Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Favorite Beauty Treats

My SIL did this post a few weeks ago and it inspired me to do one of my own!!
I fight a vigilant battle with my complexion and these are a few of the things that help it.
Doterra's 'Clear Skin'. I use it for spot treatment and it is awesome!! It burns like crazy when it first goes on, but eases off quickly. I feel like it just speeds up the life cycle. So instead of a nasty zit popping up for 2 weeks, it only last about 3 days.

 Moroccan Oil. A bottle this size will last me 18-24 months. I use one pump every day. It makes my hair SMOOTH. I have frizz head so it is much appreciated!! And it smells good!!
 I use Proactive products in the morning but my skin is so dry it needs something hydrating in the evening. I use Clinique wash and toner, and frost this stuff on like I'm a cake!! I add 2 drops of Melalueca and 2 drops of Frankincense to help with acne.
 I go this at Lin's for about $10. I take 2 a day and my nails and hair are thinker and stronger. They are huge!! But with all the other vitamins I take, I'm getting good at washing them down!!
 Every morning, the 1st thing I do is drink 8 ounces of cold water with 1 tbsp of lemon juice mixed in. It is not as sour as you think it might be!! It's tart and refreshing!! Lemon juice is an awesome antioxidant and cleans out the urinary tract, and the glands. It's also an appetite suppressant.
I struggle with sleeping. There are days I will wake up at 1 or 2 in the morning and never go back to sleep for the day. This doesn't help me sleep or anything but it smells so good!! Brent got it for me for Christmas. The scrub is amazing!! I like to use it after my evening fitness classes to scrape all the sweat and grime off me.
If anyone has any of their own secrets to share, SHARE THEM!! I love getting new ideas and finding new stuff that improves my skin, hair, lifestyle.....everything!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

January Condensed!!

I would have posted sooner but blogger was being a NIGHTMARE!! I finally out smarted it!!

January has been busy!! Interestingly enough, those busy things weren't anything important. Just every day stuff!! Ella went back to school and has been playing and doing pretty well in our own little lessons.
This month has been focused A LOT on Scarlet and trying to help her find some form of joy in life!! She has been FUSSY for about 6 months and we all thought we were going to find the nearest kennel to drop her off!!

 We discovered she LOVES this giraffe. He used to be mine. My brother gave him to me for my 16th birthday. He goes every where.

 I bought these to make me feel better about the incessant fussing.
New shoes give me patience!!

 REALLY loves the giraffe!! Next to her you can see my fabulous Christmas purse.

It was freaking cold!! This isn't even accurate!! It was even colder than this!!
Which, I loved!! I love the cold. I can say that because I live HERE as apposed to Minnesota or some other frigid state.  

 Scarlet LOVES food. All food. Anything not protected. We went to Lost City Museum for Saturday afternoon and all she needed was a bowl of pretzels.
We liken Scarlet to the Pintrest "Grumpy Cat". She always has a scowl.
This is her "City is lost? Good." face.

 Ella in the pueblo. I am amazed at how the natives lived!!

 I also bought these to make me feel better. Forget what anyone says, money does buy happiness!!
In the form of leather boots!!

 Did I mention Scarlet loves food? Brent looked away. He lost his chicken!!

We are very happy to report: Scarlet is FINALLY walking!! She will still crawl when she wants speed, but is making the transition to mainly walking. I am estimating by the end of the month, give or take a week, she will be relying primarily on walking. That only took 17 months!! Ho-leeee crap.

Did I mention it was cold!? Ella burrito!! I love my sleeping children. So precious!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Brand New Year!!

I did not make resolutions this year. I hardly ever follow through with them and the thought of having to stick to something for an entire year is daunting!!
So this year I decided to issue myself a 31 day January challenge!!
I decided I want to waste less. When I make PB & J sandwiches for the girls, I cut off Ella's crusts and throw them away. I make Scarlet a half of a sandwich and she only eats maybe half of that before she's worn out or bored.
Today I conserved by giving Scarlet an ample amount of crust from Ella's sandwich!!

And Ella got a slightly slimmer sandwich. She doesn't finish it all anyway and today she did!!
Yay for one of my challenges!!

I also wanted to start spending more time outside, weather permitting.
Today we spent 30 minutes on the back porch, watching one of the Hardy boys mow the field. Riveting!!
 I want to start spending more time together as a family, NOT in our living room. I want to get out of the house.
We rode bikes for Family night.
 Scarlet cruised in the cozy coup. Which helped out another challenge of staying active. I took the month of December off from fitness. I was sore, tired and my whole house hold was under siege by illness. Both girls had the stomach flu, although I thank them for having it separate with a few days in between for me to mentally recover!! I had a cold. But I'm a big whiny wuss when it comes to head colds. I'd rather have the stomach flu!!
 More of my personal challenges are:
*Only use the computer in the evenings, after my kids have gone to sleep.
*Say family prayers.
*Wear make up at least 5 days a week. I have super sensitive skin so this might be a hard one. Plus I never go anywhere so it's hard to waste make up on nothing!!
*Start doing school lessons with Ella. Today we worked on telling time!
Above is our new cat. He's not really ours. He's a mangy stray that I started to feed and now he hangs around. He's a fluffy one!! We call him Lion Cat.
And my last personal challenge is to learn to let go of anger. I have a quick temper and have no problem letting others know about it!! I used to be really good at counting to ten before I spoke my mind. Lately, not so good!!
So..... I HATE the desert. But if I didn't live in the desert, I wouldn't get these beautiful roses in mid-December. Everything else is stone dead, but these babies just keep fighting the fight!!