Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was sweet and lovely.
My girls have wonderful teachers who make sure they include it in their daily activities.
I appreciate that they take that time!
 My favorite part of mother's day is the sweet home made little cards my girls make.
Ella weaved a heart in class,
and Brent helped them make me cards.
They are hand prints with a stretch of paper in between saying,
"I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!"
Scarlet got really enthusiastic with hers!!
 They also gave me coupon books.
I put them on the fridge because we will have no empty gestures here!!
Dishes will be done!!
 Brent brought me home a Birds of Paradise.
I'm excited to add it to my growing flower beds.
I love my flowers beds.
I secretly want more, and more, and MORE!!
He also brought me home an Edible Arrangement.
I didn't get a full picture.
Just what was left.
Because not only did I have zero reservations when it came to consuming this lovely treat,
I had to keep a watchful eye on Scarlet or she immediately snatched a piece.
I share nice,
unless it's the chocolate covered pieces,
then don't touch my goodies!!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

12 Years

May 7th is our 12th wedding anniversary.
The last 12 years have been filled with everything a life should have.
Ups and downs.
Loss and gain.
Failure and triumph.
I think the most important thing, is that we have been in it all together.
Even when we disagreed.
Even when we hurt.
Even when we had anger, or tears.
We got threw the Police Academy,
and we are a blue strong family.
We've brought 2 beautiful daughters into this world.
We've moved 7 times.
We bought our final home last summer.
We've made it threw sickness, injury, crappy schedules, big bills, long commutes,
 hard babies, and developmentally undeveloped toddlers that nearly brought us to our knees.
We've came out on the other side of mental break downs, mental health struggles, and surgeries.
I'm proud of us.
I love us.
I love him.
I love his even temper, his kindness, and his ever lasting patience.

May Day

I used to dread May Day.
But as my girls are getting older,
I love it.
I love watching their little faces light up when they find me in the stands.
I love how much they really try.
I love pointing them out to friends and family with pride.
I will say that we really do need to shorten up 5th grade's performance!!
Braid the may pole.
Unbraid the may pole.
Braid it with family.
Unbraid it with family.
Pole dance.
Switch places and pole dance again!!
Or atleast have them go last!!
 My happy chickens and my niecee Elise.
 All 5 of the happy participants!!
 I love these little ones.
I am so happy they are friends.
I am so excited they are moving to our neighborhood!!
 My little cowgirl looked darling in her western wear,
and she really rocked that skirt!!
But Jara wins the gold star for costume!!
Kindergarten- parachute dance
2nd- Mexican hat dance
3rd- Heel Toe Polka
4th- Stayin' Alive