Thursday, March 28, 2013

Moving Sucks

Oh I hate moving. SO SO SO much. I thought I would do it different this time, and instead of just spending a whole day packing and a whole day hauling all my crap to the new house, I thought I'd go a little at a time. advice to everyone is DO NOT make this choice. It ended up with me throwing random crap into random boxes & dumping it in the new house and going back for more. I don't know where anything is.
Brent has made me a solemn promise (and we agree) that when we are able to buy a home again, we will be moving one more time in our lives. That's it. The next house I live in will be the one I die in. It will be my forever home!!
Before we moved I knew I had to get one unpleasant task out of the way.
 No dirty cats in the new house with the freshly shampooed carpets!! I had to catch Molly and bathe her. I get out the welding gloves my dad gave me a few years ago, back when he was still at Nevada Power. I wear 2 old shirts to help soak up all the excess water. I go into the bathroom and close the door to avoid an escape and the need to recapture. Then the task is done. It is not pleasant.
Ella was a sweetie and did the combing. Molly LOVES being brushed.
 My children were neglected and spent an ample amount of time at their Grandma's house. They had a little moment today watching the dog.
 Uncle Hiss used his baby whisperer tactics and calmed Scarlet down. He put on the NCAA tournament and mesmerized her.
An image of how I feel this week!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Mood Has Not Improved

Financial advisor groups, banks, and Realtors are a major contributing factor to my perpetual high blood pressure. I swear you have to pass an idiot test to be employed at those places.
Another MAJOR factor is pictured below.
SOMEONE doesn't think she needs to sleep the last few months. OR eat OR be changed OR play OR heaven FORBID I try to walk 2 feet away from her with out some sorts of EPIC tantrum.  
And being in my affore mention mood, there is nothing worse than when I hear the phrases:
"But she's so cute!"
"But she is SUCH a blessing!!"
"This is only for a little while, then they grow up."
Deep breath.....
Good thing I'm looking into permanent birth control!!!
 My right knee has been bad for years now. It has little to no cartilage. I wear a brace, buy expensive shoes and that has seemed to help enough. Usually it just gets a little sore every now and then, and that's it. WELL, Monday they both swelled up!! The left knee was the worse and it pulled in a funny way when I moved. I went to the chiropractor and he had to adjust my back and my hips. Now they are so sore from being back in the right place, that I can't MOVE.
Bless Brent's little heart because if he so much as looks at me the wrong way I act like this:

Good times in the Bowler house hold right now!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Opinions Caused BY My Bad Mood

I'm usually an open minded person and go by the attitude of 'live and let live'. But I am in a bad mood today and I have decided to take it out my blog. If you were wondering why I am so pissy, it's because I am sick for the 4th time in the year of 2013 and my baby is bat crap crazy AND I'm moving for the 6th time in 8 years. 2013 has royally sucked and there is no light on the horizon.

So here are all my opinions on controversial topics. They are meant for entertainment and informative purposes. If you do not share my opinion please restrain yourself from trying to change my mind.

1. Gay marriage- yup. I started out with a big one!! You what I think? I don't give a rat's hat if gay people want to get married. Not one bit. I don't care if they want to have kids. Because there are a lot of straight people out there married with families, and they are really terrible at it. I would much rather see a happy, healthy little one with parents of the same gender, than in a home with a sleazy mom and a dead beat dad. The religion I practice (and deeply believe) councils that a marriage is between a man and a woman. I support my religion and if I had to publicly and openly in the name of the church say how I felt about same sex marriage, I would only feel comfortable saying what the prophet councils. But really I just don't care. Let them be happy. It does not effect how I feel about the sacred vows I share with my husband.
 I feel this way about polygamy too. If everyone is safe, happy and healthy, go for it!! When that stops being the case, it should not be allowed. FOR ANYONE.
My rule about all things is: don't push it on me. I don't want to see 2 people gay or straight or unknown making out in public. It's gross all around!! I don't want to be hit on by anyone who is not my husband. Pretty simple rules to follow.

2. Gun Control- I think that our lovely little government needs to find a neutral zone when it comes to guns. We are NEVER going to get rid of every gun in the country. Nor do I think we need to arm EVERY citizen. If you want to own one, do it responsibly. If you are uncomfortable stay away from them. Yes they cause horrific crimes. Yes it is terrible. But a massive outlawing of guns is not going to stop CRAZY ASS PEOPLE from making CRAZY ASS choices. Yes, there should be rules and regulations. But they should be smart and that decision should include people who know how handle weapons.

3. Home schooling- I would never home school my children. I do not think anyone who does not have a SERIOUS amount of dedication and an education is capable of educating a child properly.
I know with confidence that I would get lazy and put it to the side and my children would be stupid. I think too often children who are home schooled are not prepared to face adulthood and society. Not all of them. But a lot of them.

4. Natural Birth- I know there are some women out there who do it for the spiritual experience. Or for the natural, drug free aura. That is amazing and I commend you for your courage. But I think a lot of them do it so they can fluff their feathers, pat them selves on the back and scorn the rest of us for demanding that needle with a fire in our eyes!!

5. I HATE IPHONES- I went on a scathing rant about 3 days before Christmas about how I think they are the anti-Christ. Christmas morning I opened an Iphone. My husband shrugged and told me I could take it back. I just hate how everyone always has their face glued to it!! (cough*cough* MY HUSBAND) There is nothing so important to me on Pinterest or facebook that I can't sit and talk to my friends with out someone checking SOMETHING on their phone. I don't care if someone checks messages. I do that all the time. I can talk, text and listen all at the same time. But people!! I promise you can  WALK, DRIVE & EAT with out it!!

6. I don't like dogs- They're cute and the idea of a dog seems nice, but every time I'm around a large breed I remember why I'm a cat person. (For the record, I think cats are almost just as bad, just less work on my part) My dad has a black lab. She's not a petite girl so she almost looks me in the eye. Not a super accomplishment seeing as how I'm short. But she slobbers on me and drools and PANTS. Bleh. He has to clean up fecal matter that is, quite frankly, impressive in size!! You have to feed dogs on a routine and walk them. Too much work for me. There are days I don't even see my ungrateful feline. She holes up in a dark, cool place and shuts down!!

Anyways. Maybe I won't be so ornery in a few days and post something nice, but the way things are going.....DON'T EXPECT IT!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Ella is an inquistive little girl and asks about 100,000 questions a day.
She always wants to know,
Yesterday we ran into the store and saw two very flamboyently dressed men holding hands. Ella locked on to them with her eyes and I braced myself for the barage of questions headed my way.
They both had bright, rainbow colored hair and colored leather pants. Both had multiple facial piercing and one wore fingerless gloves.
I was picking out some apples and thought maybe she wouldn't notice them, but she did. Her little hand patted my leg and she asked,
"Mommy, why are those 2 boys holding hands?"
I froze for a moment. This was not the question I expected. I thought she would be more interested in the way they were dressed. My mind raced for a moment on what to say. How was I to explain the answer to her question?
I looked at her and felt suddenly inspired to ask HER the same question.
"Well sweetie, why do WE hold hands?
She pondered for a moment and turned to observe the 2 men picking out some vegetables.
"So I don't get run over when we walk through the parking lot."
I smiled. "Yep, that's right."
Then she looked up at me with her big blue eyes and very solomly added,
"And because I love you."
I felt a little stunned for a moment.
"That's right too."
She turned to once again stare at these two, who were so obviously out of place in our little grocery store. "I guess they must love each other."
I was speechless for a moment. I was so touched by her innocent observation. I worried what other questions it might raise and how I would be able to explain. When she turned to me again with her big questioning eyes, I braced myself.
"Mommy? Can I have a doughnut?"
And that was it. We went and picked out a doughnut and went home.