Monday, August 26, 2013

1st Day Of School!!!

I can't believe Ella is in Kindergarten!! She was SO SO SO excited to ride the bus and we went out there about 15 minutes we were so excited!! It was a perfect day. A little drizzly but that has to better than scorching sunshine!!

She picked this dress out herself.

It's sereal to think this part of lives is beginning!! Now our lives will be revolved around school!!

 Ella has always loved lady bugs. I think it's a by product of me decorating her room with them for the first 3 years of her life!! Subliminal messaging!!

 So excited!! 
We are really lucky, her bus stop is directly in front of our house. It is the same stop I used when I rode the bus!! My mom had to have a stop created when my sister went into Kindergarten. Now it just moves up and down the street as the different families have elementary age kids. 

 The first day went pretty well. She got to use glue, that always makes her happy!!

 This little girl was in her pre school class for 2 years. There was not A SINGLE child that either of us knew but her. She is the opposite class as the rest of our friends and ward members. Good thing she makes friends easy!!

All lined up!! I'm always a little surprised when I see her next to children her age and get reminded how little she is!! I know she's little, it's just obvious when it's other kids besides her cousins!!

I'm excited for Ella. She is so happy!! She loves school and I know her teacher is the best choice for her. Mrs. Cameron is a very loving, creative lady and I think Ella will thrive with her!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Scarlet!!

We started out the day going to Ella's Cheer camp performance. The little girls were extra cute and the cheerleaders did a wonderful job!! MUCH better than last year!!

Ella getting her spirit stick.

 Scarlet woke up from her nap and found a dozen pink and black balloons waiting for her. They provided hours of entertainment!! Even though they got stuck in the fan a few times and scared her to death!!

 She insisted on a spoon to eat her cupcake. 

 Opening presents. Children are born with a natural instinct of how to open presents!!

 She loves Minnie Mouse so her party was Minnie themed. She opening a Minnie doll from Grandma.

 Scarlet wasn't the only one OBSESSED with balloons!!

I put up some streamers and poof balls and Jara and Ella decided to decorate my twigs!! It was so lovely I left it up!! (And I was exhausted and to lazy to un tangle them!!)

We had a great time!! I'm so happy all our family could come and spend Scarlet's special day with us!! We love her so much!! Ella goes to school on Monday and I am looking forward to a little bit of alone time with Scarlet. We very rarely have that so it will be nice!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Two Fast Years

Scarlet's birthday is on Thursday and I can not believe it!! As the day gets closer, I have found myself remembering back to her birth often. I try not to dwell on her prematurity, but it's hard. Because IT was HARD. I have had random flash backs of the way the elevator felt as it ascended to the 4th floor. How weird the soap smelled at the wash station. The beeps and sirens of the machines. The heart break I felt as I drove away from her. How I physically hurt so much from my C section, but I had to drive into see her because I just couldn't NOT. I can almost smell the burnt, hot smell of her spending hour after hour under the billi lights. I remember her parched skin and the way she mewed like a little kitten.  

I remember all those things, and they were very hard. Very traumatic. But I love her so much.
She has been so hard. She is extremely needy and has severe separation anxiety and always has. I don't think it is going to be something she grows out of like other children. She hates virtually everything, including me most days. She cries inconsolably and hysterically multiple times every day and it is exhausting and frustrating. 

I was sharing my feelings with Brent recently and he remembered with me. 
Scarlet had an amazing day yesterday. She didn't have to be taken out of church. She willing slept, ate, played. Didn't have one hysterical melt down. I was elated!! We talked about her and her special spirit and how much we loved her. Brent recalled that when he gave me a blessing before they took me into have a c section, he said that Scarlet was coming so soon because SHE was READY. She was ready and she was a strong spirit. I had not remembered that and I was so touched that Brent did. Brent has a TERRIBLE memory so it was divinely inspired for him to remember!!

Scarlet has been vastly behind in her development. She wasn't just the 2 months she came early behind. At one time she was 6 months behind. She couldn't sit up until she was 9 months old!! Didn't crawl until a year!! Didn't walk until 18 months!! I thought we were going to spend a lifetime of being 10 steps behind and struggling to reach every mile stone. And then in May something just clicked and she is now at an average to above average level. The only thing I can claim to say she is over the average level, is in her speech. Everything else is right on track. And I can not describe how happy this makes me. That is all I want for her. Is to just be up to speed!! 

I am so grateful for her and when I post about her birthday party, I will not be so serious. But sometimes I just need an emotional moment to let myself remember how hard it all is sometimes. I do not let myself dwell on it often. I don't want it to consume us. It happened and it was very difficult but it will NOT make us who we are!!

Scarlet really loves to eat. It just has to be on her terms. She was under the assumption that salsa was soup. She ate a ton of it!! 
Her hair is pretty curly!! Not crazy, rarely seen curly. like Ella!! But still pretty curly!!

 More eating. I could NOT cut it off the cob. She HAD to hold it!!

 She loves to swim. She has a fork with watermelon on it because why wouldn't you eat watermelon in the pool?!

I have serious concerns she is going to flood her lungs with the hose one day!! She loves to just stick her face in the running water!!

We love Scarlet so much. She is a tender, sweet little girl with a fierceness I believe she will need in her later life. I truly believe the world is going to need strong women in her generation and she will be one of them. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

As the summer lengthens

I haven't blogged in a while and there is a really good reason.
There is nothing to blog ABOUT!!
It's hot.
We're bored.
Going to the library and the pool is only so interesting.
We've watched way too much tv.
Nothing even remotely exciting going on!!
We have all become under stimulated to a point where Ella and I watched My Little Ponies the other day and I actually got into it!!
That is where we are at my friends!!
Brent celebrated his 31st birthday last month.
We didn't even do anything!! We ate dinner and pie!!
One of the many things I love about Brent is that he is easily pleased!!
So am I, so it works out nicely!!
He bought some new electronical  device and asked to take a nap.
And the saddest part of it all, I didn't even take a picture!!

So here is the boringness of the last few weeks.

 I slammed my finger in the door at my mom's house. I hurt REALLY bad. I didn't make a sound except to let out one VERY bad word. It started with an F.
Now I have a super attractive black finger nail.

 This is how Ella has dealt with the summer. Coming up with stuff to do.

"Now I'm a crab!! With suckers!! Like a squid!!"