Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Corn Maze

Brent was a very good daddy on Saturday and took the girls up to the corn maze in Moapa.
Of course,
Mom Law* was strong and they were perfectly behaved.
They had a wonderful time and I'm so happy they got to go.
I'm still getting used to Brent's new schedule.
It's been 2 months,
but after 4 years of the same thing,
I still get days confused.
Every Friday I feel so happy and look forward to Saturday coming because we get to do stuff like a normal family!!
And go to church together!!
And sports are on in the back ground!!
I never thought I would smile at the sound of football on a Saturday morning,
and continue to smile as I hear it though out the day.
But I do!!
Because it means Brent is home and we're together.
Watching the Pig Races
 Train Ride
 Field Selfie
 Face Paint
A dragon and a unicorn
 Corn Pile
This was their FAVORITE!!
 Corn Angel
My little scare crows

 Peddle Cars

 Team Effort for peddle cars!!

Giant swings
*Mom Law*
If you take the children somewhere,
it will be utter chaos of crying and whining and bedlam.
There will be bees.
Everyone will be dying of thirst, heat, or hunger.
You will leave your destination feeling like you want to cry yourself and vow never to leave your house again,
although you know this is a lie.
When Daddy takes them out, they are perfect and sweet and husband has no idea why you don't want to go places alone. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

We Made It

When it's still a 100+ degrees in September,
I must admit,
my hope starts to waver that I will ever again enjoy a breath of fresh, cool air.
Did I make it up? Does 80 degrees really exist?
Is that a real thing or did I imagine it?!
Well, I made it.
The earth did it.
Well done, Earth.
You cooled down before I broke.
You always wait until the last possible day,
but you always show mercy in the end.
The mornings have been so crisp and beautiful.
I sit outside to do my morning power hour.
Molly does her wandering.
 Fresh air has the opposite effect on Le Floof.
Floof goes CRAZY.
She lovesssssss fresh air and outside.
So many things to pounce on!!
She literally climbs the walls.
I have Spider Cat.
Best of all,
my little chickens get to roam out in the wild again.
This makes them so happy.
Especially Scarlet.
I loved being outside as a child and enjoyed the giant football field sized yard my parents have always had.
We don't have that much grass,
but they still happily scamper about,
finding rocks or pinecones or flowers.

I love Summer, the vacation.
Summer, the season?
We're still working on our relationship!!

What Day Is It Today?

This is a question I am constantly asking.
It seems like every day/week is zooming by at break neck speed.
It's October??
When did that happen?
Didn't school just get out?!
We are busy with Cheer, Fitness, Piano, Achievement Days,
Homework, Church, and probably more things I am forgetting.
I'm trying to remember the little things before my brains siphons them out to make room for the next thing that needs attention.
I watched my nephew a couple weeks ago
and tried to do my hair at my sister's house.
 I'm short.
She is not,
and her husband is 6' 5".
I found a stool.
Ella makes my heart so happy when I find her like this.
And I find her this way often.
I love to read and will preach for all to hear about how important it is!!

Making scones at Grandma's house with Marshall cousins!!
My children and husband LOVE scones.

While watching Renn Renn,
I also got to spend some time with Buddha.
Buddha is precious.

I Visit Teach a lovely lady named Sister Robison.
We are some how related,
albeit not close.
But she was gave me this lovely book of genealogy and stories of my Granny's family!!
She is an amazing lady and I love her.

Le Floof

Oreo the cat has added quite the amount of energy into our home!!
We describe her as "an angry cotton ball with claws".
She has long silky fur and Brent has already committed to vacuuming duties when
SHED season is upon us.
Yes I take too many pictures of my cat.
This is what happens when you lose a uterus at 32 that you were not quite ready to part with.
I also just bought a butterfly Halloween costume for my dog.
I am not sorry.
Here she is eating the Ensign.
Unholy creature.

Sometimes I forgive her evil sneak attacks and eating of important papers,
because she really does bring a great amount of joy to my children.

 She goes from a biting kill machine....
To literally 2 minutes later-
purring wiggle floof of love.
And if she sleeps,
she wants to cuddle.
The girls are her favorite,
she'll settle for me,
and in a pinch she's willing to loaf herself on top of poor Kato.
Here is Oreo enjoying an episode of Golden Girls.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Odds and Ends

This time of year my will to survive the summer is rapidly waning.
I hate the heat.
I know plenty of people who love it and vastly prefer it over the cold.
I am not one of those people.
Now, granted, I have not lived anywhere with extreme cold.
I lived in Cedar City for 2 years and I think it was pretty cold,
but it didn't bother me.
I wore a coat and had a space heater.
I HATE the heat.
It is oppressive.
It saps all my humanity.
I hate the stale, breathless air at 5 am.
5 am and still 85 degrees.
Sweat permanently soaked into my clothes.
Searing, dreadful sunlight relentlessly beating down on me
when I pick the girls up from school.
We attempted to walk home the other day and all of us almost died.
The car never really cools down,
and neither does some of the rooms in the house.
And my power bill is shocking.
Well, I carried on a bit there didn't I?
Moving on!!
Brent took the girls out and caught a lizard last night.
They wanted to keep him,
but I didn't even come up with a reason.
The answer was just NO.
I have enough critters I have to clean up after in this house.
I do not need another!!
But they had fun with him!!
I'm proud of them for not being terrified of him.
I'm not afraid of lizards,
but I do not appreciate the speed at which they move!!
Those little buggers are fast and the thought of one up my leg isn't a pleasant thought!!

I hurt my knee/hip a couple weeks ago and it still hasn't stopped bugging me.
Just another nagging reminder of AGE.
I took a HALF of a muscle relaxer that my doctor had given years ago for tension.
Holy crap.
I fell asleep at 7:30 and woke up at 5:30 when my alarm woke me up.
I never sleep that much.
Brent took this picture and it worried me a little because I have no recollection
of the kitty ever coming to lay by me.
And that my friends is why you never take seriously medication with out another adult present in your home.
Ella has had a stomach bug resulting in vomit TWICE.
She feels better by the end of the day,
but what the heck!!
3 weeks into school and the plagues start already!!
It was sweet to see her with a book and a kitty,
so content in her nest of blankets.
A book and a kitty,
a perfect afternoon for me too!!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Happy Birthday Baby

All the partying was done leading up to Scarlet's actual birthday.
So when her day arrived, it was quiet.
I took cookies to her class,
and brought home some balloons.
We played some games and I made her favorite dinner.
I can't believe she is 6!!
Scarlet, darling, I love you so much.
I am SO glad I have you.
I'm so grateful to be your mother.
NICU day 2 of 29
Those were hard days.
But we made it!!

Friday, August 18, 2017

How did I spend the first week of school?

With both girls gone again,
I have uninterrupted time.
I  DEEP cleaned my house.
All summer I mostly just scrape off the top layer and hope for the best.
Trying to keep it in high running order,
with 2 children,
a messy husbands,
2 cats and a dog,
it's challenging to say the least.
I spent the week taking each day to scrub a different room.
I cleaned shower drains. (eww)
Washed windows and mirrors. (My children are attracted to glass like freaking birds.)
Vacuumed the stairs.
And all the other nasty jobs that can't be given justice when school is out.
I practiced teaching my fitness class a couple times and holy crap!!
Talking whilst doing fitness is challenging!!
I'm going sound ridiculous panting into a mic.
And I just don't glisten prettily when I work out.
I sweat like a dude.
I'm hoping that doesn't send women running from my class.
I also spent a dedicated amount of my day to THIS.
I am trying to do my morning power hour of reading the Ensign and praying and she decided THIS is exactly where she wanted to nap.
Oreo is YOUNG.
I spent my week playing with Oreo.
Leading her to food and water.
She cries relentlessly when she is tired because she won't go to sleep WITH OUT SOMEONE TO LAY BY.
Listen kitty.
I had a hysterectomy and I have come to peace with the fact I am never having anymore children.
Don't bring this new born crap down on me.
Not today!!
And potty training her.
Yes, you heard me.
I potty trained a cat this week.
Oreo is also incredibly needy.
She wails like an air raid siren when she can't find one of us,
and during that day,
that person is ME.
She chases my feet,
and apparently my pant leg has done her a personal wrong,
because she feels like a moment not attacking it,
is a moment wasted.
This is my life now.
A savage claw attack every minute this little furry devil is awake.
LITERALLY 2 minutes later.
 Don't mind my face there kitty.
Just go ahead and lay wherever you want!!
Kato is extremely jealous.
 If Oreo is snuggled up to me,
he comes over and just stares at me,
with utter betrayal in his eyes.
The MOMENT she moves he is in her place,
demanding I pet him and that he roll around her place.
This precious little creature was also demanding many pets. 
 Thursday night I hid in my closet for 45 minutes before they found me.