Monday, November 30, 2009


Thanksgiving morning dawned bright and early. My mom and I went on a walk/run around the high school. We caught glimpses of the informal 'turkey bowl'. We returned to her house and the preparations began! I had the honor of cleaning our 23 pound turkey. I find sick pleasure in turkey cleaning. I love to squeeze the rogue quills out of its skin. I love to happily dig bag o' guts and neck from the cavity and proceed to scour left over entrails from the rib cage. I also give him a little massage when I season him. It my way of saying, sorry buddy, but you'll taste good!
All the food was fabulous. But I failed to bring my camera to the dinner!!

After the turkey enzyme kicked in, we crawled back to our house and slept off our meal. Friday morning arrived along with Black Friday... (cue music) My mom and I left my house at 4:50 am and headed toward the stores. Ella was sooooo good. She didn't throw any fits and was good tempered all day. I was so proud of her. I only had to fight once for a discount item. It was worth it, although I may now have an enemy out there that is twice my size, but fortunately half my speed!
This is what happens when Ella tries to 'help' me wrap presents. She tries to help a lot lately. It usually ends this way.

Above: The high school alumni game. The old men kicked butt! It was interesting to see some of the boys my age (boys? I guess they're men now!) playing. I can't believe we are all so old! With kids and mortgages.

Below: My sister in law Lezlee with the one and only Bowler grandson. Poor little guy is out numbered 5 to 1.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's in a Name

I saw this on my friend Sheila's blog and thought is was interesting. I also thought I would share!

1.Do you have cultural or religious naming traditions? No. Brent and I are just two regular white people so we didn't have much to go off of!! :)

2. Did you or your partner come to your marriage with pre-selected names? Yes. Although we did not use any of them! Brent liked Elizabeth. We actually did consider this and will again when we have another little girl. I liked Kyrah, Shena and Jessa. But I won't use them. I think I liked them for too long, didn't use them and are now sick of them.

3. Did you consider the sound of the first and middle and last name combination? Yes! I really liked Aurora. But Aurora Bowler sounded like aurora boreallis. Brent said it also sounded like someone barfing.

4. Did you have veto power? Yes. Brent didn't really need it because his names were simple and tasteful. But I admit some of mine were weird. I started to get a little too creative.

5. Did baby naming cause arguments? Nope.

6. Did you think was easier to name boys or girls? Well we only have one girl and that wasn't too bad! But I really can't answer that.

7. Did you eliminate names because of people from your past or present who you don't like or because a certain image come to mind? Yes! There are certain names I would never name my child because I know someone with that name or because someone I dislike has named their child that name.

8. Did you tell people the child's name before it was born or 'keep it in the vault'? I told everyone what I was going to name Ella. I didn't really care who knew. I had never heard the name before so I figured it wasn't being used. Since Ella was born about 100 of them have popped up. I also wanted to call her by her name so she would recognize it.

9. Did you use baby name books. Yes. It was very important to me that her name mean something. My name is boring and means something boring so I wanted it to be special.

So what did I name my child?.....
Ella Ruth Bower

Ella is Old English for ALL. I thought that was beautiful because she is 'my all'.
Ruth was my Granny's name and I found out I was pregnant the day she died. Also, Ruth was the friend of Naomi in the bible. So it was a the name of a righteous woman.
I love her name. I think it is beautiful. Just like I love her and think she is beautiful.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm Afraid!!

While I was happily blog stalking away tonight, I made a realization: 8 people I know are pregnant and 2 just had babies..... Can anyone say YIPES! I'm afraid to drink the water! Has it been a particularly cold autumn? Beware ladies, there's something in the air!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am Thankful for...

Okay, it is officially time for the yearly, emotion filled, sappy profession of gratitude!! So here it goes!....
1. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband!! HE is charming and perfect and I am so madly in love with him.
2. My crazy daughter! She tries all my patience and melts my heart with her big blue eyes.
3. My family. I don't know how I could live with out my mom. Maybe one day I will be as wise!!
4. All my other extended family. All my wonderful aunties and uncles. (Here's to you Katie and Beulah!)
5. Memories. My granny died 2 years ago this month and I miss her so much it aches. Although I know she is in a better place, I miss her.
6. Brent's job. Such trying times. We are blessed to have a paycheck and insurance.
7. My darling house.
8. My pretty car.
9. My health.
10. That I finally lost my baby weight! ( yes I'm bragging a little. Sorry for that cheerleader ego burst. It's under control now.)
11. The gospel. I would be so lost. It is so hard to be righteous sometimes, that I am glad for repentance.
12. My Savior. There are no words to describe the love I have for Him.
13. My friends.
14. This nation.
15. This valley. (most of the time)
16. The beautiful fall weather.
I won't go any farther, I could for pages but that sums it up. I challenge everyone who passes by this blog, be stalker or friend, to post what you are thankful for!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Intruder

I arrived home from my mom's house after dark, and had forgot to turn on a light. I hate coming home to a dark house! I came in and switched on the living room light, the kitchen light and proceeded down the dark hall way toward Ella's room. She was wet and needed a change. As I approached her bedroom, I glanced into the guest room right next door. There, crouching in the corner was a figure!! AAAAHHHHHH!! Actually, I managed not scream and played it off. I said, "Oops Ella! We forgot your diapers in the car!" I hurried to the car, keys in hand, 911 dialed on my cell phone. I opened the garage and buckled Ella into her car seat. I put the keys in the ignition. But I was angry!! How dare someone sneak into my house! That is the room I keep all my Christmas presents! I keep my finger on the send key on my phone. I leave Ella safely in the car and the drivers side door open for a quick escape. I lock all the other car doors.
I go back into the house humming. Acting as though nothing is wrong. I step into Brent's computer room where our shotgun is housed. I keep chatting on like I'm talking to Ella. I grab the gun and creep silently down the hallway. I spring into the room, simultaneously cocking the gun, and flipping on the light. In the meanest voice I could muster I shout, "Don't move." I figure at this close of range, the spray of the bird shot will hit something!

And here is who I nearly blast away.....

I forgot I had pulled him out to store something else in the closet.

(Insert shaking of head here) I really am an intelligent person.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Weekend

This week has been so busy! I went to St. George on Thursday with my mom and Ella. Ella is an awesome shopper. She likes to stand in the big part of the basket and wave at everyone and shout in her own crazy language. (We think she sounds like an angry German) She loves to eat out with us too. Whether it's rice, mashed potatoes or french fries, as long as it is in steady supply, she is very happy! She is a really good eater. She is willing to try anything at least twice before she rejects or accepts it.
Friday was the craft fair, and I had crazy errand day. I was in the car for over an hour paying bills, bank stops, post office stops and the all-dreaded Lin's visits.
Saturday it was back to the craft fair to show Brent how cute several items were, that I would not be able to live with out! We didn't feel like spending the day at home, so we went to Vegas to do some early Christmas shopping. I like to be prepared! The last time I was not prepared a month in advance for an occasion, my sister didn't get a birthday present until December.
Above: Ella's darling tutu my sister made. She wore it for the party!
Below: The above mentioned reindeer I couldn't live with out!
AND THEN we went to my sister's for a yummy dinner and Jack Jack's birthday. It was a beautiful night and we ate outside. Ella chased her cousin, my sister's nephews, and some other friends around all night long. It was lots of fun!!

Jack Jack is one year old! YAY for cupcakes!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ella's New Friend

I'm holding him still for the picture. He doesn't need to be restrained or anything!

Ella is generally afraid of dogs. Every time my dad's dogs start barking, she buries her face in my neck and shakes. It's the same when our neighbor across the street, who has a hound dog, gets going. She just shivers to pieces. But this little guy is the exception! I think his name is Andy (or sandy, or candy, or randy) but we just call him wienie! Ella occasionally watches a cartoon on Sunday mornings called Oswald and his little dog is named wienie. And he looks just like this one! Ella loves him!! He belongs to the family in back of us. I'm hoping they don't care when they see their dog on our back porch in my lap, fast asleep, while my daughter mauls him to pieces! He is really lovey too, and doesn't seem to mind that she pets his fur the wrong way or pokes him in the eye! She gets SOOO excited when she sees him. She holds her foot up in the air so he can sniff it, and then laughs hysterically. I keep telling Brent she needs her own puppy...... but Daddy hasn't given.....yet.