Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Party!!

Ella's party had to be a week later this year due to pool scheduling. That's ok!! It made it more fun!! We had multiple parties for weeks!!!

Daddy and Scarlet. She hates everything. Even the pool.

Uncle Jed makes me nervous with his tossing skills!!

Little girls every where!! 

Grandma and Grandpa Alderete

 Birthday girl!!

 Ella made her own guest list!! These 2 are always included!!
Evelyn & Macy!!

 Wheeler Family

 Macy and Evelyn again!! The little life vest all the kids were wearing are AWESOME!! 

 It was a perfect day for pool fun. Hot. No wind!!
It rained the night before and I was worried we'd be rained out!! 
Haha!! This is Nevada, what was I thinking?!

I hope there are some boys out there somewhere or all these little girls are going to be lonely adults. 
There was a vast difference in the boy-girl ratio!!

 Annie getting her baby fix. She, like I, are all done but we like a good snuggle!!

 Getting ready for presents!! First we had some cake and I was SO IMPRESSED with how perfectly patient all these children waited for their piece!! Not a peep of complaint or begging. They all just waited and said thank you!! Makes a mother's heart happy!!

 Ella's friends were thoughtful and generous!! I am so happy she has associated herself with good girls from good families.

 More presents!!

 And cards!!

 And art supplies!!

We are so happy that everyone came!! It was so fun and the pool is a perfect summer birthday fun!! 
And it's nice for me to be able to visit with all my friends too!! 
Thank you to everyone who came and had fun!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ella's Birthday Week!!!

I can't believe my little duck has turned 5!! I reflected on her birth all day yesterday. (Her actually birthday) I let her lay by me to fall asleep, since it was her day of glory, and she snuggled up to me and said thank you for all her presents and she was so glad I was her mommy. I sincerely told her I was so glad I had the opportunity to be her mommy.
Ella was a very difficult infant and has not been an easy job. But she is a thriving, beautiful little girl. And all the hard work is worth it every day.
My favorite things about Ella:
She is sensitive
She is considerate
She is loving
She snuggles
She's smart
She's helpful
Her curly blonde hair!!
Her pretty blue eyes
Her feisty spirit
Her literal appetite!! No begging this kid to eat!!
Tries so hard to please.
She's not perfect. She still has a bad day, or throws a fit, and still has bouts of crazy wildness. Or gets into trouble for not listening. But she is growing up and I am so proud of her.
Blowing out her candle.
Her party isn't until next Saturday so we had a just a little low key cake eating.

She has been asking for this back pack on wheels for MONTHS.

She told me she was so excited to have this lion and was going to give him a good home. She's very loving!!

She specifically asked for a pony train and a scooter!!

She loves it!!!
Happy Birthday Ella!! I love you so much!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I LOATH the southern Nevada summers. LOATH them. Every year when June rolls around and the Earth is sweltering at 95 degrees at 4 am, I seriously investigate different police departments through out the west.
This year has been more difficult than others for a couple reasons.
First: We're breaking records right and left as one of the hottest summers on record.
Second: The home I now reside in is not as well insulated as I have been spoiled with.
When I get over heated, I get crazy. And when I get crazy, I get desperate!!
 First I made Brent buy this small window unit for our room. I thought I would turn it on before bed and I wouldn't have to sleep hot.
It helped a lot!!
But then.......the temperature soared higher!!
 So I begged, cried and threatened and Brent bought THIS!!
It helps cool down the living areas of our house and even part of the girls' rooms.
But then!!!..............
 When the main AC unit was roaring for 6 hours straight keeping it as a refreshing 80 degrees, I snapped a little. These hideous light blocking blinds came with the house but I had taken them down. They went back up.
But then................
 It wasn't enough.
I thought to block out the light with some tasteful foam board.
It was like throwing a stick at a rattle snake...........
 So I tin fouled the windows. Something I swore I would never do again after I moved out of the cinder block house in Logandale.
Desperate times my friends. Desperate.
BUT THEN......
Heat still pulsated from the windows. They have solar screens, thank heavens or the entire world would be able to see my trailer trash workman ship here.
I marched down to Home Hardware with a deranged shine in my eyes. I snatched up a roll of industrial, foil insulation. (Think the thing you put in your car windows)
I strode with obvious purpose to the nearest worker and asked him clipped tones, "How much for this?"
He took a step back, obvious intimidation of the crazy woman in front of him.
"Uhhhhh.......I think it's 10 dollars a foot. But if you buy the whole roll you get 20% off the total."
My pupils dilated and the gleam in my eye was pure insanity.
"I want the whole roll."
Needless to say, every window in my home has been covered with the exception of 2. It helps.
It's still 78 degrees with all air units working pretty hard.
This is my crude curtain. Trying to cover the ugly blinds, the tin foil, insulation and foam board!!
Stay classy folks!!
Now let me make sure you understand- ASHLEY DOESN'T LIKE THE HEAT!!!
I want it 72 degrees in the house!!! I will settle for 74!!
Excepting that I have to be happy with 78 is VERY VERY VERY hard!!
Yes, I know that is not what the average home is kept at. Yes, I know I am asking a lot.
I don't care!!! And don't even suggest to me I should get over it or think positive.
If anyone knows me, thinking positive is definitely not a strong point.
So I will be residing in my lair of solitude for the next few weeks, while the heavens try to cook the residents of Moapa Valley.
If you can't bitch about the heat with me, don't bring it up!!!