Sunday, November 27, 2016


We spent a lovely Thanksgiving with the Alderete clan this year.
I, once again, took minimal pictures.
I started out doing well, but after our annual clay shooting, I deteriorated quickly!!
Ella and Jara were mighty pumpkin slayers with their lethal BB gun.

My little creatures happily romped until Scarlet got too close to the edge and in my extreme paranoia, I may or may not have overly terrified her and she spent the rest of the day on my lap.


 Women and children huddled in blankets and jackets.
The Mesa has cold wind in the winter!!
The deadly weapons experts.

Me with my pitiful, cold babies.
Instructors and their students.

Kato is pathetic.
He's always cold,
even in the middle of the blazing summer.
No one is safe if they hold still long enough.
My dad laid down for me to crack his back,
it took the Chiweenie about 2 minutes to take over his legs.

We had a lovely day.
I am grateful for my family.
For my babies.
And for my husband.
I am grateful for this world and for my life.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Family Pictures 2016

Family pictures 2016
I love these people so very, very much.
I love my wonderful, patient husband.
I love my sweet beautiful daughters.
I love that we are all not perfect.
The sweetest little girl took our pics.
Check her out @kbphotography
She was sweet and smiley and her energy was vibrant.
I need to go have a lengthy talk with her mother,
How do I too raise amazing daughter like that?!
I posted every picture she took.
Because I wanted to.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Cemetery

As morbid as some find it,
I find the cemetery a peaceful, lovely place.
I love to go on cool, or cold, days, right as the sun it setting.
It's so quiet,
and I feel like the hallowed ground has a spirit of its own.
Brent's Uncle Jerry passed away suddenly last week and his funeral was this week.
Sunday evening was finally a little cold,
and the clouds were low and gray.
And if my Granny taught me anything,
it was to appreciate a good visit to the cemetery!!
So the girls and I made a quick drive so I could show them where dear Uncle Jerry was laid to rest.
 I was proud of them,
they were peaceful and reverent,
and understood the sanctity of where we were.
My daughters never knew my Granny.
Not here in mortality anyway.
But they know that I love her and miss her.
Ella decided to blow her some dandelions,
and it made my heart full.

The Grapefruit Tree

When we first looked at our house,
the owner took us in the back yard to show us around and pointed out a lovely tree with very vibrant green leaves.
He said he thought it was a grapefruit tree.
We moved in mid summer,
I never saw blossoms,
I never noticed fruit.
I walk past a house with a lemon tree, loaded with yellow fruits on the way to school every morning, and thought, "I wish my grapefruit tree had fruit."

It does!!
To my surprise,
I went back there the other day,
and it is full!!
I didn't see them initially because,
they had blossoms before we moved in that were gone by the time we got there.
It up against the far back wall and I don't go out that far!!
They match the leaves!!
I'm so excited, it's almost silly.
I can't wait to eat fresh grown fruit.
And give them away to fruit appreciating friends!!

Poetry and Pie

The fact that Scarlet is in Kindergarten is still surprising to me.
She was in Pre K 4 days a week, half a day for a year and half,
so I don't know why it bewilders me like it does.
I thought I would be painfully lonely, and down right bored.
But I am BUSY!!
And I can't even tell you why!!
A dozen little minor things await me every day that I'm rushing to accomplish and then it is time to go get her and Ella!!
Her class sang several of the cutest songs EVER.
I love little presentations.
They make me all tender hearted and weepy eyed,
and I want to run out and adopt 5 more kids so it doesn't end for a good, long time!!
 I wanted a cute picture of my darling turkey and her beloved cousin.
I requested they "smile big!!"
"With teeth!!"
 I got more than I bargained for!!!

Veteran's Day

Only in Moapa Valley can a person go to the Veteran's Day Parade in shorts sleeves, and sweat.
I enjoy living in a small town.
I like knowing mostly everyone, or at least someone they are related to.
I love being able to find family to sit by.
If my sister or mom are unavailable,
I have in laws.
Mother and father in law.
Sister in law.
Aunt in law.
Cousins in law!!
Or cousins of my own!!
 Patriotic girls!!
 Jack got to march with the scouts.
When did these children grow up like this?!
I demand to know!!
 My chicken and me!!
Ella was on a float with her dance academy.
Which, by the way, I LOVE.
I delight and thrive in organization.
Ella on her float!
She standing in the back.
Even though she saw me, she was not interested in holding still for a picture!!
She had saved all the candy she was given to throw for her sister and cousins,
and was focused on making that happen!!
 I love little girls.
I was cursed as a child/teen that I would have 8 daughters,
And you know what?
I'm sad that didn't come to pass.
But I have 2!!
And 2 delightful nieces that I would take any day!!