Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have been torn between the two names that I had on the poll for Scarlet's middle name. Patricia was my mom's oldest sister who passed away from cancer in 2002. Perea was my great granny's middle name. She raised my dad. I have gone back and forth with no real conviction since I found out she as a girl! I have even been praying and really pondering the matter. Well, it came to me in the middle of the night while I was brooding on it. I decided to not use either of them!! Instead I invented a name!! Now, ordinarily I do not support the inventions of new names. I think there are going to be a lot of poor little children out there in a few years, because I've heard some whoppers!! Seeing how it is her middle name, I thought I could get away with it a little more! Sooooo.......... I have decided on Jorlyn. Pronounced with the Jor more prominent. Think JOR-lyn. It is the combination of my sister's and brother's name. (Jordan and Joshlyn) So there it is!! Scarlet Jorlyn Bowler.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Day of My Weekend Of Glory

My sister and Jed were very nice and took us out to the lake. My birthday is on Tuesday and I like to have a full weekend of birthday fun, so we started Saturday!! Abive is Aunt Chelsey, Jack, Jara, and Uncle Jed.
Everyone loved the giant tube. Ella and Jara even took a ride.
Ella and Chelsey were tired on the way home. The flash made Ella displeased.
Did I say everyone loved the tube? Cuz Ella LOVED the tube!! It was like her own little, water-filled gofer hole!!
We all had a lot of fun even if the wind was nasty and forced us home sooner than we would have liked. Brent and I were sunburned. We are really smart and forgot to put sunblock on. (Note sarcasm.)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

All Sorts Of Stuff.....

This is what Ella and I did the week I was sick. I was sssiiiiicccckkkkkk. Last week went down as a week in infamy in my life. It was horrible. Don't I look just lovely?
This is an old picture, hence the coat. What? A coat in Moapa Valley? I can't remember what that is like! Did I mention that regular Ashley dislikes the summer, but manages it? Well, pregnant Ashley HATES the summer.
Psycho Molly- No pictures please!! This is during her morning cat Olympics. She runs crazy circles around the house to release pent up energy.
Moderate success in potty training. You may be thinking- Isn't she almost three? YES... I wasn't worried about potty training until I got pregnant. Then I realized I did NOT want to be changing 2 sets of diapers, and I also realized Ella was getting kind of old. So after Christmas we started trying to figure things out. Flash forward 6 freaking months and we have finally made some achievements. Ella had some sort of block on potty training. We have been consistent for a week so I feel like we have achieved some success!! I am hoping I haven't spoke too soon and jinxed myself!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Little Scarlet

This is her little foot. I found this very cute little lady bug frame for it. Scarlet is going to have Ella's lady bug room and Ella got a new pink and yellow room. (More on that later)

Here is my last ultra sound. I get one every 2-3 weeks. I know that sounds like it should be exciting, and it is.....BUT going to the doctor every 2-3 weeks gets old. The bottom picture she is sucking on her little paws. Everything looks good they say!! Now I just have less than 18 weeks left until she gets here!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Reason's To Complain....

Oh I have been complaining a lot! Most of them are trivial and not of much consequence, but complaining I still do.
In the middle of Monday night, Ella barfed all over me and my bed. A few hours later I was also besieged by the stomach flu. Again. Ella has seemed to over come the stomach ailment after just the one episode. I, however, took 2 days to fight it off and still feel unsettled.
Tuesday afternoon, as I lay on my couch, I realized that my terrible stomach pain was rolling down my belly rather periodically. I brushed it off. A few hours later I realized it was now wrapping around to my back. Hmmmm..... I started paying attention to the frequency of these pains and realized they were suspiciously appearing 15 minutes apart. Brent came home for the night, I took Tylenol and went to bed. I could hardly walk and the thought of a 30 minute car ride to the hospital sent me into a panic. In hind sight I was a little irrational, but labor did go away and I'm fine.... for the most part.
Wednesday dawned and I felt better. Ella told me her mouth hurt so I looked into her throat with a flashlight. Her tonsils were red and swollen. We headed to the doctor in Mesquite and the trip/warm doctor's office combination made me sick all over again.
Now I think I'm ok. I'm getting progressively ornerier and that is a sure sign of recovery! Ella is on antibiotic so hopefully she'll be better soon to.
So that is what I have to complain about today!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby Shower

My sister in law Amy is having her first baby and we are SOOOO excited for her!!!! The party was so much fun! Her cousin Lara threw it and she did an awesome job. She holding up a car seat cover. So cute!!
Mommy to be!.... With my daughter running through the picture. She needed a drink or something...... It was such a fun day! I am so excited for Amy and her new baby!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unconditional Love

Ella tucked all her stuffed animals into a little box and covered them up. Then she sang them a song and kissed each one good night. At Christmas time she asked me if Santa would bring Boots and Black Kitty a bed and a blanket for Christmas, and he did! So now Ella's animals all have a little place to sleep!!
Pictured left to right: Black Kitty, Giraffe, Elephant, Boots Monkey