Thursday, September 29, 2016

Chakras Energy

I believe in energy.
Maybe it's my Indian blood.
Or just my own spirit.
But I believe everything and everyone has a different energy and aura.
I've done a little bit of research into the Eastern belief and it has helped me find some peace and balance.
I got an inexpensive bracelet to wear.
Some believe wearing will balance you and call the energy.
And that's great!!
I wear it to remind me to breathe,
and to remember what kind of energy I want to project into the world,
and absorb.
Image result for meaning of chakra colors
Here is a little chart that breaks it down.
I also believe it Reflexology and thoroughly enjoy it!!
And my witchy Granny that performs it for me!!

My New Door

Our door was weathered and on the edge of being just down right ugly.
I didn't take a before picture,
and I always wish I do and yet always forget!!
I put a lot of thought into what color it should be.
Red has been done to death.
I love red, but it's been a little too common for me to want to do it again.
Our door in our first house was red.
I thought about green.
An olive color.
But my dad has a deep seated loathing of the color green in a way that is mildly disturbing.
Like he will treat you different if you wear that color!!
So I want my dad to come into my house with good feelings!!
Turquoise or teal has been popping up a lot,
but I don't really like that color and nothing in that house is that color.
So I decided on a golden yellow.
 This is the base and I wonder if my neighbors saw it while it before it was finished
and winced a little!!
But the stain over the top muted it down and I like!!
The side lights were a royal pain in the butt to paint AND stain.
SO this door is staying yellow unless that wall just falls off the house!!
I think it turned out ok!!
Not as good as when my mom does this kind of stuff.
She has the patience and the right touch.
She insists I learn to do it myself,
cuz she'll be dead,
but she's super young!!
By the time she's dead I'LL be too old to do it!!


Sunrise it my favorite time of day.
I love the fresh air,
and to watch the day be born.
I love to see and hear everything wake up.
I love the animals I get to see.
I love the faint spot of those old green farm lights.
My Granny had one smack dab in the middle of her yard.
I run by houses and wonder who is inside and what their life is like,
and think about the enormity of how many little lives play out right next to each other every minute.
All people living all at the same time with lives that are so important.
To ourselves,
to others,
to our Creator.


I love clouds.
I was born and raised in this desert,
and quite frankly,
I don't like it.
I hate the heat, the dirt, the critters.
I've never had the opportunity to try somewhere else,
and that's fine!!
I just won't lie and say I love the desert!!
So when the clouds come I give thanks.
And I gaze at them with a full heart.

What I Wore

This is what I usually wear.
After I shower I put on yoga pants.
It's hard to want to wear my pretty clothes just to sit around the house!!
I like to keep my things nice,
so why wear them out sitting on my couch with my dog!?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Someone I Love

I love many people.
Different varieties of love.
But these are the people I love the most.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I love animals.
They are wonderful, pure creatures.
You never have to guess what a dog, or cat, or cow is thinking.
They wear their emotions right out there for everyone to see.
Molly is my old, chubby, ornery cat.
She sleeps on the end of my bed,
and when I cant sleep,
I rub my toes on her fur and it lulls me of to dreamland every time.
Last June (2015) we got a kitten,
and last September (2015) we got Kato,
and she has finally decided to forgive me.
 Kato is a simple creature.
He just wants someone to snuggle with,
and food.
That's it.
He loves Ella and Scarlet and misses them while they're at school.
He is always so excited to see them when they get home.
We walk to school in the mornings,
and if I forget to close the pet door,
we will soon here toenails tearing down the asphalt after us.
His eyes will be bright and he's so pleased with himself for following,
and I swear there's a smile on his face.

A Good Habit

I. Drink. Water.
There are few good habits I adhere to,
but this is one of them.
There are few things I have little patience with,
or judge,
but the whole "I don't like water, it doesn't taste good",
is something I just can not abide.
Drink water.
It's good for you.
We're adults.
“Always drink a glass of water before eating.” “It’s easy to confuse hunger with thirst. Staying hydrated before a meal can prevent you from overeating.” |  Body Hacks To Make Your Life Easier:
Very few other things, if any, do I get righteously indignant about.
This, and vegetables!!


These are a few of the quotes I have found that really lift me up and help me go on.
Positive quotes about strength, and motivational:
It's Time to Laugh! This quote about flat squirrels is hilarious. For more funnies, visit the blog.:
lioness quotes - Google-haku:
I could post a dozen more.
But I'll leave it at this!!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

My Shoes

My shoes are either this:
Or this:
There is seriously little in between!!
I get some teasing for my ultra high heels.
My "hooker" shoes.
But you know what, I'm short.
And I have VERY flat feet.
So forcing them into such a high arch is actually more comfortable than a flip flop.
Which provides me ZERO support.

These are my "old trusty" pumps.
Not too high.
Black, genuine leather.
Classic, and basic.
These are "pearl" shoes!!
They are so old I don't remember when I got them,
they are molded to my feet.
These are shoes, that if they are ever damaged,
I will not throw them away and replace them.
I will have them repaired!!

Saturday, September 17, 2016


I was looking at my blog, and the lack of posting,
and I decided I needed to do another blog challenge!!
I love my blog.
It's just for me and about my family.
I like to look back on all the posts like a journal,
and I enjoy the writing aspect.
Today's topic: Obsession
Now, I don't like the term 'obsession'.
Because I think it is negative to be 'obsessed' with something.
To me being obsessed, means something has taken over your life and is all you care about.
So I would like to share things that I 'immensely enjoy' instead!!

 I really like my Vitamix.
It has an awesome amount of power.
I make smoothies or shakes at the flip of a button.
All of my Shakeology and Advocare takes so much better when thoroughly blended with ice!!
I recently discovered it can grind wheat.
Now I can rotate some of my food storage,
or have more options when I am not prepared on Sunday!!
And it's self cleaning.
Like a cat.
 I do everything I can to be healthy.
Good health is not something I enjoy,
so I work very hard to maintain a decent quality of life,
and to find balance in every day.
So this pile is deployed to action every day!!
 I enjoy fitness.
Sometimes I finish a work out and I feel like an Olympian,
and like nothing can touch me.
Sometimes it sucks the. whole. damn. time.
And I finish wanting to cry,
and I verbally abuse whatever hateful, narcissistic trainer I followed that day.  
But I am always glad I did it.
Even if it was awful.
It makes my day better.
If no other right choices are made that day,
at least I did my work out!!!