Saturday, March 15, 2014


I have been very inspired by these words of wisdom the last few weeks!!
Thought I'd share!!
I like to have something a little profound to roll around in my mind every now and then.
"Sometimes life sucks, and all we can do is go to our happy place where we plot our revenge"

Excellent quote
Harry Potter quote
Mohadesa Najumi

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Growing So Much......

I've been going threw closets and drawers, and cleaning out from under beds.
Clothes that haven't been worn in years are going to new homes or to charity.
I have kept a few of the pieces of the girls' clothes.
The ones that have a special memory or remind of something sweet.
But the bulk of them are getting donated.
I figure, what is the need to horde them all in the storage room when there might be someone who needs them? 
We got Scarlet a new bed and mattress and I plan on getting rid of the crib
It's a bitter sweet moment but I also feel liberated!! 
Going threw clothes I kept a few little outfits and these are just 2 examples.

This is the little sleeper I brought Ella home from the hospital in.
It's hard to see, but it was a soft, delicate pink and had tiny little rose buds on it. It was so precious and she was so sweet in it. 
The feety pajamas next to it are the ones she wore last night!!
Size newborn compared to size 5T!!
She is currently 24% in height and 23% in weight.

This is the outfit Scarlet wore home form the hospital and the jammies she wore last night.
Size preemie compared to 3T.
She is in the 92% for height and the 61% for height.
So yeah, she's is huge!! Obviously she has caught up after such a slow start and has exceeded expectations!!
I anticipate her being pretty tall!! I wanted a second girl so I could have her wear all of Ella's hand me downs. Pretty soon ELLA will be wearing SCARLET'S old clothes!! 
Either way I celebrate who they are.
Scarlet will probably be tall and brunette, while Ella will probably be petite and blonde.
I'm happy for both them and have full intention to nurture their strengths!!
I love my girls so much!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

In like a lion...........

March has blown in like a lion with rain, wind and SICKNESS.

 This is how Scarlet feels about 1 o'clock church. 

 She has wanted to climb into bed with me and snuggle every night before bed and every morning when she wakes up. This is refreshing because she is not my snuggler.

 Ella, however, is!!
She loves to cuddle!!

Scarlet is pretending to be asleep. 
Something she does often, especially if she hears me calling for her!!

 We've been going to reading time to get out a little lately.
Ella is a little bit old.
But when you're toddler sister needs to get out, you have to go too!!

 She has a fun time too!!

 Even though we have all had, what I call, 'the hack'.
I finally had to take her to Quick Care and demand I wasn't leaving there with out cough syrup!!
And put in some extra for me!!
They obliged.

Someone has been a temper tantrum expert lately.
I sincerely hope she survives to see 3.
Then she has times where she is so precious I want to melt.
I try to keep those moments in my mind so I don't SELL HER. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring is Here!!!

I am so excited for Spring!!
The air is fresh, the plants bloom.
Sigh. Makes me feel so peaceful!!
It makes me want to clean, freshen everything up and start improving!!

 I bought some flowers!! Every year I try to branch out and this year I decided to stick with what I know!!
Snap dragons, marigolds and stocks!!
The smell of stocks instantly reminds me of my granny.
That old lady could grow a stock like no ones business!!

 Petunia baskets.

 These are so incredibly fragrant!!
I sit on the porch and just breathe them in!!

 Pots for the back yard.

Speaking of Granny.....
These bulbs are over 50 years old!! My granny planted them in her front planter.
My aunt owns the house now and when a drunk driver plowed threw the planter, she very graciously gave me a handful of bulbs!!
I think they're daffodils or Easter lilies.
I got them 2 years ago and wasn't able to get them in the ground in time for a flower. Then we moved and they laid dormant for the season.

At the end of every season I am ready for the next one to come.
Except Spring.
After Spring the slumbering monster that is Summer lifts its head and sniffs the despair of those who live in the desert.