie and Scarlet happily co-existing.
 And sharing toys. I see a lovely friendship in the future!!
 Scarlet's party face. She seems to be having tons of fun......
 We sang Carols and Ella danced to all the lively ones!! Uncle Grant joined in with Elizabeth!! (No that is not his daughter, it's his niece!!)
 More singing and dancing.
 More of Scarlet having a wonderful time!!
 Please excuse the BUTT shot!! (I'm sure my BIL is going to love me for that) But if you look in the window, you can see SANTA!! He knocked on the windows and we heard his sleigh bells!! He was checking to see if we were all being naughty or nice. He left us a little gift on the doorstep, since we were all being so good!!
 Ella almost lost her mind with excitement!! Santa left her a new Polly pocket. One with brown hair, like mommy!!
Uncle Jody must have been really good, because he got a puppy!! We had fun playing with him all night too!!
We had a great time!! Ella is at such a wonderful, fun age!! She is SO SO SO excited for everything!! But blessedly, she is also patient. She hasn't (knock on wood) bothered the presents or begged to open them. She moves the advent calender every morning and counts how many days are left. I'm really happy she has been excited and not annoying about it. She loves to see the pile of presents under the tree growing but doesn't ask who they're for. Scarlet doesn't bother the tree. She likes to look at it and will occasionally touch an ornament gently. Molly is the one we have had to watch!! Those shiny balls are just too enticing!!
Getting so close to Christmas Day!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Why Do We Have Christmas?

On Saturday evening I decided to take the girls on a walk. It was the most beautiful, grey day. Not a breath of air. The trees looked extra yellow and there was just a tiny chill to the air. Scarlet was happy to gaze around her and take in the scenery and Ella was chattering along non stop, as she is perpetually doing.
We were admiring a dozen miniature Christmas trees that a man was putting in his front yard when Ella asked, "Mommy,why do we have Christmas?"
I was taken aback. Ella asks so many questions that sometimes I just blow them off a little and carry on. But I knew at this moment, that this was a question that had to be answered RIGHT. I prayed for a clear mind and the right answer! She's four and I didn't want the answer to be too deep and go over her head.
I told her that we celebrated Christmas because that was the day Jesus was born. He came into the world so we could all live again. I told her we give each other presents on Christmas because it is Jesus's birthday, and we give each other gifts as a symbol of him giving us his life so we could live again.
She asked if we should think of Jesus on Christmas, since it was his birthday.
I told her yes, that we should think of him all year but especially on Christmas. If it wasn't for him, we all wouldn't be able to see Heavenly Father again.
She thought for a moment and asked if Santa Clause knew Jesus.
I told her yes, he did. That when Santa decided to give everyone presents, he decided to use Jesus's birthday because it was the most important day of the year.
She thought quietly again for a moment and said she loved Jesus very much and was glad that he was born and had a birthday. She said she loved Santa too. I reminded her that the most important part of Christmas was Jesus and his birth. She said, "Of course Mommy. We need to give presents so everyone knows we love them and Santa brings us some. So we can all remember Jesus and Heavenly Father."
I want Ella to believe in Santa as long as she possibly can. She is only going to be a child once. I have a small window of her having the innocent belief in magic. She will be all grown up one day and understand with deeper meaning the true reason behind Christmas, but for now I'm ok with her just being happy and excited.
I was satisfied with her concept of the reason we have Christmas. She is excited for Santa and his reindeer and she knows our Savior was born on that day. She was satisfied with my answer and went on to tell me all the animals in the Nativity scene. She was rather disappointed when I told her I did not think there was a llama. She declared that there should be and I listened to her tell Scarlet and I all about her plan to somehow connive a llama out of Grandpa!!
It was a beautiful walk and I felt close to my daughters. I hope I helped Ella have a child's excitement about Santa and his magic elves, and yet still helped her understand it is more than bows and wrapping paper. She took baby Jesus from my Nativity scene to bed with her that night so I think everything worked out ok!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pilates vs Zumba

Everyone who knows me, knows that I try to be active and regularly exercise. They also know I go to both classes the valley has to offer. I have been asked frequently which class is better. I thought I would give a run down on those thoughts!!
I can't answer that question. I LOVE my classes. LOVE them. I would rather go to these classes every day than have to run. I have a love/hate relationship with running. Usually, I hate it.
I think of the two different workouts as one might children. I love them both in different ways!!
Zumba is hard core cardio. I sweat more in that class than I do running on any summer day. It usually makes me sore. Which, oddly enough, I like that feeling. Being sore makes me feel like I'm working hard!! It's fun and the music is loud. It helps me channel my inner stripper!! I'm not good at Zumba. I'm not bad at it, but I'm not as good as the Latina girl who I stand behind!! She is GOOD. I don't have enough brown blood to truly be able to master the groove!! I leave Zumba happy and energized. I lose WEIGHT when I go to Zumba regularly. If I am dieting I know that week I will lose an extra pound if I go at least twice.
Pilates is hard core EVERYTHING!! I fought going to Pilates. I had done the videos at home and didn't like it. I was complaining to my friend on how I was having trouble toning my "trouble spots". She's a personal trainer and suggested Pilates. When I wrinkled my nose she encouraged me to go to a class, NOT do the videos. I went. I loved it. I try to never miss!! It kicks my butt!! And I kind of like it!! I think I'm one of those sickos that loves the pain!! I feel like I'm fighting to get better. Like nature can't beat me!! I have weighed the same amount I do now, before, but wore a larger size. I wear a smaller size because I have lost INCHES with Pilates. My arms have never been more toned than they are right now. No, they aren't the best arms out there. But they are the best for ME!!
So there you go!! My 2 babies that I love equally, just different!! If you haven't tried them, you should!! You will be lost the 1st time you go to Zumba!! That is totally normal!! Hell, I get lost now!! Sometimes I get off in my own little world, doing my own little dance!!
You will be sore the 1st time you do Pilates!! Also totally normal!! You will shake a little too!! Good news is, everyone else is shaking and burning too!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I am thankful for....

  • My parents
  • My siblings, their spouses and their children
  • My husband
  • My children
  • The gospel
  • My country
  • Peace
  • Love
I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!! On to Black Friday!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Family Picture OVERLOAD!!

I hate taking pictures!! So does Brent. So does Ella. And so does Scarlet!!
But every year when the Christmas cards need to be ordered, I force my family into coordinating outfits and have my sister document our family!! We are all terribly UN photogenic!! But we tried, so here ya go!!
 Ella Ruth
 Ella and Daddy
 Picking all of my Aunt's flowers!!
Cheeser smile!!
 Bright sunny girl
"I had fun once. It was terrible."

 I'm going to hide from the lady with the camera under my mommy's chair.
 Highly suspicious.
 Strike a pose!!
 I will grace you with a small smile...now go away.
 Hey, we don't look that ugly in this one!!
No one is crying, cross eyed or glaring.


 Partners in crime
Out takes!! Ella just licked Brent's face!!

Smiley baby in black and white

Sister took off. Just the baby!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gingerbread House

I asked Brent to not take any unflattering pictures.....nice.
Ella was begging and pleading to do a gingerbread house. I could either put her off for a few more weeks and endure the constant begging, or just put the thing together. I was worn down. She won!!
 Apparently Brent thought me pulling my hair back was an unforgettable moment!! And Ella blinking!! Why did I put this up?
 We usually use frosting for gingerbread house, but this year I hot-glued that mother!! It actually stayed together this time!!
 Ella was so meticulous. She also made sure she used ALL the candy!!
 Ella likes to curl up with me at night. Brent works late so I am fine with that as long as she is quiet and holds still. It's easy to move her and she isn't dependant on being in there, as long as she keeps it that way, she's welcome!!
Molly loves to lay by Ella. I think she just wants her soft blanket!!
Scarlet in her 'walking hat'. It is cold in the morning when I go for my walk so we have to be properly outfitted!!