Sunday, June 18, 2017

Hogle Zoo

I don't ever leave my house.
And I am perfectly content with that.
So for me to not only leave my house,
but then go out in to public from the house I was vacationing to,
THREE different days!!!
Was down right exhausting!!
But in a wonderfully, satisfying way.
We had so much fun.
We were together.
We were out of the house, the heat, the state!!
We were away from work, and school, and chores!!
I love zoos,
because I love animals.
Sometimes I feel a little sad for them and worry if they're happy.
Cuz I'm neurotic that way.
But these animals seemed happy!!
This majestic beast was out sunning himself.
I've never seen a male lion at this zoo before.
He's usually inside and the females are out.
His mane was fantastic.
In my nest with my chicks!!
These old fountains have been around since the ONE time I went to the zoo 20 years ago.

And, of course, the carousel!!
Brent and I each took a turn going with the girls.

 I can with all honesty say,
I have never seen a sexier man,
than one sitting on a turkey,
smiling with such love at his little girl.

Curiousity Museum AND the Natural History Museum

The 2nd day of our trip took us to the Curiosity Museum AND the Natural History Museum.
The Curiosity Museum was INTENSE.
I do not like crowds.
And it was cold and rainy and 50 degrees outside so all of Northern Utah was looking for something to do in doors.
Children. Everywhere.
We still had a great time!!
Ella as the amazing floating head!!
 Scarlet taking her turn!!

I will admit,
I don't even know who is crossing this bridge.
One of my daughters, or my nieces, or my nephew.
But my girls are afraid of heights and things that move unpredictably,
I was just happy they tried!!
 Abby helped Scarlet climb the wall.
Which I want to know what magic power this girl possessed to even convince her to try!!
She did it and she was smiling!!
I take terrible pictures.

They were VERY excited for the dinosaurs!!
 They are little nerds like their daddy....
and their mother....
and love these places!!
 A mammoth!!
Ethan is standing between them.
He's a sweet little stud of a boy.
They got to 'dig for fossils'.
That was so much fun!!


For the first time in three years,
we finally took a family vacation!!
We went wild and headed all the way to Alpine Utah to spend the week with Brent's brother
and his family.
The Alpine Bowler Family is AWESOME.
They have amazing teenage daughters who are NOT too cool for little 5 & 8 year old girls who want to be apart of everything, talk their ears off, and play.
They have a son Ella's age that is NOT too manly to play with girls,
both of them!!
I felt so welcome and when we woke up Friday morning in our own home,
I missed them!!
And I know Ella and Scarlet missed Ethan!!
First, we went to the aquarium.
I love the aquarium!!
I love the creatures, especially the octopus!!
And it is indoors, and more quiet!!
I have a lot in common with the octopus....
THIS is not an octopus.
This is a terrifying, giant snake.
An anaconda from the Amazon that isn't even considered large.
Stay in the jungle snake. We ain't friends.
This is a caiman.
He isn't very big, but I still don't want to be friends with him either.

The amazon has a lot of really LARGE creatures.
I have no interest in going to the Amazon.

Scarlet has chose THIS to be her go-to smile lately!!
She WAS really excited to go!!
 They love frogs.

Measuring up to penguins!!
Scarlet is the size of an Emperor Penguin!!
Ella is slightly bigger!!
 Riding an orca!!
 Hugging the orca!!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Summer Fun

Day 1:
Chore: water the flowers
I don't know if this was a win or a fail!!
The flowers indeed got watered,
and they had a blast doing it!!

 And they were so proud of themselves!!
 I told them,
"Act like you're ashamed of all the mud!!"
And they gave me these oh so pathetic faces!!
Clean up was pretty easy!!
The part not photograph involved nudity!!
Mud was EVERYWHERE.....

Oh I'm so glad it's summer!!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Last Day of School Pool Fun!!!

Our lovely friend is always kind and invites us over for last day of school swimming!!
This year was great because my girls are at an age I don't have to keep a vigilant, paranoid eye on the water.
Obviously I still keep my head up and my eyes open,
but they are old enough to know their boundaries and can swim!!
Swimming lesson with Chase last summer PAID OFF!!
Ella paddled around the pool with confidence!!
She has been asking for a snorkel for a couple of years,
and Santa brought her one for Christmas!!
Today was the first day she got to use it outside of the bath tub and she loved it!!
 Scarlet happily splashed in the shallow end,
turned blue,
and was content to eat as much watermelon as she could!!

We has so much fun!!
I am so excited for no school, no schedule, and calm days!!

Last Day of School!!!

I didn't think the last day of school was every going to get here.
It seemed like it stretched on forever, and the last week almost killed me.
I am so happy to let my children wake up whenever they want!!
Granted, they're usually early risers, but those rare days they want to sleep in, nothing hurts me more than waking a sleeping child!!
And I was siiiiick of making lunches!!
Now we don't have to rush the morning away,
and I don't have to stop children from playing!!
Or coerce them into the bathroom to get hair done.
We get to play!!
First day of school.
August 2016
Last day of school.
Kindergarten and 3rd grade!!
I think this is actually the first year Ella has had a marked difference in her appearance in her 1sdt and last day picture!!
She actually grew!!
And Scarlet grew a lot!!
I am so happy to have my chickens home!!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Kindergarten Program

School is finally coming to a close!! We are getting out late this year and I think everyone,
parents, students, teachers-
are all ready to riot!!
Scarlet was chosen as Buccaneer of the Month!!
She was very shy walking up to get her award.
I'm very proud of her and her hard work.
She ahs come a long way and I am so grateful for the help we have had.
Wonderful teachers, family, friends, and our Father in Heaven.

 It is so hard to see my baby finishing kindergarten.
Time goes so fast!!
The whole kindergarten put on the cutest little performance EVER!!
 Scarlet was an ant coming into the lady bug ball!!

 They sang songs as a full group and then each class had a little part.
It was adorable!!

We are very grateful fro Mrs. Taylor.
She is a calm, kind woman who has a controlled and structured classroom.
Scarlet has had her for 2 years,
first for her pre k early childhood class,
and this year for kindergarten.
She is amazing and I am so grateful she helped my whole family by teaching my daughter.