Sunday, June 18, 2017

Hogle Zoo

I don't ever leave my house.
And I am perfectly content with that.
So for me to not only leave my house,
but then go out in to public from the house I was vacationing to,
THREE different days!!!
Was down right exhausting!!
But in a wonderfully, satisfying way.
We had so much fun.
We were together.
We were out of the house, the heat, the state!!
We were away from work, and school, and chores!!
I love zoos,
because I love animals.
Sometimes I feel a little sad for them and worry if they're happy.
Cuz I'm neurotic that way.
But these animals seemed happy!!
This majestic beast was out sunning himself.
I've never seen a male lion at this zoo before.
He's usually inside and the females are out.
His mane was fantastic.
In my nest with my chicks!!
These old fountains have been around since the ONE time I went to the zoo 20 years ago.

And, of course, the carousel!!
Brent and I each took a turn going with the girls.

 I can with all honesty say,
I have never seen a sexier man,
than one sitting on a turkey,
smiling with such love at his little girl.