Monday, March 29, 2010


I was going to post this on my jointly established blah blah blahg, but realized my sister had recently posted, and decided EVERYONE could enjoy my insanity! :) Oh, your welcome!
PHOBIAS!! Everyone has them! I was recently filling out one of those emails that people send, the ones that ask all sorts of personal questions and then want you to send them back. I don't ever send them back but I do fill them out and save them, just for fun. One question asked, "What are you afraid of or consider a phobia?" After the long list that ensued, I instantly thought, "blog post!" So here we go.....
1. The dark.
2. Fire. For obvious reasons, like being burned to death or horrible disfigured. My dear brother in law helped solidify those fears.
3. Natural bodies of water. There are fish and algae and who knows WHAT lurking beneath those murky depths! I am convinced there are alligators in the lake, just waiting patiently for the water to get low enough for humans to get too close. Which brings me to my next phobia:
4. Alligators. Sneaky. Strong. Big teeth.
5. Heights. I always felt I was a pretty good 'flyer' in cheerleading, because I never looked down!! If you don't look down, you don't realize you are up!!
6. Cracked doors. I always feel like someone is peering through them. You know, that small crack with nothing beyond but darkness. (see phobia #1)
7. Closed in spaces
8. Airplanes. A combination of #1 and #7!!
9. Envelopes. Sticking my finger beneath the flap to open them and waiting for the moment for the sharp paper to slice beneath my skin. I won't lick them for fear of tongue paper cuts!
10. Bats. They swoop!! And have HIGHLY unpredictable flight patterns!
11. Children. Not toddlers or infants, elementary school children. Anyone who is shorter than me makes me nervous. Which evidently rules out middle school and high school kids.

You may be thinking, this girl is crazy!! Well let me tell you what... I am!! Delightfully so.....

What are your phobias???

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Words of Love

Ella doesn't say much. There are a few words she consistently says, but only a few. She DOES NOT say Mommy, no matter how hard I try. She does know FOUR names. If I show her a picture of Uncle Grant she says, in this shy kind of voice, "Gant?"
(These pictures were all taken last April. Maybe I should take some more pictures my family members!)
If I show her a picture of her Uncle Jody she says, "Odie! Odie! Odie!"

Uncle Jordan is referred to as a long, loud HIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

She has become a big Daddy's girl and calls him, "Daaaaaddddeeeee!"
(I figured since all the other pictures were old, this one should be too!)
Note* Doctor appointment went good. She has a few more test to do but her ears appear fine! Yay!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pet Names

Everyone uses cute little names to address each other.
I respond to: babe, Ash, Mimi, Ashie, and HEY!
Sometimes I am referred to as: sweet pea, muffin, sniff sniff, butt munch, or biting kitty (my Indian name).
I thought I would make a list of all the things I call my love ones!
Brent: muffin, cowboy Brent, turtle dove, honey, babe and Ella refers to him as DAAAADEEEEE!!!
Ella: sweetheart, my love, beauty, little duck and Brent calls her his psycho hose beast
My mom: Every now and then I call her mama
My dad: Daddy
My sister: sniff sniff 2
My brother: little buddy

What are your pet names?!

Ella also had her 18 month check up. (Two months late) She is 10% in height and 25% in weight. YAY!! She was really low in her weight last time and she has been on pediasure to try to fatten her up. Well, it worked! She is very healthy. Bad news: she hasn't wanted to speak!! The doctor patiently listen to my concerns, ask me questions,and examined her ears. We now have an appointment with an ENT. She may or may not have some problems hearing and that is why she hasn't wanted to say anything. That appointment is next week and we will have to see what comes from it. Blaaaaaahhhh.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guitly Pleasure

There are some things in life, as a woman, I can't live with out! Thick, creamy lotion, professional hair products and GOOD SMELLING SOAP!! I know it's silly, all we need soap for is to cleanse our hands, not make them smell like 'rushing waters'. But it is just so much more fun!! So every time Bath and Body Works has a 6 for $10 anti bacterial soap sale, I am there. And I purchase! 6 of these can last me up to four months. They only go on the kitchen sink. I use the regular, cheap stuff in the bathrooms. As silly as it seems, I derive great pleasure from the waft of scent coming from the suds in my hands!

What is YOUR guilty pleasure?

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Ella feels, that any time not spent outside, is time wasted. She is obsessed with roaming our back yard, and wandering up and down our neighbors very long driveway. I think if I just let her go she could walk to Overton and still not be tired.
We are in the process of putting in a yard. At long last!! This weekend was flower beds. Next weekend is fence and grass. Before.....

AFTER!!! It looks sparse right now because the plants haven't filled out yet. But if you can see those little, tiny purple ones; they're nothing short of a noxious weed and will grow like CRAZY. They are called alyssum and are a ground cover. I have 2 other flower beds and a small vegetable garden, but I didn't take a picture. I figure this would help get the idea! I have a blue, white, pink and a tropicana rose bush, and another one that is a 'surprise'. It had the most buds but no tag saying what color it was!! So it is a surprise bush!! I think it might be yellow.
I also have snap dragons, marigolds, stocks, and more alyssum. (white and purple) I am so excited for it to all start filling in!!

Ella has a new love/hate list.
Loves: Daddy-been a BIG daddy's girl lately
*walks, especially shoveling dirt
*rice, chili, crackers, chips, cheese, PRETZELS and anything else starchy or salty
*playing on cousin Jara's swing set
*Weenie, the neighbor dog
*playing 'this little piggy' with her dollies toes. She wiggles their toes and says, "this. this." and then she tickles their legs and laughs
*Sugar. She doesn't like suckers, whip cream, ice cream or juice. Water, milk or pediasure only!!
*Having her shoes removed
*Time out, as you can tell by the pathetic face above
*** FUN FACT: She has CURLY hair. Really curly!! I'm hoping it stays that way! It's so pretty, I love it.