Monday, January 26, 2009

MVHS JV 2009

Here are my cute little cheeries! They work very hard every day and get yelled at a lot. :) Half are still freshmen after all! They are really good and very cute. There is a lot of them! 12 is a lot more than the 8 I had last year.

Left to right: Brandon, Makayla, Dani, Austyn, Stephanie, Alyssa
Megan, Shannon, Mckensy Hoy, Mckinzy Reid
Laura, Sydney, Jessi

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

6 Months!!

We went to the park on Monday. Ella went on the swings, went down the slide (assisted of coarse) and tried to eat grass. She likes to stand and eat. She has recently discovered solid food and LOVES it. Mostly fruits. Vegetables make her pull a really bad face, like she's eating a lemon.
Ella also had to have more dreaded shots. They were particularly nasty this go around. She saw the doctor and instantly started to cry. She knew what was awaiting her.

She was:

15 lbs 4 oz 25%

25 1/2 in 25%

She is healthy and happy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Cat!!

Only mere weeks after my poor, beautiful pets were transported to "the farm," this mangy creature showed up. He is always at my doorstep, begging for food. Brent felt sorry for him and fed him...terrible mistake. Now he is an ever present fixture on my porch. I have named him Archimedes, after the philosopher. (pronounced ark-uh-mee-dees) He's a menace! He tries to run in the house, jump in the car and always cries for food. AND he riffles through my trash! I think I must be a cat magnet.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm still alive

Christmas jammies and her new saucer Granny gave her. The jammies have reindeer for toes. So cute!
Christmas Dress from Granny. Big blue eyes!

I have been informed that I have been slacking again on my posting. Updates are: my beautiful Tahoe is sick!! It has automatic windows and I rolled down the passenger window to holler at Brent.... on Christmas Day..... in a rain storm...... and it died. The motor died and the window has been stuck in the down position for 3 weeks. It is so sad!! I look at it and I imagine it has a black eye. Plus my father and brother in law helped Brent duct tape and plastic wrap the window. Needless to say they did an excellent job. (I hope the duct tape comes off!!) THEN the Nissan decided to shred a belt. It took my dad 3 hours to fix it. Damn foreign cars!!

I want to have some pics of my wonderful cheerleaders but they haven't had a home game in a while so next Friday I will be ready, armed with my camera and they better smile. They are getting better every day. I watch the sophomores trouble shoot and problem solve and I am SO proud. The freshman are getting there. :)

FINALLY: Of coarse my little Ella. She hadn't grown very much and I was getting worried. I had to switch her to formula and now she huge!! Apparently she wasn't getting enough. I have to take her to the doctor on Tuesday and I'm curious to see how much she has grown. I have decided that Ella is like her mother: she is all or nothing. She doesn't work up to anything. She will just wake up one morning and know how to do something. She can razz and makes all sorts of crazy noises. She hasn't mastered sitting up but she can stand holding only one of my fingers! It's crazy. I don't have a picture of it yet. Also, in my quest to make her a cheerleader, I have taught her a "cupie". Brent can balance her on the palm of his hand with me VERY closely spotting for like 2 seconds. She laughs and thinks it fun. Dangerous, I know, I'm horrible.