Sunday, June 18, 2017

Curiousity Museum AND the Natural History Museum

The 2nd day of our trip took us to the Curiosity Museum AND the Natural History Museum.
The Curiosity Museum was INTENSE.
I do not like crowds.
And it was cold and rainy and 50 degrees outside so all of Northern Utah was looking for something to do in doors.
Children. Everywhere.
We still had a great time!!
Ella as the amazing floating head!!
 Scarlet taking her turn!!

I will admit,
I don't even know who is crossing this bridge.
One of my daughters, or my nieces, or my nephew.
But my girls are afraid of heights and things that move unpredictably,
I was just happy they tried!!
 Abby helped Scarlet climb the wall.
Which I want to know what magic power this girl possessed to even convince her to try!!
She did it and she was smiling!!
I take terrible pictures.

They were VERY excited for the dinosaurs!!
 They are little nerds like their daddy....
and their mother....
and love these places!!
 A mammoth!!
Ethan is standing between them.
He's a sweet little stud of a boy.
They got to 'dig for fossils'.
That was so much fun!!

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