Monday, November 6, 2017

8 Months Later

I am 8 months post surgical.
And I will not lie.
It has been one hell of a ride.
Or maybe a ride to hell.
It depends on the day.
I went to see a specialist and she ran blood tests from A to Z.
We discovered ALL my hormones were doing the wrong thing.
My adrenal glands were in stress.
I was low on Iodine. (?what the hell is Iodine right?)
And Vitamin D.
How am I low on Vitamin D,
in the desert,
in July.
I started some very low hormone replacement,
and barrage of 13 different supplement,
and our plan has been set.
Some days are great!!
Some days are terrible.
Truly terrible.
I have been teaching an MMA inspired fitness class since September,
and it (along with my cheerleaders) is a bright spot in my life.
I started this program after my hysterectomy because I had heart break.
And I had anger.
I was so angry.
I was tired of everyone telling me it was going to be ok and God had a plan for me.
I'm aware.
That doesn't make it NOT royally suck.
I started the program because I was bored.
But after the very first day I was hooked.
I didn't have to hold in my anger.
I got to pick an opponent,
and take out all my rage on that opponent.
The opponent I chose was life.
And I got to go into my bonus room and kick its ass every day.
I got to sweat out all of my angst and fury and disappointment
and leave it in a puddle on the floor.

 Every woman should find her inner fighter.
Every woman should get the chance to round house kick life to the face.
Every woman should get to picture that stupid kid who stop picking on her kid,
or the asshole who stole her parking spot,
or the same freaking pile of laundry in the same freaking place because apparently men can not learn,
and knee it right in the face.
And smile at it.
Because then she gets to leave it all on the floor and go home happier.
I hate pictures.
I get the necessity.
But bleh.

Pomegranate Festival Performance

My little cheerleaders had their first performance on Saturday November 4th.
I wasn't nervous until I got there.
I wasn't nervous that the girls were going to not do well.
I was worried I would forget something!!
Or my music would get messed up!!
Or some other random calamity that only the anxious mind can produce.
But they did AMAZING.
They were beautiful and did well and smiled.
I was bursting with pride.
I am thankful to their parents for sharing them with me.

 It was windy.
A cheerleaders worst nightmare.
Terrible on the hair!!
Brent can not take a good picture of me.
It doesn't help I am quite possibly the most UNphotogenic person alive.

My loves.
My smart, sassy, beautiful girl.
My cunning, fierce, pretty baby.
My crafty, sweet, gorgeous niece.

I love them so much.

Happy Halloween!!

Poor Kato.
He hates Halloween.
Hates. It.
 We always start the day off with the traditional Halloween parade!!
It's so fun and cute.
I just wish ONE year I wasn't sweating to death.
Jara as Little Red Riding Hood
 Ella as my little Dias de Muerta sugar skull
 Jackie as Harry Potter
 Scarlet my butterfly
 Trick or Treating is a lot more fun with cousins!!
And it's even more fun to go to friends' houses!!
 Uncle Jed is always on point with his amazing costumes.
He also had roller blades on this year so he was about 7 feet tall!!
We had a wonderful night together!!
I love my family!!

Pumpkin Patch

Brent happened to be home the day of Pumpkin Patch fun.
I had not signed up to chaperone,
but because he was home,
we were able to go and help keep an eye on crazy children!!
I think the Hardy Family is just down right AMAZING that they do this every year.
Out of the goodness of their hearts.
Mr. Hardy, the 86 year old farmer who plants these every year, makes my heart warm.
He was out taking pictures and talking to the kids,
and I loved his energy of kind, loving grandpa.
 We maybe took out an additional pumpkin.
But I did personally ask Mr. Hardy and he waved me off with a smile.
I love old valley people!!
There few of us now.
It's so tiny!!
 Dynamic duo reunited for a few hours!!
This picture sums up all you need to know about them!!
 Having lunch in the shade!!
I'm grateful Brent was home to come with me,
and that I was able to share the day with my baby.


Every day goes by so fast,
 and Instagram has made me truly neglect my blog.
We had our first Daddy/Daughter Night this year!!
I didn't feel well,
so Brent took both girls.
Even if Scarlet is still has a few years to go!!

 They carved pumpkins, played games, and ate!!
We love our little home town carnival.
It's tiny.
And that makes it perfect!!

My pretty little sugar skeleton and her darling friend butterfly!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Corn Maze

Brent was a very good daddy on Saturday and took the girls up to the corn maze in Moapa.
Of course,
Mom Law* was strong and they were perfectly behaved.
They had a wonderful time and I'm so happy they got to go.
I'm still getting used to Brent's new schedule.
It's been 2 months,
but after 4 years of the same thing,
I still get days confused.
Every Friday I feel so happy and look forward to Saturday coming because we get to do stuff like a normal family!!
And go to church together!!
And sports are on in the back ground!!
I never thought I would smile at the sound of football on a Saturday morning,
and continue to smile as I hear it though out the day.
But I do!!
Because it means Brent is home and we're together.
Watching the Pig Races
 Train Ride
 Field Selfie
 Face Paint
A dragon and a unicorn
 Corn Pile
This was their FAVORITE!!
 Corn Angel
My little scare crows

 Peddle Cars

 Team Effort for peddle cars!!

Giant swings
*Mom Law*
If you take the children somewhere,
it will be utter chaos of crying and whining and bedlam.
There will be bees.
Everyone will be dying of thirst, heat, or hunger.
You will leave your destination feeling like you want to cry yourself and vow never to leave your house again,
although you know this is a lie.
When Daddy takes them out, they are perfect and sweet and husband has no idea why you don't want to go places alone. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

We Made It

When it's still a 100+ degrees in September,
I must admit,
my hope starts to waver that I will ever again enjoy a breath of fresh, cool air.
Did I make it up? Does 80 degrees really exist?
Is that a real thing or did I imagine it?!
Well, I made it.
The earth did it.
Well done, Earth.
You cooled down before I broke.
You always wait until the last possible day,
but you always show mercy in the end.
The mornings have been so crisp and beautiful.
I sit outside to do my morning power hour.
Molly does her wandering.
 Fresh air has the opposite effect on Le Floof.
Floof goes CRAZY.
She lovesssssss fresh air and outside.
So many things to pounce on!!
She literally climbs the walls.
I have Spider Cat.
Best of all,
my little chickens get to roam out in the wild again.
This makes them so happy.
Especially Scarlet.
I loved being outside as a child and enjoyed the giant football field sized yard my parents have always had.
We don't have that much grass,
but they still happily scamper about,
finding rocks or pinecones or flowers.

I love Summer, the vacation.
Summer, the season?
We're still working on our relationship!!