Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our Little Vacation

Brent and I couldn't stand the heat another day!! So we made an impromptu trip to Alpine to stay with his brother. We also decided to go to the zoo, as Ella and I LOVE animals!!

 Ella thought these drinking fountains were hilarious.
 My favorite animal, the giraffe!!
 Ella's favorite, tigers!!
 We had so much fun riding the carousel!! Ella wanted to rise the zebra SO bad! When we got to it a teenage girl was on it and Ella was heart broken. She saw that we were disappointed and was so sweet and let Ella have it. My faith in the human race was slightly restored.
 Scarlet will sit nicely and not CRY for a very few number of people. Apparently Uncle Nate is one of them!! He has 4 children of his own, he must know something I don't!!
 Ella laughing at daddy getting his head eaten.
 Ella the turtle

Scarlet was a champ at the zoo. We discovered she will not throw a constant crying fit in:
1. the car
2. the stroller
Guess I need to park the Tahoe in the FAMILY ROOM!!

We had so much fun!! We are so glad Brent's brother had us to stay!! He has a gorgeous house, a wonderful wife and the sweetest children!! They are considerably older than Ella, but we're so good to her!! They played with her and entertained her the whole time!! I need to look into getting Ella some OLDER siblings!! How can I do that!? 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

But Wait!!!....There's More!!!

Birthday fun continues!! This may be a serious picture over load, but I wanted to show how much fun we all had!! I also didn't want anyone to be left out of the pictures!! SO if anyone was, I'm sorry!!

 Jara going off the diving board. Isn't she awesome!?
 Nathan, Charlotte, cheesy Jack and Ella.
Ella looks like she going really fast because her noodle is angled back! Like Batman!!

 Macy, Ashlyn and M.
 This is how Scarlet feels about everything.
 Aunt Chelsey and Jara
 Jack in which may be the cutest "pose for the camera" face ever!!
 Aunt Amy. With the way I talk with my hands, you'd think I was Italian!!
 Scarlet looks like a Sharpe!! You know those dogs with all the wrinkles!!
Hard to believe she weighed 4 lbs at one point in life!!
 Uncle Jed is always good for intense fun!!

 One of Ella's bestest friends, Macy. She gives me hope there really all quiet, sweet children out there!! I just don't give birth to them!!
 Phoebe, Annie, the hat, Lucy and Ella
I felt like the hat was it's own entity in its awesomeness!!

Evelyn was another little girl that Ella specifically requested, along with Macy and M.

 Little Leavitt girls all with little dancer hair buns!
 Our goofy face
 Sadly, this is the only picture we have of all 4 of us!! We need to have pictures taken!
 Happily splashing
 Pool fun is seriously the only way to go for summer birthdays!
Eliseeee decided to join the fun!
 My mom was nice and kept Scarlet happy.
My dad's hat is not as cool as Annie's!!
K is M's mom.
Chelsey and Uncle Hissssssss.

Cousin Elsie!!
I didn't ask M's mommy if she could be included in the blog, so she was known as M today!!
She is another of Ella's bestest little friends.

I hope I got everyone and if I didn't don't take it personal.
We had such a great time!! The water was perfect, the weather was great and we had pink dinosaur cake!! Ella's friends were generous and thoughtful in their gifts, and she has been happily playing all afternoon. I think I know where next years party is going to be!! Back at the pool!!
We had such a great day!!
Thank you to everyone who came!! It was so fun!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Ella!!

 Four years ago today I brought my beautiful little Ella Ruth into the world.
 She has been her own free spirit from the beginning.
 We have no idea where the curly hair came from!! We think her great great grandma Robison.
NO I do not perm it!!
We went to St. George for a Mommy-Daughter day. She wanted to go to Outback Steakhouse!!
She wanted meat (steak), salad and bread!! 
 I got her ice cream since it was her birthday, and her official party isn't until Saturday. She specifically requested a chocolate cake with a pink dinosaur with yellow spots. SO that is what is currently in the fridge waiting for Saturday!! Gotta love Costco cake!!

Some of my favorite things about Ella:
Her curly hair
When said curly hair is in the humidity and a total fro!!
Her bright blue eyes. She got those from daddy!!
How she sings around the house her own little songs.
The way she dances and makes up her own choreography!!
How she gets so excited about everything. Even something as simple as waffles for breakfast!!
She loves to read. She has an incredible memory so she memorizes all her books and "reads" them.
She is super cuddly.
She isn't jealous of her sister.
She always wants to pray.

We love Ella so much and we are so glad we have her in our family!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Nothing but Randomness

 Add something else to things Scarlet hates to do: Pictures. No smiles!!
 Not even a crack!!
 This is her "Are you still here?" face.
 Ella wants to be a cheerleader some day. Totally brainwashed her!! Just like I always intended!!
We have started basic gymnastics that I am teaching her. Think: cartwheels, somersaults and different jumps!

Physical therapy went really well for Scarlet.....the first tie. The second time she screamed her head and the therapist told me if she wasn't crawling by her next appointment in 4 weeks, we would have to step it up to once a week. Bleh. So tummy time, here we come!!