Sunday, June 18, 2017


For the first time in three years,
we finally took a family vacation!!
We went wild and headed all the way to Alpine Utah to spend the week with Brent's brother
and his family.
The Alpine Bowler Family is AWESOME.
They have amazing teenage daughters who are NOT too cool for little 5 & 8 year old girls who want to be apart of everything, talk their ears off, and play.
They have a son Ella's age that is NOT too manly to play with girls,
both of them!!
I felt so welcome and when we woke up Friday morning in our own home,
I missed them!!
And I know Ella and Scarlet missed Ethan!!
First, we went to the aquarium.
I love the aquarium!!
I love the creatures, especially the octopus!!
And it is indoors, and more quiet!!
I have a lot in common with the octopus....
THIS is not an octopus.
This is a terrifying, giant snake.
An anaconda from the Amazon that isn't even considered large.
Stay in the jungle snake. We ain't friends.
This is a caiman.
He isn't very big, but I still don't want to be friends with him either.

The amazon has a lot of really LARGE creatures.
I have no interest in going to the Amazon.

Scarlet has chose THIS to be her go-to smile lately!!
She WAS really excited to go!!
 They love frogs.

Measuring up to penguins!!
Scarlet is the size of an Emperor Penguin!!
Ella is slightly bigger!!
 Riding an orca!!
 Hugging the orca!!

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