Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's Finished!!

Every spring I am over come with the need for change.
I make a list of goals and things I want to get done.
Alas, the list is never even attempted.
Lack of funds.
Lack of help.
Lack of time.
Well this year is different!! 

 Pictured above is my darling daughter as a kitty cat for Halloween. 
That is not what I want to show you.
Look beyond her to the house.
Do you see the white base paint?
Do you see it cracked and faded and just so absolutely, utterly hideous!?

 Here is a shot of the equally revolting front door and trimming.
For some reason these are the only pictures to use as examples and they both happened to be taken at Halloween.

We started Friday morning and painted for 9 1/2 hours straight until we ran out of day light.
The trim had to remain purple until Brent's work week was over. I can't reach it, even with the ladder.
Yesterday Brent installed the screen door that I have wanted so very badly.
He finished the trim today and then installed our new back light fixture. 
It was originally a hideous flood light.
Now it's a beautiful oil rubbed bronze.

My need for change has been satisfied.
Now I am looking forward to our tax return so I can get some sod and some trees!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Mountain

I live right next door to the home I grew up in. 
I have always been able to look out a kitchen window and see this mountain.

This is the view from my kitchen window and my back yard.

 I want to be able to look at this breath taking sight for the rest of my life.

I love to see the sun and moon rise over the purple peaks, and I love to see gold light reflected onto it as the sun sets on the opposite side. 

This mountain is familiar to my soul.
It means I'm home!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Desert Angels

In the desert we make sand angels!!

Lately SOMEONE has had to do EVERYTHING her big sister does!!
It hasn't become annoying yet!! Let's hope it continues to stay that way!!

A little lice epidemic has broke out at the elementary school.
I commented to Brent that Ella can bring home ANYTHING but lice!!
Tape worm?
Whatever!! But PLEASE no lice!!
I don't think she necessarily "brought" home a UTI. But she has one!!
Poor little chicken.
She hasn't had to take antibiotics since January of 2011!!
I guess it was only inevitable that her drug free streak be interrupted!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Voice in the Night

I was brought out of my sleep the other night by a noise that was unnatural to my home. It was about 2:30 in the morning. My children were fast asleep, as was my husband. I lay there for a moment, collecting myself and questioning what had cause me to so abruptly awaken.
As I rubbed the sleep from eyes and sat up, I heard a thin whistle sound from somewhere in my house.
I froze. 
I strained my ears to listen for more.
This time I heard a glutteral groan. It was followed by a broken scream.

First, a quick back story: I believe in the paranormal. I do not, however, believe that it happens very often. I have had experience myself and believe that I am slightly more sensitive to those who have already passed on. BUT I have disproved MYSELF on numerous occasion when noises or shadows have been unaccounted for.
Having said that, last fall we had a little incident that happened involving Ella's room. We ended up having our home blessed and have not been trouble since.

Upon hearing these noises I quickly got out of bed and found my glasses. More noises were issuing from the opposite end of the house. The end my daughters sleep in.
I crept slowly toward Ella's open door. As I stood in the hallway, I paused for a moment to listen. My ears were hindered by the furious beating of my own heart.
I lifted my foot to take a step and heard another chorus of thin whistling.
My hair stood on end and goose bumps erupted on my arms.
I cautiously stepped threw Ella's door, a prayer in my heart for strength against what ever might be lurking in the shadows.

 This is a children's book. 
The buttons play certain animal noises to coincide with the book.
It was in the middle of the floor.
And something was pressing the buttons.

This is the terrifying specter who was laying her FAT kitty self on top of the book, repeatedly pressing various animal noises while she adjusted her kitty paws.
She has been sleeping in Ella's room with her, which is a huge help toward Ella's nervousness at being alone. 
Honestly, nothing in their right mind would want to cross the path of this mean freaking cat.
Dead or undead.
However, we have put the book in the corner of the self where Scarlet won't drag it out every day.
My heart might have a damaged valve.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Bottomless Pit

When Scarlet came into this world weighing 4 1/2 pounds I figured I would have another petite little girl who was always a few months behind in clothing sizes.
Ella is little. She is the smallest in her class and has always been a little girl. 
She has never got out of the 25% .
So I figured another tiny baby born much earlier than her sister would always be smaller than average.
Scarlet is HUGE!!
She is comfortably in the 78% for height and 75% for height.
And I will tell you why!!
Feeding this girl is serious business!!
Today alone I have handed out:
9 oz of 1% milk
3 1/2 waffles
a whole pbj minus the crust
probably about 10 oz of apple juice
string cheese
tomato soup with elbow macaroni
and a chocolate chip cookie
And it not quite 1 o'clock!!
She eats more than her 5 year old sister, who is a very good eater, she just doesn't have quite the ferocious appetite!!
They are both healthy and proportionate so I am not at all concerned.
They have healthy skin, teeth and blood.
But oh my goodness!! I'm going to go poor feeding this child!!

I decided to sleep in yesterday, which I almost never do, so Brent let the girls "play" with him on his new PS4. They were mesmerized, but I ruined the fun when I woke up and heard the language being used and saw the bloody war carnage!!

It was very sweet he included them.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

I can NOT believe we have entered the year 2014!!
I'm still under the impression that it's 2012 and haven't even become accustomed to writing 2013 on anything!!
The last few years have gone by so fast.
It makes me kind of sad.
My girls are getting big fast.
Brent and I are getting old.
I feel like I know less of what I'm doing or what I want than ever before!!
But we're trying to be happy and grateful for everything that is ours.
I have been feeling a desperate need for peace and stability in life lately.

Brent and I decided to actually leave our house and do something on New Year's Day.
We were brave and decided to take our children to the movies.
It was scary.
They did AMAZING!!
It was like they acted like normal kids!!
They had fun!!
They were good!!
It's was New Year miracle!!

 Scarlet consumed popcorn at an almost alarming rate!!

 Ella isn't quite heavy enough to keep the chairs open!!
She sat down and starting yelling "Mommy!! This chair is eating me!!"

 Brent and Ella waiting patiently for Frozen to start.

 I did NOT have any hope or faith that Scarlet would be able to sit for 2 hours and not try to kill us all.
But she proved me wrong!!
She sat captivated on my lap the. entire. time!!
It was really wonderful. Scarlet sat on my lap or Brent's, and Ella snuggled up to my side.
I got to put an arm around each of them and just enjoy them!!
Is this what it feels like to have normal children!? Who aren't stressed or anxious by nature?!
No wonder people have 6 of them!! It's fun!! And happy!!

I will admit I did hand out m&ms with about 20 minutes to go.
But a fit was not thrown!!
I just saw her wiggle and a look of "I've sat here a while" enter her eyes.
Nothing chocolate didn't solve!!
It was a wonderful day.