Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets

I thought it was time to clear the air with my dirty little secrets. Little things I am sneaking about or try to hide. Brace yourself....(don't worry, it's not bad!)
1. Hiding dirty dishes in the oven when company is coming over, so they think I have a routinely clean kitchen.
2. Leaving towels or laundry in the dryer for a week so I don't have to fold them.
3. Spitting like a construction worker when I run.
4. Swearing.
5. Never flossing. It makes my gums bleed
6. My secret horde of cash I use for treats.
7. Eating some form of sweet or dessert every day!
8. Wearing bikinis
9. Gaining sick pleasure from popping blemishes or black heads
10. Giving animals kisses. Not the licking the face, tongue and drool every where, kind- just nice ones. I love animals!

What are your dirty little secrets?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Big Weekend

On Friday, Brent and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. Yay!! We usually get each other expensive presents and plan something big but this year we were low key. I gave Brent Avatar on blue-ray and he gave me the Bath and Body Works I hinted about!! We went to Los Lupes on Saturday and ate some Mexican and that was it!! Boring, I know!! But it was nice.
Ella still feels like crap. Both of her top I teeth are cutting and are taking their sweet time! Her gums are so swollen and her poor mouth hurts so bad. She doesn't want to eat anything!! Her first week in nursery was last week and she did so good!! She loved it!! I am a little jealous of the nursery leader though. Ella isn't allowed to snuggle anyone but me!!

She has also decided they only way to go is naked. I have a nudist on my hands. If Daddy is in charge of bath time, he tends to wander away from vigilant tub watching, and all of a sudden I will have a naked tub-fugitive streaking through my living room!

These are her new tub letters and she loves them!!! She now knows: A, B, H, 2, and 8. She knows 6 body parts and can do itsy bitsy spider. She loves to read books and we do a hundred times a day!!

Mother's Day was wonderful! I had breakfast in bed and BBQ for dinner. Brent gave me Clinique make up. Also strongly hinted for! :) I took some time to reflect on motherhood and decided that I wouldn't trade Ella for anything in the world. She is so sweet, and smart and beautiful. I love her so much. I would, however, trade her tantrums for the cheapest amount offered me! I would give them away for free!!