Friday, June 9, 2017

Last Day of School Pool Fun!!!

Our lovely friend is always kind and invites us over for last day of school swimming!!
This year was great because my girls are at an age I don't have to keep a vigilant, paranoid eye on the water.
Obviously I still keep my head up and my eyes open,
but they are old enough to know their boundaries and can swim!!
Swimming lesson with Chase last summer PAID OFF!!
Ella paddled around the pool with confidence!!
She has been asking for a snorkel for a couple of years,
and Santa brought her one for Christmas!!
Today was the first day she got to use it outside of the bath tub and she loved it!!
 Scarlet happily splashed in the shallow end,
turned blue,
and was content to eat as much watermelon as she could!!

We has so much fun!!
I am so excited for no school, no schedule, and calm days!!

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