Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What I Hate Today

1. Catching a summer cold. How is it possible to catch a cold when it is 105 degrees outside?
2. The heat. It only gets worse from here
3. Peppermint tea. By far the most foul, awful crap I have ever ingested. But it does help the sore throat.
4. My daughters decision that only way to be happy is clinging to me and / or climbing me at all times of the day.
5. The inability to sleep, even when I am so tired I could cry.
6. Packing
7. The prospect of moving
8. My crappy attitude today

I am in a bad mood due to my cold. Have patience and be forgiving.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

(Slightly Premature)

Happy Father's Day!! Brent is a wonderful father, who is completely wrapped around the tiny finger of our daughter. He leaves before she wakes up and she is asleep when he gets home. So after Ella goes to sleep Monday night, he doesn't see her until Saturday morning. He plays with her all day Saturday and gives her what ever she wants and snuggles with her. He spoils her rotten. She likes it too much! On Friday night he always tells me how much he misses her and he is excited to see her. Ella sleeps really light so after she goes to sleep, I won't even walk past her door except on my tip toes! But I caught him in there, just looking at her. So I sneaked up behind him and took this picture.

Monday, June 8, 2009

When Daddy's In Charge

The weather was beautiful this weekend. Ella sat at the screen door for almost a full hour, carrying on a conversation with our yucky cat. It rubbed on the screen and she would babble and laugh at it. We also taught her a new trick. If you ask her where Daddy is, she points at him and smiles! We tried it a few times and she gets it every time.

Brent has had to be the primary care giver this weekend. I have been confined to my recliner for personal reasons and this is what happened to my house. I make sure everything is neat and tidy before I go to bed each night. Brent also cleaned up after Ella fell asleep but this HUGE MESS occupied my living room for the most of the day!!! This little 11 month old girl did this all by herself!

She is so naughty! She gets into all sorts of things she's not supposed to!!